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EP49: Making Your Vision a Reality

“If we’re not clear on what we want in life, then how are we going to get it?”

Alice Edgerton (3:47-3:56)

Vision boards help us create the clarity and vision we need. But you need to know what a vision board is before you can take advantage of the benefits it can provide. 

A vision board alone won’t give you the things you want in life. Its purpose is to train your mind to act on creating the things you envision for yourself. It’s like a visual brain that motivates you to take the action steps that turn your vision into reality. 

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EP48: Finding Your Truth with Cristi Chauncey

“The systems and tools that we teach can work not only for network marketing, but for any other business too.”

Brooke Elder (8:57 – 9:03)

Cristi Chauncey is a successful entrepreneur who is living the truth by empowering single moms to live a life of freedom, happiness, and by helping them build a life around what matters to them. She is the Founder of the Single Soul Sisterhood Facebook group.

Network marketing is the ideal stepping-stone business.

If you’re a  first-time entrepreneur looking for ways to escape the nine-to-five, network marketing might be a convenient first step. Maybe you’ve seen others who are just like you succeed at a company, and you recognize the possibilities that are available to you. It can be very liberating to know that you can join a team of other entrepreneurs and that you don’t have to do it all on your own.

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EP47: Having a Vision and Seeing it Through

“It’s amazing when you start visualizing things, how much it does actually come to pass.” 

Brooke Elder (2:03 – 2:08)

What’s in your Future? 

If you’re familiar with the Strengths Finder test (if you aren’t, it’s an excellent individual and team resource. You can find more information here) then it may not be surprising to you that my top strength is Futuristic. 

I love dreaming about the future and making plans for the things to come in my life and my business. What I love even more than dreaming, is watching as those things actually come to pass! 

In the past few years, I have used visualizing as a POWERFUL tool to bring my dreams into reality. 

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EP46: Getting through Summer with Systems

“When you’re trying to save time, especially during the summer, it all starts with planning.”

Brooke Elder (15:02 – 15:10)

How to manage your business when the season proves crazy.

Are you ready for summer madness?

Whether you are a mom with kids ready to get out in the sun, or a school teacher with nothing but a desire to drink a (well-deserved) margarita, summer can be a really hard season for productivity. The eight to nine-week period has the potential to stall the growth of your network marketing business. Stay on track by implementing these three systems and maintaining momentum all year long!

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EP45: Navigating the Momentum Rhythm

“You need highs and lows to create harmony and make a beautiful life. You need both of them to play together.”

Trisha Peterson (2:55-3:05)

We seem to always want the highs in life while avoiding the lows. The truth is, you need both. Without the lows, you can never really appreciate the highs. Going through the highs and lows in life lets you have a well-rounded and more fulfilling life.

The lows are actually where we learn the most important lessons. When we’re in the lows, we learn how to get to the highs. Like a symphony orchestra where many instruments create harmony, highs and lows work together to create beautiful music in your own life.

“We always went to be on the high… where we feel good and life is beautiful. But it’s because we go through the lows that we get to appreciate the highs.” – Trisha Peterson (1:41-1:57)

For working moms, summer can be a season of lots of highs and fewer lows. Summer can give you more time and space to enjoy with your family. But having so many highs can magnify the lows. We’re much more aware of them, and we can often feel like enjoying the high of spending time with our children leads to the lows we feel when we’re not working on our business. In order to navigate the “momentum rhythm,” we need to remember to take the necessary steps to keep our work life in order and thriving.

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EP44: So You Just Went to an Amazing Event…

“When you surround yourself with so many like-minded people that are so positive, it creates such a radiance in yourself that you cannot help but leave a better person.”

Alice (2:22 – 2:38)

Events are the perfect place to get re-energized.

It’s event season, which is excellent news! If you’re feeling a bit burned out from all the meetings, home parties, and product launches, a company event is a perfect place to get re-energized.

At the convention, you’ll get to hear success stories from people that were once right where you are, and you’ll make a ton of new connections and friendships that you’ll motivate you to take your business to the next level.

“To benefit from the people at the event who are successful and want to make an impact in the world, you’ll have to make an effort to connect with them.” – Alice (5:17 – 5:41)

Unfortunately, that enthusiasm often fades away when you leave the event and get back to your regular life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s look at three simple tips to help you sustain momentum after you leave the convention.

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EP43: Story Media Story Selling with Sean

“The people that you’re connected with, the ones you have conversations with online, they care about you, not any particular product.”

Sean (4:52 – 5:01)

This week we’re joined by Sean, an expert when it comes to selling on social media through powerful messaging that connects with the audience.

Use intentional stories to connect with your audience. Stay away from mosquito marketing.

Network marketers love sharing new products that are launched by their companies. They are often instructed to go out and create as much buzz around the latest launch as possible. They make social media posts, they promote to their friends and family, and they just try to sell, sell, and sell.

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EP42: Crafting a Powerful Message

“When marketers try to communicate their “why,” they’re often at a loss for words because they’re trying to get it right. But it isn’t about getting it right, it’s about finding what’s connected to who you are.”

Nicole Easton (2:39 – 2:58)

Why You Need to Create an Authentic Message

If you’ve been in network marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably been asked to think about your “why” when creating a message to connect with your audience and your prospects. The problem many marketers run into when creating their message is that they immediately start talking about their product and opportunity. They try to get it “right,” but they’re at a loss for words and they find that they’re not connecting with their real story.

It isn’t about getting it right. It’s about the story that is connected to who you are and the impact that you want to have through your business. It’s about connecting to how you’re created and your unique strengths. The closer your message is to your story, the more significant your impact will be, and you’ll be able to create an authentic and purpose-driven business.

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EP41: Making Your Strengths the Heart of Your Business

“Take your strengths and ask yourself, ‘How can I play to these in my business?’”

Brooke Elder (10:01-10:05; 10:41-10:44)

Your strengths are those characteristics about you that make you great. When you know your strengths and develop your business around what makes you great, you will be amazed at the impact you will have.

Melissa Campbell is our in-house strengths professional. She helps all our clients find their strengths and know how to make them the heart of their business.

“When we find out the talents that are truly authentic and work on those, it makes everything about us feel more genuine and more authentic.”  -Melissa Campbell (1:51-2:05)

We often don’t recognize our strengths because they come so easily and automatically to us. Or, we don’t recognize them as good characteristics because others have reacted to them because they are “different.” Some of us struggle with talent envy. We see the desirable traits of others and try to emulate them. Often, we end up working on our weaknesses rather than focusing on our strengths.

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