Getting out of Your Comfort Zone in Your Network Marketing Business

The 3 Biggest Network Marketing Myths Busted: Lies You’ve Believed

Myths maybe your upline is telling you. There are 3 biggest network marketing myths that I have found that we are going to BUST today.

Myths maybe your upline is telling you. There are 3 biggest network marketing myths that I have found that we are going to BUST today.

Myth #1: It’s all in the timing

Have you ever heard the saying “this is a ground floor opportunity?” Maybe someone was introducing you to a company and trying to get you to join them on their network marketing journey. This myth can be used as leverage for opportunity or can be used as an excuse for why distributors aren’t doing well in their company. Let’s bust through this first myth.

Does it help to be one of the first consultants in a brand new company? Of course! It helps you get the name out there and since it’s new and exciting allows you to reach out to more people. However it’s a ton of work. In the beginning there are a ton of unknowns. A company may not do very well.

I was of the first consultants of a new direct sales company. So I pushed it and I worked super hard. I built it up and a year and a half later the company went under. Joining a startup business can go either way.

When I was with Scentsy, I was not one of the first consultants to sign up. I knew a girl who was the 5th person in the company and she didn’t do much with it. So being FIRST doesn’t equal success. In a year’s time, I was making more money than she was. It’s NOT all about the timing. The question is really: How hard are you willing to work?

Myth #2: Saying your company is for EVERYONE

Have you heard this one? Of course you have! Your company probably tells you their product is for everyone and that is because they have consultants and distributors from a variety of backgrounds. But this is not quite right. You don’t want everyone to join your team. When you look at your product, sure it can be for everybody. But do you want to work with everybody? Sell to everybody? You need to know who your ideal customer avatar is.

Your goal should be to create a community of like-minded people who are like you. Because these are the kind of people you will do best with. From customers to business builders, these will be your people and you will be able to serve them.

I was a stay at home mom and feeling lonely. I longed to connect with other people who understood me. So these are the kinds of people I enjoyed connecting with. This community is also full of people I know how to help. Your job is to find out their problems and offer a solution.

Myth #3: Just don’t quit.

Your upline or friends in business may say some of these things:

“It’s okay you can do it.”

“You’ve got this.”

“You only fail if you quit.”

Well… the thing is if you don’t work your business, it’s not going to grow. Instead of saying “just don’t quit..” they really should say “just don’t stop taking action.” It’s daily action that will drive your business to success.

Let’s say you are trying to get parties booked and get your calendar full. If you just sit there hoping people will reach out, it’s not going to fill itself. Taking action can look like calling past hostesses, sending out messages to your WARM market, going LIVE, etc.

You also need to make sure you are making your asks and offers all about the person you are speaking to.

Find out what they really want. What are their pain points? What are their problems? How can you genuinely help them achieve what they are going after?

Pick one action step this week and show up in your business. We would love to hear about it. Come and join our community and share with us!

Interview with Teandra Pfeil

How to Set Yourself Apart From Thousands in Your Industry

The hardest thing about being in direct sales is that you have hundreds of thousands of reps doing the same thing you are. Learn how to set yourself apart.

The hardest thing about being in direct sales is that you have hundreds of thousands of reps doing the same thing you are. Everyone is being taught by their upline and asked to duplicate it to every person who joins the company. So how do you set yourself apart from thousands in your industry?

The number one secret to standing out in your industry is to KNOW WHO YOUR AUDIENCE IS.

This is so important because you will craft everything you offer according to who you are speaking to. If everyone is selling the same thing, you’ve got to get specific on who you are helping and how you can set yourself apart.

What you need to do:
1. Find out who you want to help (busy moms, over-worked corporate CEOS, freshman college students, etc.)

2. Find out what they NEED and that you can help them with.

3. Create something for them that is tailored to that need. Find a way to creatively use your products and services to create a package that is appealing to your ideal client.

When I was in Scentsy, I used to put together bridal shower packages for people to gift their friends with who were getting married. People use to gift Scentsy all the time as a bridal shower gift and I sold this package A LOT!

I also packaged together car kits so my customers could have nice smelling vehicles all the time. I simply took our hanging freshners and combined them with our room spray and offered the bundle. It’s really that simple.

