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Help! I Don’t Have An Upline To Lead Me!

Help! I don’t have an upline to lead me!

I have seen this statement a hundred times in my online community: "Help! I don't have an Upline!" Contrary to the belief, you CAN succeed without a direct upline. Maybe…

AIP 18: The Power Of Idea Diversity

AIP 18: The Power of Idea Diversity

“It’s hard to get diversity in your ideas when they’re all coming from you, all the time. Great things don’t happen in a vacuum.” -NiCole   What if we told…

EP50: Surviving The Dip

EP50: Surviving the Dip

“Having a coach on your side gives you the ability to get through the dips faster and reach your goals.” Brooke Elder (15:14 - 15:24) Are you at an all-time…

EP49: Making Your Vision A Reality

EP49: Making Your Vision a Reality

“If we’re not clear on what we want in life, then how are we going to get it?” Alice Edgerton (3:47-3:56) Vision boards help us create the clarity and vision…

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