EP05: You Can’t Make More Time…

One of the best skills you can have to help you in life is something you probably learned in kindergarten. Today’s episode introduces the “magic” of time blocking. Just like in kindergarten where you learned that all the like things go in one place—books here, toys there—time blocking is the practice of putting similar activities together.

From time blocking, to setting and communicating boundaries, and to delegation, we explain your best tools for time management because, as nice as it would be, you can’t make more time. But you can make more OF your time!

We are all about using every tool we can to make sure we’re staying out of the “hot mess” lifestyle. Between family and jobs, it’s so easy to get mired down in things that suck time away, but we’re living proof that the tools that we teach can truly change your life from hot mess to cool chick.

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EP04: Ghosts And Rollercoasters…

Highlight Show Notes:

Break Through Fear

Key 1: Importance Of Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Key 2: Acknowledge The Fear And Define Where It’s Coming From

Key 3: Is It A Ghost Or A Rollercoaster?

How To AIM In Your Business Today: Do one thing today that is out of your comfort zone. When you do this start training yourself to analyze is this a ghost or a rollercoaster experience?

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EP03: You Are Not Your Company…

Brooke Elder:  00:01   When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bugged everyone you know we are on a mission to prove it doesn’t have to be that way. Welcome to the authentic influencer podcast where authenticity is king and prophet or a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder and I’m Nicole Easton. With over 20 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing. We’ve helped thousands of women learn that being an authentic influencer is the key to success. Join US each week as we bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose driven business that is authentic to you.

Brooke Elder:  00:40  Hey guys. Welcome to episode the three and the title of the episode three is you are not your company and this is one of my favorite things to talk about.

NiCole Easton: 00:52 Yeah, I’m guessing that this is ruffling feathers right now.

Brooke Elder:  00:57    I think that’s why I like you do like to rebel feathers, don’t you? I do. And so we’re gonna. Just dive right in and we’re going to talk about what it means to be you are at your company, so I totally look at this from a marketing perspective because like I really just have a marketing break and so when you’re sitting there maybe convention or you’re sitting at your upline is teaching you something or maybe you’re on a like a, a company training or something and your company says that your product is for everyone. Let me give you an example. I have heard it’s for everyone with the nose I have heard is for everyone was skin.

NiCole Easton:   01:44   It’s for everyone with a get.

Brooke Elder:   01:47 Yep. And let me tell you, when you market to everyone you market to no one and when I very first heard that, I was like, what? That doesn’t make any sense, but really when you’re marketing to everyone, you’re not diving into pain points here. Like the last episode we talked about problem, agitate, solve. Like you’re not finding that problem that you solve and you’re not signing a niche. It’s like I’m going out and standing out on the corner and like handing out flyers and stuff to everybody that passes by, like who knows if they’re your ideal customer or client or whatever. You have no idea. It’s just like throwing money away, you know? Well, not only that you are

NiCole Easton: 02:37  in your marketing efforts, your not standing out at all, but how about the fact that you’re in competition with everyone else selling that product? Like exactly how do you differentiate yourself and you can’t differentiate yourself when you subscribe to and preach everything that’s coming from the company. That doesn’t mean you have to hide the company necessarily or, or be ashamed of it. It just that, that the way that their marketing isn’t necessarily the way that you need to mark it. And when I say market, I mean message or talk or you know, the just the experience that you provide for the people that you are wanting to engage with you and either buy from you or join your team.

Brooke Elder:   03:15  Right? Exactly. And I mean, if you think about it logistically, of course your company has to have that kind of message because they can’t go out and say, oh well you need to look for women who are in this age range, who have this problem because then everyone is marketing to that kind of person. You know? So what you need to do is you need to figure out for you what is that? What does your market look like? Who are the people that you want to read?

NiCole Easton:   03:41   As you say that, I recognize that the company is trying to let everybody know that everybody has an opportunity to use this product and it’s true, but you can’t talk to everybody at the same time. And it’s the same thing with pain points. You can’t rattle off a million pain points and then hope that somebody latches on or, or resonates with one of them. But because what happens is you lose credibility. I’ll give you an example. So if you are marketing a skincare product and you’re like, do you have fine lines, wrinkles, oily skin, dry skin, acne, rosacea, w x, Y, Z, whatever it is. And you’re saying this solves it all. When you say that you have the magic formula and you have a magic pill or magic cream, you instantly lose credibility because all you’re doing is trying to get them to buy your product or your opportunity at any cost, regardless of what really matters to them. And when you speak to one thing and you you specialize in area. For those of you who don’t know what niche means, that means a specialty market as an isolated market genre. Something really specific and narrow down. When you do that, you’re speaking. Those people feel like they’re speaking directly to you and we’ve all seen those ads are like, how do they know what I think? And you can create the same thing in your own little world.

Brooke Elder:  05:06   Yes, exactly. And that was really one of our favorite things that we do with our clients is we help them figure that out and this really helping people find their gifts, their talents, the things that they are good at, the things that they love, that they could do 24 slash seven and never get tired of it. And how they can put that into their business. So then what it is, I say this all the time using your network marketing business as a tool to build your business because that’s what it is. When you can build a business around the things that you love, you’re never going to get burned out.

NiCole Easton:     05:42   So often we are looking for inspiration and we’re trying to figure out like, okay, what do I talk about today? What is my strategy today? And we go to our team page or to corporate website or we go to Google and we look up stuff or maybe we look other people’s testimonials, but the fact is is that if you can find what you’re really good at and what you’re innately drawn to, inspiration is a lot closer than a google search bar. It’s right in your heart and you will find yourself being inspired and you’ll have more ideas than you can actually put into action when you’re in your lane.

Brooke Elder:     06:17    Exactly. And that was good. That was really good. That’s what I’m here for. Sometimes I interrupt you and sometimes I have golden nuggets, so you’re welcome. Well, that definitely Goldman right there.

NiCole Easton:    06:35    So what does it take to be a successful network marketing professional? Besides passion?

