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Being Authentic Will Change Everything

When you are authentic, it's going to change everything in your business. So what does it mean to be authentic? You may think, well, I am authentic, I am the person that I always am, I'm the same person on Facebook as I am out at a party, as I am with my friends. I'm the same person, I am authentic.

What the problem that I see in network marketing businesses, is that you're trying to be so much like your upline that you actually end up being unauthentic. Or you see something that's working amazing for someone else, and you are like, “Okay, I've got to do this. Let's do this. I'm going to sign up for this and I'm going to do exactly what they're doing.” You end up losing that part of you that is the authentic part of you, because you are now no longer authentic, you are just trying to copy what everybody else is doing.

If you've ever seen a post on Facebook or Instagram of someone else in your company and you're like, “That's amazing!” And you copy that and you paste it, and put it on your profile, that is being unauthentic. When you share all the things that all the other people in your company are sharing, that is being unauthentic, because you are not being authentic to you, you are not sharing your message.

Here's the thing that's going to separate you from everyone else that's selling the exact same thing you are, it's you. You are the thing that is different. No one can sell doTerra like you, no one can sell Unique like you, no one can sell Plexus like you. Why? Because you have your own story, you have your own message, you have your own reasons for why you joined your company, and your own passions for why you want to share that with others.

If you are not sharing that, sharing that passion every single day when you talk about your products or your opportunity, you are being unauthentic. It is my mission to turn network marketers into authentic influencers. Because the authenticity piece, that is the piece that's missing in network marketing, because there are so many people out there that they are following a script, they're doing what their upline tells them to do, they're trying to be successful, and what they're doing is they're just trying to be a robot or a copy of somebody else, and they are not being who they really are.

And that is a shame because you have so much potential, you have so many gifts and talents that only you can share with the world. You were given the situations in your life for you so you can turn around and serve others. That's the reason why you got them. I'm sure you learned a lot of things too along the way. But the biggest reason that you got those different situations is so you can help others, you can show them that there's a different way. It could be through your products or your opportunity, and that's the thing that you need to share.

Don't go out and copy what other people are doing. Don't duplicate what other people are doing. Because all a duplication is is just taking one thing and making a copy and a copy and a copy. You hear these uplines all the time saying, “Duplication, duplication. Don't reinvent the wheel.” I am here to bring a new message, and that new message is, replication. We want replication, because when you duplicate there is no chance for personality, for authenticity, because you're being as exact as your upline, you are a duplicate, you are a copy. And you are not a copy of your upline. You are different.

You get to replicate, you get to take the things that feel good to you, maybe messaging 20 people a day, that's not your jam, but that works for your upline, that's okay, you can take the systems and the ideas and you can replicate them in your business. When you replicate something, that brings the opportunity for authenticity. You can put yourself into the situation. You can put yourself into the process. When you put yourself into the process, that is when authenticity comes out, that is when you really create a business that's about you, and you're not duplicating what other people are doing, you are being the authentic influencer that you were born to be.

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