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Are You Floundering In Your Network Marketing Business, This Is Why

Are you floundering in your network marketing business? My guess is, you probably are trying to market to everyone instead of really finding who your, what we call in the marketing world, avatar biz. You aren't marketing to your people, you're trying to market to everyone.

Because everyone can use your opportunity, right? Everyone can use your products, right? That may be true, but when you market to everyone, you market to no one.

So when you are marketing your business, when you're talking about your business to people, if you are not looking for your ideal customers or your ideal recruits, and you're not creating messaging or talking to those people and you're trying to just market to everyone; when you do that it's exhausting.

There's a reason why our up lines tell us, just keep talking to people; the more noes you get, your eventually gonna get a yes. How about we teach people how to actually market so that way, we can get yeses all the time? Wouldn't that be better?

It's great to go for no. It's great to go out there and see how many noes you can get and to get those 10 noes to get one yes. It's great to build your character, right? To get that tough skin and be like, it's all right, I got this.

But, wouldn't it be better to know your marketing to know how to reach people, so that way the people that you are reaching are the ones that are gonna say yes. Wouldn't that be better? Wouldn't you rather talk to five people and get three yeses and two noes, instead of talking to ten people and only get one yes?

That's what I would rather do. That's working smarter and not harder. How do you do that?

Well you really need to understand your target audience. You need to know who it is that you can help. You need to know how you help them and you need to know what their problems are.

When you know what their problems are … when you look at either your opportunity or your products and you're gonna pick your favorite thing. You may have a company that has thousands of products, pick your favorite thing. What's your favorite thing about your products or your opportunity that really helps people, and I guarantee whatever it is, that's solving a problem. So what is the problem that, that solves. When you can identify that, and then all you need to do is look for people who have that problem, because you have the solution.

It's just like, we're gonna talk math, so don't freak out, we're gonna talk math. You know that one plus three equal four. That is your favorite equation. One plus three equals four is your favorite. So you gotta go to find out what people don't know, what one plus three equals. You're gonna go and find them and you're gonna be like, I know it, I got the answer. The answer's four.

But if someone else is out there and they're saying two plus two, what two plus two? You have the answer, it's four. But they're not your people. Because they have different problems. They have a two and a two. You don't have that. You have a one and a three. You got that. You know that.

Even though there's different ways to talk about your opportunity or talk about your products, you gotta find, what's the one thing that's you, that you love more than anything. You wanna help people fix that problem more than anything. That's all you talk about.

What you do that, the people who come to you, are gonna be the people who are the one plus three people. And they're the people that are gonna be like, yes, I need this, you have the answer, you're the person that I've been looking for. They are the people who are always going to say yes.

If you want more tips like this. If you want to know more about how to figure out who your target audience is, join our Facebook group. You can go to and it will add you into our Facebook group. We have tons of trainings in there that should you how to find your target audience, how to market in a way that is authentic to you, so you can become an authentic influencer.

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