Brooke Elder:    06:45     Well, it takes, just understanding what their, what you’re passionate about, and then creating a business around that. So let’s give some examples of some of our clients because I think that will help our listeners kind of wrap their head around this because this is very different from anything else that anyone, like any network marketing coach or like your upline or your network marketing company. No one’s teaching you this because they don’t want to teach how you can actually create your own business around yourself.

NiCole Easton:   07:15    You know, just a really quick disclaimer. I just want to be upfront and since this is one of our introductory episodes, it’s good to just get it out in the air right now. When we talk about outlining company, we’re not saying it like it’s a dirty word and we’re not trying to diss on your upline or maybe you are the upline in your teaching stuff that we’re not teaching. Remember where the rebels? We’re the weird ones. Um, you know, we’re the ones that are, that are kind of rocking the boat, shaking it up a little bit, and I’m going to tell you, if you follow our lead, you will find success, but you can’t take it personal. You can’t think that, oh, I’m not going to listen to them and you’re going to miss out on the goodness because you’re too worried that we are like dissing you or that somehow we are knocking what has worked because stuff that people teach does work for some people. And you will hear this, a resounding, this message resounding through all of our podcasts and everything that you hear from us is that we believe that it does work for some people. What we’re trying to do is help you find what will work for you no matter what. So I’m sorry to go off on that soap box. You will find that. I will do that often. I apologize in advance, but sorry, I’m not sorry. Go ahead Brooke.

Brooke Elder: 08:33 So what some of our clients have done. So the first word that comes to mind is carrie and she loves nutrition. Um, I don’t know if we should say what company she’s with. She’s with the health and wellness company. It’s green ish. There you go. It starts in a and she loves her company and loves the products that they have, but she’s very much into nutrition and she’s built this whole movement around diet disruption and how you can really, she’s, her goal is to come in and say, no, you don’t have to go on a diet, change your lifestyle and look, this is what you can do and how eat complete. I’m not going to like go off her soap box. But um, she was able to find this whole idea of how she could use her network marketing company as a part of what she’s doing and a part of her messaging because she saw problem that she knew how to solve as she gets solved with her network marketing company. So marrying those two ideas together is what’s really steam boating her and making her just thrive.

NiCole Easton: 09:41 Now I’m going to explain the differentiation and where she added rocket fuel for her efforts. She, um, she started out by using. Oh, I almost said the word using the company’s nutritional program. It’s like a 30 day cleanse. If you’re with this company, you know exactly what I’m talking about and the reason we don’t want to say the company is because we don’t want to like bash anyone or just going back to my disclaimer earlier, but she was putting people into that program and it did work for many people, but the magic happened when she said, you know what? You’re onto something. Here. I am passionate about it. That’s how I’ve been already running my business, but I’m going to do a twist on it and I’m going to do my own nutritional program. And so when she launched her own version of it that had her exact specifications and the way that she likes to coach, she doubled her interaction. She had her. She doubled the productivity of her very best month and she is more connected and more passionate and more driven than ever before.

Brooke Elder: 10:42  And this is just in a matter of like six short weeks and so it doesn’t like you don’t. If you’re in health and wellness. I don’t want you to think, oh, I have to go and create my own thing and stuff like that. Like you don’t have to copy what she did because it’s all about finding what is authentic to you and what you are. So do you want to talk about Luis Louise is a great example.

NiCole Easton: 11:05  First of all, I absolutely just love her as a person, but her mission and what she’s about is, it’s actually the complete opposite of health. Nutrition is actually a physical product that she buys her jewelry, but she doesn’t want to just sell jewelry. She wants to inspire women that maybe in, in like the world’s view aren’t the traditional model of beauty. They’re not. Supermodels are not thin. She is empowering women to feel beautiful and be comfortable in the skin there. And no matter what their weight size, um, hair color, hair color, yes. The, her, that’s a good one. Um, no matter what their outward, you know, what ever their outward appearances is, that you can compliment it. You highlight your beauty and you can be basically like a diva no matter what. And that is her mission. And it is amazing to see her sore and just thrive in that area.

Brooke Elder: 12:05 So those are two really good examples. So you can start thinking about like what is your mission, what’s your purpose? What is the thing that you want? What is the messaging that you want to put out there based on your products? When I’m. So I used to be with a company that is actually no longer, but it was all about getting the family together and it was products that we’re bringing people together to eat, like through fondue and through cooking and grilling and all of this stuff. And they had different seasonings and stuff. And with all of this it was my favorite thing because my mission was to help families come together and so I was able to use my product that I was selling as a part of my overall mission of how can I get families to come together and sit down and have a meal together because that doesn’t happen anymore.

Brooke Elder:12:58 And so when you find that thing that’s like, this is my mission and this is what happens. The interesting thing is when we do this with some of our clients is they figure out this is my passion and my company does not align with that, and so they end up switching companies, but then when they do like Kelsey comes to mind and how she was with one company and it, she realized that that was not what her passion was and when she made that switch, she was able to quit her job and stay home with her kids in a matter of about four months. Yeah, she went from let’s just.

NiCole Easton: 13:34 I’ll give them some hard numbers. She went from making $300 a month in the first company to switching companies starting all over and within two months making. How much is it? Five figures in one month. So pretty significant. It’s amazing what happens when you finish this.

Brooke Elder: 13:51  What happens really when you align that you align your passion with your company and it’s put positioning yourself as not your company. You’re positioning yourself as this is my mission, this is my purpose, this is who I authentically am, and you just so happen to have a network marketing product that supports that.

NiCole Easton: 14:12  Yeah. I think this is a hard concept for people to get their heads around because I’m in adolescence when we’re still figuring out who we are. We’re asked to decide who we’re going to be. Right, and especially now like I, I am a small group leader to sophomore girls and the amount of pressure that they have to figure out what they’re going to do and what they’re going to be for the rest of their life at 15 years old is just. It’s a. it’s overwhelming and to try and figure that out and decide what you’re going to do longterm, you’re forced to go in and invest a four year education and thousands of dollars into this thing that you’ve never really done and you don’t know if it’s going to set you on fire and it’s going to help you maintain that passion through your entire life.

