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How to be a ROCKSTAR on Social Media

Hey, guys. I wanted to talk a little bit today about how to be a rock star on social media. We all are trying to build our businesses through social media, and that seems to be like, all the rage and our companies are even telling us to post three lifestyle pictures, and three business […]

Knowing when and what to quit

I wanted to talk to you today about knowing when and what to quit. I’m sure that’s something that you think. Well, no one really talks about quitting, right? Everyone’s like, “You don’t quit,” like, “Keep going. You’ve got this,” right? Well, there are times where there are things that you just … you need […]

Why Attraction Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore!

Attraction marketing is making your life MORE APPEALING to potential customers and recruits. I call it “pretend fame.” You want them to like you so that they’ll work with you or purchase your products consistently. The message is unclear though and it doesn’t actually work! So, how do you attract customers or recruits? Set yourself […]