Think about how you can use your products in a different way than everyone else in your company. Here’s a little secret: Most people are offering single products to EVERYBODY. They haven’t mastered a specific person they are targeting or want to help. They are just looking for anyone with a “face.”

Another Example:

BeachBody: You can target new moms who are looking to go back to their pre-baby weight. So you can take the products and workouts and tailor them to fit new moms. Write up a daily plan on how they can use your products from BeachBody to help hit their goals and then offer them a community (Facebook group) where other new moms are all working toward their goals and can hop on once a week for a LIVE workout with you.

Get clear on WHO you are helping so you can set yourself apart in your industry!

If you want to explore your ideal client further, tune into our podcast episode 11: How to Utilize a Avatar to Find Your Ideal Client.

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You Are Not Your Company

Bringing Clarity to Direct Sales / Network Marketing

Facebook Groups: Why You Need To Create Your Own Community

Facebook Groups: Why You Need To Create Your Own Community. One of the best ways to network is to create a community of like-minded people. Facebook groups are the key to doing this online. Learn how to create your own Facebook Group.

Why You Need to Create Your Own Community through Facebook Groups:

One of the best ways to network is to create a community of like-minded people. Facebook Groups are an excellent way to create your own community online. Today we are walking you through how to create your own Facebook group.

If you have been in Network Marketing for any amount of time, you have most likely heard the sayings “your list of 100,” “warm market,” and “cold market.” These refer to prospects that can eventually turn into paying customers of your products and services. Networking is a KEY piece of direct sales hence the name Network Marketing.

Step One: Know Who You Are Targeting

This step is CRUCIAL to your overall success in your company. By knowing who you are helping, you know who you are targeting. This is also known as your ideal customer avatar (ICA). For an in-depth walk through of your ICA, be sure to check out our podcast episode: How to Utilize an Avatar to Find Your Ideal Client.

Being able to identify who you help allows you to serve in a better way. So before you create a Facebook group, keep in mind WHO this group is for. For example, my ideal client may struggle with depression and my goal is to get them out of depression through my products and mentorship. Therefore, I would want to fill my Facebook Group up with this type of client.

Step Two: Nuture Your Facebook Group Community

Once you know WHO is going to be in your community, now you need to NURTURE them. You can do this by adding value about yourself, your products and services, and posting things that are relevant to your ideal client. So if they are trying to lose 40-50 pounds, you could include a variety of posts such as testimonials of your products from other people you know, your own story, encouraging and positive quotes, tips and tricks for eating better, exercises, etc. You are adding VALUE to your community.

Step Three: Be consistent in your Facebook Group

Overnight success is often years in the making. The best way to get the most out of your community and position yourself as an expert is to continue to show up every single day, rain or shine, and give more than you ask!

It really will pay off when you come from a place of service rather than advertising and asking for a sale all the time.

If you want a step by step Facebook Group Tutorial, check out the course inside of our Mastery here.

EP:27 How to Create a Fail-Proof Process for Growing Your Business

“The best things that can happen in your business are the things that you should’ve kept doing that you quit too soon.”

– Nicole Easton (4:02-4:10)

Brooke Elder & Nicole Easton
Authentic Influencer Podcast

The idea that entrepreneurs have to go it alone is one of the biggest misbeliefs that cause business owners to struggle in achieving their goals. But looking at what other successful entrepreneurs are doing can help you see what might work in your own business.

Productivity and innovation are two things you need to overcome obstacles and grow your business. Learning how to get things done and creating new ways to build your business gives you a fail-proof process for growth. When you align yourself with other high achievers, you stay productive and focused on the things that produce results.

“Innovation is looking at what’s working and seeing how you can make it better.” – Brooke Elder (13:07-13:15)

Too many people quit when things aren’t working in their business. They try something once and give up when it doesn’t work. Having someone to give you an outsider’s perspective keeps you from making this costly mistake. They help you decide when you should hit the gas or slam on the brakes. Knowing when to keep going and when to quit can be one of the hardest decisions you face as a business owner.

Improving productivity and innovation in your business requires you to think outside the box. Even if what you’re doing isn’t working, you need to ask yourself why it isn’t working. This is key to uncovering new strategies that produce income, increase engagement, and spread your marketing message.