NiCole Easton: 14:59 And so we hear a lot of times our clients and people that are in our world ask, okay, that’s all good and well, but how do I figure out what I’m good at and what is my passion like I’ve never even thought outside of what it’s required for me to make money. And maybe that’s what maybe that, that unsettleness and discontent is actually what motivated you to get into your network marketing company. Maybe you just wanting to do something that was on your own and you know that your effort would create something that would benefit you and that you could share with others. And maybe that desire to help others is really what inspired you to start your business. So I’m broke. How do we find that passion?

Brooke Elder:  15:43  Well, I think it’s, if you look back to all of the jobs that you’ve had and all the experiences that you’ve had, there’s going to be certain things that are going to stand out to you. Like, oh, I loved this part of it. You know, talking about knowing, wanting to know or having to know what you want to be for the rest of your life when you’re 15. Like I decided to be an elementary school teacher and I was actually trying to decide between a couple of different careers and Nicole, I don’t know if you even know this, but the reason why I picked elementary education was because I got a scholarship so that helps. They would pay my school if I became a teacher. And I was like, all right, guess I’m going to be a teacher and I’ve always loved teaching and not something that I’m passionate about and that’s why I love doing these podcasts and the helping students through our program and just being able to teach because that, that’s something that is kind of ingrained in me.

Brooke Elder:   16:39   But when I started looking at all the things, I was only a teacher for four years because I wanted to be a stay at home mom and then all of that and got into online marketing and loved that. So now I have marketing and teaching, you know? Um, it’s interesting because people ask me now because I like, I could talk marketing all day long and they’re like, oh, did you go to school for that? And I thought I didn’t even know that it even liked marketing back then. That’s right. At the same exact experience. Yeah. So it’s, you find the things that you love through the different jobs that you have, the different experiences you have. And I love all of those things. Like when you, when you finally have found your place where you’re like, this is it, and then you look back and you’re like, how did I get here?

Brooke Elder:  17:22    And you think, oh well because of this decision and because of this decision I learned this and this about myself. And so it’s taking that time, like I love taking time in the shower to just sit and think about these kinds of things because really, I mean any of you have kids know, like you get no alone time and so that maybe in the shower, maybe in the shower. So the shower is my time to like really think and ponder these things. And so we have for your aim today of what you are going to be doing to help your business and aim in your business today is to think about like previous jobs you’ve had, things that you love. Just take some time to ponder about it. Maybe if you’re sitting waiting for your kids to get out of school or something like that. Find some time where you can just sit and think like, what are specific things that you love.

NiCole Easton: 18:19  Yeah. And what is the common thread that you see throughout the previous parts of your life that you either enjoyed or didn’t enjoy? And it’s amazing how, like if we figured out that we don’t have to do the stuff that we hate doing, it’s amazing that we can create this reality and find the thing that we absolutely love to do and doesn’t feel like work anymore. And that’s when we show up best in the world and we really serve our purpose. So, the homework for you guys today and we want to hear your feedback. We want to hear from you. You can write us a review and leave it in the comments there below, or you can engage on our facebook group and in there you can share and actually I think what we should do, Brooke, is we should put a prompt with each homework assignment for the next week or whatever in our group. So if you’re listening to this podcast when it’s being launched, you guys can go in and interact and if you’re not, you can go in and search the group for this episode three and in episode three’s topic you can go ahead and comment it and chime in below wherever we put the homework.

Brooke Elder:    19:19   So awesome. And we’ll just make sure that we put links in the show notes for all of that.

NiCole Easton:   19:23    Oh, perfect. Yeah, so we want you to just take some time and if it’s right now that are actually acting right now is the absolute best possible scenario. So if you have time right now, grab a piece of paper and write out three things that you absolutely love to do and could you all day. It doesn’t matter if it’s cooking, knitting, I mean anything. It doesn’t, it doesn’t have to be something that you think you can monetize at this point. Just write out three things that you love to do. Then make a list of the three things that people most often ask you advice about. These are the things that people see you as an expert in and so it could be something around your company. It could not be. It could be that you are known for, you know, knowing a lot about nutrition or maybe you’re a spin a spin instructor or maybe you are like the best scrap or whatever it is. Right? Those three things down, and then I want you to look over those things and just really reflect on them as well as like the patterns in your life and start to come together with an idea of what you may be able to do that could really build a business that’s very hard centered

Brooke Elder:  20:32  Because when you do that, you are staying authentic to who you are and really that’s when you are successful is when you can stay authentic to you and you put your true self out there. That’s what is gonna make people attracted to you. That’s what is going to bring people in into your world and they’re going to see you as the authority and they’re going to listen to you.

NiCole Easton: 20:58   So besides your homework, make sure that you share this with your team. If you’re a leader or share with your leaders, if you want your team to know about it, and if this is your first time listening to our podcast, we want you to go to social tenacity.com, forward slash gift where we have a special free gift for you and, um, you will find lots of Info and value there.

Brooke Elder: 21:20   So remember, you are not your company. You are an amazing person. Have awesome things to bring to the world. So let’s tap into that and let’s really make a business that is centered around you and your gifts and talents.

NiCole Easton:  21:38   This is how you become an authentic influencer.

Brooke Elder:  21:41  This was an episode of authentic influencer podcast. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can miss an episode. And most of all share this with your team. We’re on a mission to change spammy network marketers into authentic influences.

EP02: The Death of Attraction Marketing…

 00:01-01:16  Welcome to the Authentic Influencers Podcast

 01:35-02:18 Attraction Marketing-Because Everybody’s Doing It…

 02:20- 06:51  Why The Trends Don’t Work…

 06:58-11:03  Counterfeit Marketing Digging Yourself In A Hole…

11:05-14:48  Products And Solutions 

 14:54 18:32 Examples of Authentic Marketing 

 18:43-19:34  FREE GIVE AWAY

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Brooke Elder:                   00:01                   When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bug everyone we know.

NiCole Easton:                 00:10                   We are on a mission to prove it doesn’t have to be that way.

Brooke Elder:                   00:13                   Welcome to the authentic influencer podcast where authenticity is king and profit is a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder…

NiCole Easton:                 00:21                   …and I’m Nicole Easton. With over 20 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, we’ve helped thousands of women learn that being an authentic influencer is the key to success.

