Be An Authentic Influencer

One of your missions is to show people that there’s a better way to do what is authentic to them. Not just in network marketing. But in the entrepreneur world. Oftentimes, you’ll hear all the experts and gurus saying, “You should do this. You should do that.” And if you do exactly what they say, you’ll be successful.

In contrast, that’s not how it is. If you stay true to who you are, you stay in your own lane and that’s when you become successful. There are a lot of success stories out there that you can derive your inspiration from. A lot of entrepreneurs have failed in the beginning of their business. They have taken risks and extracted all of their money then lost them all. Almost always, your business will not turn out so well in the initial stage. Just remember that maybe the reason you have to go through it all is it’s going to make your story better when you succeed.

Think of it as journey. An amazing journey where you’ll meet equally amazing people along the way. That they can help you with every single step that you’re going to take. Like the mentors that you’re going to have. Those “special” people will make you work harder and focus more on being better for your business. Essentially, they are the key to your success of being an authentic influencer.

Having a mentor is one of the crucial things that you have to learn. At first, you’re going to think that they are insane, so to speak.  They’re going to make you do things that you think are not essential to your business. But then, you’ll realize that they’re right! You’re going to do what told you and you’re going to be good at it eventually.

So, invest in them. Be open to things that are going to make you the best entrepreneur people will look up to.


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