Getting Outside of the Box

Many entrepreneurs think they lack the creativity to be innovative. However, simply looking at what other people in your network are doing is an easy way to find new ideas that produce results. You have to get outside of the box first before you can begin thinking outside of it. Something that might be normal in your own business may be innovative to someone else’s. So you can learn from the innovation of others to improve your business results as well.

Innovation comes from looking at what’s working and figuring out how you can make it better. If you’re struggling to build something, look at someone else’s proven model. They’ve already blazed a successful trial, and you can follow that same path to your advantage.  

“Behind every great business is innovation and action.” – Nicole Easton (25:53-25:58)

Fostering creativity can be as easy as taking the time to quietly sit with your own thoughts. Many business owners are amazed at the number of new ideas that come to them when they sit still, go for a quiet walk, or just give themselves time to think. Innovation is a direct result of inspiration. But you have to create the environment for that inspiration to arrive or you’ll never innovate the work you do.

You can increase productivity and grow your business by getting the inspiration you need to innovate new marketing strategies. Once you identify these strategies, take action and repeat it for 30 days. If it’s still not working, then go back to the drawing board. Consistency is key, but you must also give your actions momentum and intention. Successful businesses are built on innovation and action. If you apply these principles in your business, you’ll quickly see results and achieve the success you’re after.

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Podcast 26 – Authentic Influencer Roadmap – Entreprenuer Mindset – Check yourself before your wreck yourself

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

“You can learn every strategy, but if you don’t have the right mindset and you don’t know where you’re going, your business is not going anywhere.” – Brooke Elder (3:15)

Brooke Elder & NiCole Easton
Authentic Influencer Podcast

Setting yourself up for success means starting with the right mindset.

As you’re working towards any goal, it’s helpful to seek out great examples of people around you who are living the dream. If you’re striving to be an Authentic Influencer, isolating the traits and habits that make others genuine and impactful is an excellent way to begin codifying the process and building your roadmap to authentic influence.

The first step on that road, no matter where you’re headed, is checking your mindset. Your success depends on your ability to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset – it’s often said that the right mindset makes up 90% of success. All the trendy strategies and tactics in the world won’t get you where you want to go if you don’t have the right mindset and a sense of direction towards your goals. In the end, the idea is to enable yourself to build a business that is sustainable and profitable.

“People are only going to believe in what you do if you believe in what you do.” – NiCole Easton. (12:32)

There are a few key characteristics that define the “right” mindset.

  1. Tenacity. This means having the perseverance to continue on even when your initial efforts don’t work out. When you fall short, step back, analyze what happened, and adjust accordingly as you go forward.
  1. Grit. Grit is the ability to stick with what you’re doing long enough to find out if it’s going to work. Grit requires both discipline and consistency, even when you’re not sure of the outcome.
  1. Confidence. Consistency builds confidence like nothing else. When you know you can show up and put the work in to get where you’re going, you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities, and confidence is contagious. When you feel confident in yourself, others will too. In fact, the way people perceive you has a lot to do with how you present yourself. If you happen to be someone who struggles with confidence around other people, ground your efforts in whatever it is that makes you, “you.” Simply putting yourself in a position to interact with the rest of the world is an excellent start – but whatever it is you choose, remember, authenticity is what we aim for.
  1. Visualization. Visualizing what you want your life to look like is a fun practice, but it is so much more. Taking the time to visualize your ideal future helps your subconscious map out the way forward. When you get a clear mental picture of the things you want your brain will recognize the disconnect between those things, and the way life is now.

Adjusting your mindset can be a joyful process. At the end of the day, it’s all about choosing your destination and then enjoying the journey.

“Without a goal in mind, you can get a lot of work done without any place to go.” – NiCole Easton. (21:45)

This week, write a letter to yourself, pretending that it is December 31st of this year. Write about all the things you achieved and the goals you reached. Set lots of different goals in various areas of your life. Money goals, business goals, family or health goals, any kind you like. The more detail, the better. Put the letter away until that date rolls around, and then revisit it. You will be amazed at just how much you’ve accomplished. Starting with the right mindset will make all the difference.

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