Brooke Elder:                   00:31                   Join us each week as we bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose driven business that is authentic to you.

NiCole Easton:                 00:40                   It’s episode two!

Brooke Elder:                   00:44                   This is awesome.

NiCole Easton:                 00:45                   When I know it’s podcast day, I think, “Today is the best day.”

Brooke Elder:                   00:53                   We love doing these podcasts because we have so many great things to talk about. It’s really hard to choose a topic and stick with just one thing to talk about.

NiCole Easton:                 01:02                   I mean we have so much to talk about and getting feedback from our listeners already has been amazing. People are already loving our podcast and I know that what we’re talking about totally resonates.

New Speaker:                  01:16                   People are going to feel like, “Oh my gosh, they’re saying what I’ve been thinking all his time.”

Brooke Elder:                   01:21                   Yup. And we’re out here actually saying it to the world. So today, should we introduce our topic?…

NiCole Easton:                 01:29                   Yeah. It’s a buzzword.

Brooke Elder:                   01:35                   We’re going to talk about the death of attraction marketing and why you need it to die in your business.

NiCole Easton:                 01:45                   Dun, Dun Duh…

New Speaker:                  01:51                   If it hasn’t died yet, which it hasn’t, we are starting to slay it because attraction marketing is one of those words that you hear all the time and nobody really knows what it means.

New Speaker:                  02:03                   And then people teach on it and everybody’s kind of adopting it either whether they know what it’s called or not…

New Speaker:                  02:08                   I’m here to bust the myth that attraction marketing is profitable because really that’s the trend, meaning “everybody’s doing it.”

New Speaker:                  02:18                   So how can you even stand out?

Brooke Elder:                   02:20                   Well, and let’s talk about why attraction marketing doesn’t work…

New Speaker:                  02:24                   It sounds really cool. You know? It sounds like, “Ooh, attraction marketing that sounds sexy,” and no. It is not how it really is.

NiCole Easton:                 02:34                   Well the ideal is sex appeal. I mean people are literally out there fronting. They’re all that and a bag of chips that’s so 1990, but whatever…

New Speaker:                  02:42                   All that and a bag of chips and really there’s nothing going on behind the scenes. It’s all just a front. You know?

Brooke Elder:                   02:51                   Yeah. A lot of it is fake. Well, and this is true for the network marketing space and just the whole entrepreneur as a whole.

Speaker 3:                        03:00                   I mean there are people out there that are trying to make them look like they have all these amazing things like a big old house and the Lamborghini and all this stuff. They do these facebook ads, these videos, and they’re like, “Look how awesome my life is because I have a lambo.”

New Speaker:                  03:16                   And then you find out later that actually it was all rented and it’s all fake, you know?

NiCole Easton:                 03:20                   Yeah. The words that come to mind are “laptop lifestyle.”

Brooke Elder:                   03:28                   “Oh yes, you can have a laptop lifestyle too.”

NiCole Easton:                 03:32                   My favorite thing that network marketers do is when they say, “I’m working from my phone.” And it’s like “Yeah, you’re working from your phone but you’re also ignoring your children.”

Brooke Elder:                   03:42                   Exactly. So they don’t see what goes behind the scenes…

New Speaker:                  03:46                   It’s like those like perfect instagram photos…

New Speaker:                  03:48                   I don’t know if you ever seen this. I saw this one instagram picture once. It was this picture of a perfect cupcake that was sitting on this beautiful plate and it was all so pretty.

New Speaker:                  04:02                   And then it zoomed out and showed what was going on around her-it was all this chaos and stuff like that. So people think that they want to show, “I have this magazine life.”

New Speaker:                  04:11                   Then if you really pull back the curtains, you see, “Ah, no, it’s just chaos everywhere.”

NiCole Easton:                 04:16                   If I’m honest, I’ve definitely taken pictures where I’m like, stand right there and made sure the frame was clear of clutter and then like it looks so good and it’s like, it’s like a movie set really because in a movie set, all you need is that like 20 feet of space to look the way you want and then there’s chaos happening all around.

New Speaker:                  04:36                   Really the key to being authentic is pulling back the curtain on your life and you’re, and what you’re doing in a way that’s real and relatable.

New Speaker:                  04:44                   Attraction marketing just is not relatable…

Brooke Elder:                   04:48                   Really the thing is, it’s not about want people to be exactly like us because that’s not authentic. Right?

NiCole Easton:                 04:56                   Right. Well, I mean if we’re trying to get people to be who they are because that’s really the best person that are going to be trying to be us isn’t going to make it happen.

Brooke Elder:                   05:04                   Right? So when you’re doing all those posts that you’re bragging about your life and how awesome it is, “Look, I have a check for $10,000.”

New Speaker:                  05:12                   That’s awesome. But that’s not the way to attract the right kind of people that’s not being authentic because you’re not showing them how they can then go ahead and do the same thing. Right?

NiCole Easton:                 05:24                   That brings me to a point. I’m going on my soapbox, but I’m going to do it.

New Speaker:                  05:28                   One of the leaders in the company that I’m in, she had this one vulnerable time where she really just came out and said, “Okay, if you’re not running the business, don’t listen to this, but the “hustling pretty,” honey, it’s not.

New Speaker:                  05:42                   And so what happens is we use attraction marketing to attract people to want the life that we’re portraying and they’re not ready to pull up their bootstraps and get dirty, like they’re not willing to do the work.

New Speaker:                  05:53                   And that’s why we’re getting the wrong recruits because you’re attracting people who actually want it easy. Right? And those people don’t run.

Brooke Elder:                   06:01                   No they don’t. And that’s why maybe you have a ton of people on your team that are all hobbyists and stuff like that, or they joined in. They’re like, “Oh, this is too hard.”

New Speaker:                  06:11                   It’s because you portrayed something that, look how easy this is. I get to lay by the pool and answer a few texts and the money’s just rolling in and it’s easy.

New Speaker:                  06:22                   If you’re not portraying what it really is, you’re going to be attracting the wrong kind of people. Anyway.

NiCole Easton:                 06:27                   That’s it. That’s it. It’s like, you know, putting this thing out there and expecting to get back what you’re doing, but when you’re trying to portray something that’s not real, that’s when you get burnout.

New Speaker:                  06:39                   That’s when you get exhausted because it takes so much of your energy to cover up that which is real, that you’re putting out there something that isn’t authentic and you’re getting tired and exhausted doing it.

New Speaker:                  06:51                   Then when you think about training other people to do the same thing, it just feels achy because it’s not true to who you are…

Brooke Elder:                   06:58                   Totally. Well, and we were talking about this earlier, that it really is a counterfeit of what you really want and we were talking about examples of different counterfeits because what you really want is you want authentic influencer marketing because you can be that authentic influence and stay true to who you are and when you’re doing attraction marketing that is the counterfeit.

New Speaker:                  07:24                   So for all my sensory peeps out there, it’s just like getting a sense bar that smells delicious or going to Walmart and getting like one of the better home. I don’t really know what they’re called, but like the cheapo ones.

NiCole Easton:                 07:40                   Yeah. And I think they are called better homes.

New Speaker:                  07:42                   Okay. Quick Story. This week we were driving around. My husband saw that eight orchard hardware supply was shutting down, so we went in there and there was these melts in there. They were super cheap because it was closing down or whatever. Every single one is closing down.

New Speaker:                  08:03                   So we go to get the melts and my husband tries it and I’m say, “Oh this smells so good.” And yesterday he told me, “Babe, whatever those things are that you got, they burned our senci and they don’t even work. It’s like not even worth it. I’m throwing them all away.”

New Speaker:                  08:21                   Instead of saving $10, I wasted nine…

Brooke Elder:                   08:26                   There you go. So it’s all counterfeit… I mean, attraction marketing is creating this counterfeit lifestyle that is like, looks like it’s great, but it’s really, it’s not the full picture when you are authentic to who you are.

New Speaker:                  08:41                   You have this authentic look of look, even though my life is crazy and my kid may have not gotten dressed in three days and has marker on their face, it’s okay because I’m still running, you know?

NiCole Easton:                 08:55                   Yep. And that’s why I had such success once I started implementing these ideas is because people felt safe with me. Our listeners will learn how to build a community around that.

New Speaker:                  09:06                   But it’s not, it’s not that you go out and bash yourself, it’s that you find the right place to expose those parts of your life that make you relatable and make people want to follow you because they can accept who they are and become better at it the same time. It’s magic.

Brooke Elder:                   09:25                   Yeah, because you have a place where you can have that outlet and be vulnerable, you know?

New Speaker:                  09:33                   Brene Brown is huge on that vulnerability and not just having your very best self put forward, but your true, authentic self put forward.

New Speaker:                  09:44                   And if you’re struggling with something and you have to learn how to build this community around you and you can go and talk to them and say like, look, this is what we’re struggling with.

New Speaker:                  09:52                   This is what I’m doing. They’re there to help you and they will be there to support you. And that’s the amazing thing I’ve heard. There was another story, um, of an entrepreneur that he had was trying to like do this attraction marketing.

New Speaker:                  10:08                   And he was out there, you know, making everything look beautiful and all of that stuff…

New Speaker:                  10:12                   And finally he just got to this breaking point and he did a facebook live and talked about all of his problems and what he was going through it as mindset around being an entrepreneur because it’s hard sometimes, like this is not an easy thing and there’s a reason why people are okay just having a job because that’s way easier than being an entrepreneur.

Speaker 3:                        10:34                   But being an entrepreneur is definitely more rewarding. And so it’s, do you want the security of a job? Anyways, that’s a whole different topic.

New Speaker:                  10:41                   But when he was able to kind of be bolder about this, he said that’s really what his business took off because people related to him.

New Speaker:                  10:50                   And that’s what authentic influencer marketing is, is to be able to be relatable to other people because when you’re relatable, like just like, you know, like your neighbors and stuff, like you would go to them and ask for help.

New Speaker:                  11:03                   That’s what you want to be to your audience…

NiCole Easton:                 11:05                   Yeah. And it brings me to the other side of things. So while we’re fronting that this is how our life is and this is what happens when you join me and join my team.

New Speaker:                  11:17                   The other part is talking about results and things that the product brings and then just leaving out just enough so that you create curiosity, but really people just feel bamboozled.

New Speaker:                  11:29                   So that’s another whole level of attraction marketing that is making us fail, feel like failures feel like we aren’t being true to ourselves, feeling icky, all of…pissing people off basically. I mean, how many times have I hustled and like reached out to people and I’m secretly like pushing them away.

New Speaker:                  11:50                   Some people will tell you and that hurts, but how many people don’t say how you make them feel, you know, and like they wonder, “Oh, she’s changed all of that.”

New Speaker:                  11:58                   And you don’t want people that know who you truly are to think that you’ve changed when you’re trying to attract new people into your world.

Brooke Elder:                   12:04                   Right? Makes Sense. Yeah, because that’s what you’re taught to do is to build up that curiosity…

New Speaker:                  12:11                   But to build up that curiosity there’s a way that you can do it authentically and that’s actually brings us to how we can aim in our business today and how we can aim in our business today is this is something that we teach our clients and we say it all the time and so this is our like good, I guess, best kept secret you could say, and that’s in all of your posts and all of your marketing and everything that you do.

New Speaker:                  12:38                   You use a little thing that I call problem, agitate, solve. How many times do we say that NiCole?

NiCole Easton:                 12:45                   All the time and every time you say, agitate, I think about the agitation of the washing machine. It really has been an synonym for irritate…

Brooke Elder:                   12:54                   It kind of is.

Speaker 3:                        12:57                   So what you want to do is you want to think of a problem that you solve. So this could be a problem like that. Your product solves, your opportunity solves whatever that is, and you’re going to talk about that problem.

New Speaker:                  13:10                   You’re going to agitate that problem, which means you want to kind of like make it become apparent because what people do, especially if you’re hitting like something was down deep that people don’t want to talk about, especially when it comes to like, you know, money.

New Speaker:                  13:24                   when you’re talking about your opportunity or something that you’re trying to help them with to make more money that you talk about the problem and you got to agitate it because people are going to push that way down deep.

New Speaker:                  13:35                   If you start talking about that, people will say, “I have that, don’t worry, I’m not listening about that.”

New Speaker:                  13:39                   You know, and so when you agitate that, what that does is that brings it to the surface and they’re like, okay, I got this problem here, sitting in my hand, what do I do about it?

New Speaker:                  13:48                   And then you show them the solution and that that’s how you bring up the curiosity because the solution is not, “Buy my product,” it could be, “Hey, reach out to me. We can talk more about it.”

New Speaker:                  13:58                   That’s how you bring up the curiosity.

NiCole Easton:                 14:01                   Yeah, it’s way better than messaging somebody who you haven’t talked to since high school and you’ve since had babies and they don’t even know you have kids and you’re saying, what are all your problems like?

New Speaker:                  14:11                   Huge difference when people read or hear you talking about a problem and you’re agitating and solving it, not only are you making it their idea that they need help, you’re also making yourself a presence as somebody who has authority and is, you know, how some sort of value to bring that like they can a problem solver is somebody that you look to for advice and that you’re seeking out their expertise.

New Speaker:                  14:38                   And so it’s kind of flipping that on the lid, on its head, right? Instead of “You want me,” it is, “You want the information? I provide.”

Brooke Elder:                   14:48                   Exactly. And that’s really the basis of becoming an authentic influencer.

NiCole Easton:                 14:54                   I think we should give them an example, Brooke.

Brooke Elder:                   14:56                   An example?

NiCole Easton:                 14:57                   Yeah, a problem-agitate-solve. Because we can tell them what it is, but let’s come up with a way that we can take a problem, agitate it, and solve it.

New Speaker:                  15:07                   Actually you always use this example and then we’re not like just driving into one network marketing company, we’re going to use a general one and it’s just evidence that, and you know where I’m going, don’t you?

Brooke Elder:                   15:18                   Yep. I do.

NiCole Easton:                 15:20                   Okay. So there’s two things:getting those deep rooted rooted issues and making them surface and then also making an issue known and making them aware of an issue they didn’t know they had.

Brooke Elder:                   15:35                   My favorite example of this is how many of you have heard about the purple mattress? Thanks Nicole.

NiCole Easton:                 15:45                   It’s because you have one.

Brooke Elder:                   15:45                   I do have one and here’s the reason why I have one because they use problem, agitate, solve. So they, I was totally fine with a mattress that I had. It was great. I loved it.

New Speaker:                  15:57                   I knew that my mattress sucked before and so we got a really nice one. I loved my bed. It was great.

New Speaker:                  16:06                   But then I started seeing those darn purple mattresses and all of their commercials and they would talk about, “Oh, well did you know that your mattress does this, this and this?” And I’m like, “Oh, I had no idea.”

New Speaker:                  16:17                   Then I would see another one and it’s like, “Did you know that your mattress is only going to last this long?” I’m like, “Oh, I had no idea.”

New Speaker:                  16:24                   And I just kept having… the problem was agitating and agitating until…you know what? I bought a purple mattress.

NiCole Easton:                 16:31                   You did. And Are you glad that you did?

Brooke Elder:                   16:34                   Yes, I am. I’m very glad. So it was a problem that I have that I didn’t even know that I had and it made me take action.

NiCole Easton:                 16:40                   Yeah, that’s so awesome. And I bet you saw that ad more than once.

Brooke Elder:                   16:44                   Yes, I did. I saw it multiple times. Like it probably took me about six months. So think about like in your feed, if you are constantly talking about a problem, agitating it and saying, “Hey, I got the solution.” It doesn’t mean that you post at once and all of your 200 friends are going to be like, “Oh I need to buy your stuff.”

NiCole Easton:                 17:04                   Not to mention, they may not all see it because different people see different stuff in your feed at different times…

Brooke Elder:                   17:09                   Exactly. So, but if you’re consistent with your messaging and you follow this problem, agitate, solve, and it’s going to be a little weird at first and you might be like, “What?”

New Speaker:                  17:19                   So here’s another little tip to help you. If you make a list of all the problems that you could solve and then make a list of all the solutions and really just keep writing…

New Speaker:                  17:28                   When I do this for myself, I set a timer for 10 minutes and I just write even if I’m seeing the same things over and over, but I’m saying in different ways. Then when you go to make a post, you can just take your problems and your solutions and create a post from it.

NiCole Easton:                 17:42                   I think we should have our listeners do this exercise, make the list and then report to us in the comments or in a review of how many problems their opportunity or their product solves and I think that they’re going to feel really, really empowered through this exercise.

Brooke Elder:                   17:59                   Agreed. Agreed. And we’d love to see how many problems your opportunity or products can solve. By the way, this solves a very specific problem that marketers often have, which is they don’t know what to post. Boom.

New Speaker:                  18:15                   We just got you a year’s worth of posting right there…

NiCole Easton:                 18:18                   Seriously. Like you can and then you can mix it up and you can rotate through them and no one’s going to be like, oh, she’s always posting about that.

New Speaker:                  18:25                   No, when you have different solutions, and then they’re like, “Maybe I do need this,” you know?

New Speaker:                  18:32                   And when it’s their idea, you’re goings to have somebody approaching you in a totally different context than when you gave them the idea by trying to dig up their problems and then solving them in a creepy way.

Brooke Elder:                   18:43                   Yup, exactly. So we do have a giveaway for you if you go to socialtenacity.com/gift or https://upvir.al/59655/AIP  That you could go and get your free gift that we have for you there. Anything else that you want to add?

NiCole Easton:                 19:00                   I just think that this is a great opportunity for people to make a small shift in their business is going to make a huge difference in three weeks when they get to the end of the month or whatever their goal is and they’re going to see that this one change, help them get an extra two or three recruits this month.

New Speaker:                  19:16                   So I think that they should definitely share it with their team and if they’re a leader point people to this because it’s a great way to integrate training into what you’re already doing.

Brooke Elder:                   19:26                   Yup. Exactly. All right, well we will see you as all on the next episode. Thanks for tuning in. Bye.

Brooke Elder:                   19:34                   This was an episode of authentic influencer podcast. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. And most of all share this with your team. We’re on a mission to change spamming network marketers into authentic influencers.

Do You Have What it Takes?

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Brooke Elder:   00:01   When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bugged everyone you know we are on a mission to prove it doesn’t have to be that way. Welcome to the authentic influencer podcast where authenticity is king and prophet or a side effect. My name is Brooke Elder and I’m NiCole Easton. With over 20 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, we’ve helped thousands of women learned that being an authentic influencer is the key to success. Join US each week as we bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose driven business that is authentic to you.

NiCole Easton:  00:40  Hey, they’re authentic influencers. I am so excited to welcome you to this podcast. We are going to talk about what it takes today and so we are going to go into what does it take and what does it mean to be an authentic influencer. And each week we’re going to kind of have this like kind of format where we are going to teach a concept and then we’re going to challenge you to apply to your business. We may even have a giveaway or too involved

Brooke Elder:  01:08  Are you excited? Super excited about this because there’s so many different podcasts and audio books and all of these things that you can listen to. And at the end you’re like, well, that was great. I feel so good now. What? You don’t really know how to start really implementing that into your life and into your business and we don’t want this podcast to be that way. We want you to be able to leave every single episode with something that is tangible that you can do in your business every single week.

NiCole Easton:    01:46     And so we will talk. You’ll hear us talk a lot about bringing value and so we are not just going to be preaching it. We’re going to teach it and apply it to you, our listeners.

Brooke Elder:     02:00   Exactly. And so what this looks like is we’re going to give you authentic influence marketing tips. So we’re going to call them aim and show you how you can aim in your business and when you are aiming and your business, you are being authentic. You are creating that influence and your marketing in a way that you can feel good about, that you don’t feel like you’re spamming, you don’t feel like, oh, you’re just trying to sell somebody something. It won’t be any of that because you are staying authentic to who you are.

NiCole Easton:                    02:31                       And before I get into the content, Brooke, I’m going to go onto a little soap box right now. Okay? Go for it. Okay. Alright. So in network marketing, we are asked to do things that are uncomfortable, right? And in the name of personal development, we pushed through the uncomfortable. We pushed through those icky feelings. We push through the fear of rejection. We pushed through feeling just like we’re doing something out of and we are here to teach you that in some instances it is a personal development thing and fear can get in the way and things like that. But really, if you do that over and over and over again, and you aren’t being authentic to yourself, you lose yourself. And that’s where exhaustion, burnout, um, when you start quitting on yourself, that’s when all those things come into play because when you are being inauthentic influencer, it doesn’t feel like work and your heart just sinks exactly.

Brooke Elder:   03:37    Because when you want to, you want to have a business that you could do 24/7, talk about all the time and you would never get burned out. So if you’re doing things in your business right now where you’re like, oh, I hate X, Y, Z, maybe it’s reaching out to 20 people a day and messaging them, that was totally not me. And that’s something that my upline had told me that I needed to do. And I was like, oh, I just feel like you doing that. If there’s anything that anyone asks you to do in your business and you’re like, Ooh, I feel icky doing that. That’s because it’s inauthentic and it is not who you are. And that’s what makes you become the spammy Weirdo. And we’re on a mission to help people not be spamming Weirdos and become authentic influencers because you can be authentic to who you are.

NiCole Easton:    04:23     I feel like we have to like hold back some of the goodness because like I really want to talk about a million things. I’m not going to do that, but I will say that reaching out to people and doing that does work for some people. It does work because that’s authentic to who they are. That’s right. That’s why it works. Yeah. So you’ll hear us talk about this over and over and over again, and I will just. I’ll just give you guys a little sneak peek, but we don’t believe in duplication. We don’t believe in duplicating what has has maybe worked for someone else. We believe in replicating a process that helps you find what works for you. Right? Because it really is every single person like we’re all different. We all have been given different gifts, different talents. There’s no two people on this earth that are the same and because of that, if we’re trying to duplicate and become a copy of somebody else, we are being inauthentic to who we are.

Brooke Elder:   05:22  And when you do that, that’s when you come off Achy, you come off spammy, all of that. So when you have a replicatable system that helps people figure out what is special about them and how they can use that in their business, that is when you see success and that’s awesome. And I know that we kind of planned this out a little bit and you were going to talk about tenacity and grit, but I feel like we’re already on the wavelength. So I’m just going to talk about mission and purpose. You know, that strength is my jam, but we’ll talk about it. So there’s no reason to like turn to the left. Let’s just stay in this. And then burke, you can talk about tenacity and grit because tenacity is your middle name. Yes it is. And when I met you, it was something that I didn’t have, but we’ll talk more about that and I’m just, I’m just so excited to hear your perspective, but onto strengths and mission and purpose.

NiCole Easton:   06:14    So all those words, while they seem synonymous, they actually each serve have a different definition. And I’m going to talk about each thing. When I was like knee deep in motherhood, I was in the trenches. I had left behind this awesome job as a digital marketer. I was in automotive, digital marketing, and I created my own position because I fell so in love with the marketing training and systems process that I kind of created my own job and showed a dealership owner that he needed me. And he agreed and he kept me for four years. So until I had babies. But along the way of having babies, about four or five years into motherhood, I had three young children. I was in a small group and we went through this thing called strength finder. I am a huge fan and I probably won’t ever stop talking about it.

NiCole Easton:     07:08  So you might as well get used to it now, but I will point you to some resources later. We’ll probably do a whole show on strengthsfinder. But basically I discovered what my strengths were and it was kind of a moot point for me because I didn’t have a business at the time I was just a mom, but I recognize that my mission, my strength wasn’t. My mission was to raise babies at home and be barefoot and pregnant, but it wasn’t in line with my strength. And so I really needed to craft this message of a new mission and kind of figure out like, okay, what are my strengths and how do I serve the world and how do I show up and make a difference. And so if that’s you and you feel like you’ve lost yourself, I mean we all go through it. We’ve had jobs maybe that we went to college for that we subscribe to and we’re like, I’m going to be in your casebook, a teacher, right?

NiCole Easton:    07:58 And I’m going to put all my eggs in that basket and I’m going to school and I’m doing it and I’m going to get a tenure. And you got there and you’re like, oh, this isn’t as satisfying as I hoped. And so in the midst of motherhood and jobs in circumstances, we tend to lose ourselves. So how do we get back ourselves, our mission and our purpose? You have to dig deep and sometimes you’re feeling depleted and so you have to look out to get that information. Would you like to hear how I did it? I would love to hear. So just to give you guys some practical strategies on how to kind of discover your mission. Some of you may know what it is, but since everybody’s at a different place, I’m just going to start at the entry level and then we can talk about expanding that. Um, when I was challenged with, with the idea of finding my mission, I kind of had to start from scratch. And what I did was I went on my facebook page. I was super vulnerable, being vulnerable and like

NiCole Easton:    08:54  Putting myself out there is pretty much second nature to me. So if it’s not, this may be a challenge for you, but I encourage you, this is one of those things that you do want to push through. I just asked the question, when you think about me, what’s a word that comes to mind? I’m doing some research and that kind of thing. I’m doing some research, kind of broke the ice and it made it seem like, you know, not seem like. But it helps people know I’m not just trying to like, did fishing for compliments. Exactly. Thank you. Fishing for compliments. I’m. But I got some great feedback and it was like they didn’t just have one word, they had multiple words and they really were the root of who I am and I, I didn’t know that people saw me for who I truly was.

NiCole Easton:  09:32   And so that was a really big eyeopener for me. In addition with knowing what my strengths were through the strengthsfinder test, um, I really started to discover who I was and what I was doing and I’m in my network marketing company. I had this amazing testimony that really drove what was part of my why, right? I was going to save people from where I was at, but once I started digging into that and going through the steps that a marketer goes through to do market research and all of that, I discovered that like, well, my story was something in my why was something. It wasn’t what was going to drive me longterm. And so crafting that was really pivotal in me even having a business. So I really think that this is the first step and the most crucial step in somebody’s building in discovering what they can do and not feel tired or have, you know.

Brooke Elder:    10:25   Exactly. It’s all about getting that clarity about yourself. And we were just talking about this the other day about clarity in what, like it really means to have clarity and the definition. I’m clearly like the equation. You could say it’s capacity, so whatever your capacity is, all of those gifts, talents, things that you have minus contamination equals clarity. So you have to get rid of this contamination. So if you think about like a pond or a puddle of water and you stir it up, there’s going to be lots of dirt and things like that in it and you’re not going to be able to see through it. You don’t have that clarity and that’s what our life is like. There are so many crazy things that are happening. You know, we’re running from here to there to soccer practice, to karate, to I gotta make dinner and I got to take this one to dance and you know, all of these crazy mom things.

Brooke Elder:  11:14     Or maybe you’re just super crazy with your business and you have a full time job and you’re trying to run your network marketing company or starting another side Gig or whatever it is. We have all of these things that bring up this contamination in our life and so it makes it really hard for us to be clear in what our mission is. And what you did, Nicole was you asked other people to look in because the thing is when other people look at us, they don’t have that contamination there are able to see our capacities. That’s it.

NiCole Easton:    11:41    Really our mission comes from our strengths, talents and our experiences and that’s kind of what makes it up. And um, it reminds me that another thing that you can do is you can ask people, I’m sorry, not as people, but you can ask yourself what people ask you about. Like where do people come to you, advice about you. I know it’s hard to think of it when you’re in a, when your mindset isn’t there, but really we’re the shell answer man on something, right? Somebody looks to us as the authority in some area and how do we, how do we build upon that? How do we, how can we build a platform just based on these, these little things? And you might just be having an Aha moment right now, people may come to you and ask about like eating right or, um, maybe how you dress or makeup or something like that. And we want to make sure that whatever you’re doing right now is in, is aligned with that, right Brooke.

Brooke Elder:   12:36    Exactly. And we can show you how to take those things that you are passionate about and you can actually create a whole business around it, you know, and when you do that, that’s when you are authentic to who you are. And that’s when you’re really going to take off.

NiCole Easton:   12:50   Well, I can’t wait to tell them about our little freebie that we have to give them to help them execute this. But I know that I’m tenacity has been a really big part of your journey. In fact, you named your company after tenacity and I would just love for you to share your insight because I feel like when the rubber meets the road, we can have a mission and purpose, but if we don’t have tenacity and Grit…

Brooke Elder:    13:16  Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And I named my company social tenacity. And when I did that, I picked the word tenacity because I thought, wow, t his is kind of a cool word, you know, and, and I loved the meaning behind it of someone who is like, no matter what happens, we’re going to push through and they’re going to come out tramping. And so the more and more that I have studied this and studied other entrepreneurs and read books about other entrepreneurs’ lives exceed this thread of tenacity all the way through. I mean, you think of anyone that you look up to you. It could be maybe an Olympic athlete, it could be one of your best friends that had something horrible happen to them and they’ve come out the other side, a better person because of it. This is having tenacity. It’s taking the things that have happened to us and making ourselves better.

Brooke Elder:     14:07   When we come out the other side. It’s not giving up when hard things happen. And that’s the biggest thing because maybe if you didn’t know, newsflash, you’re going to have hard times in your life, 100 percent guaranteed, guaranteed. And it’s going to be in your personal life is going to be in your business, like things are going to happen there. There’s never going to be a time where you’re like, everything is just rainbows and Unicorns, you know, maybe like for a split second, but then there’s going to be things that come up and it all is about your attitude and the tenacity that you have to look at that problem and be like, okay, where do we go from here? And you can train yourself. This is one thing that I have worked on really hard to do is when things break and when things don’t work, I get really

Brooke Elder:   14:52   excited about it because you can either get mad or let it shut you down and be like, oh no, like this is gonna ruin everything. I’m a failure. I’m a failure. Totally for what you can do is you can be like, yes, I hit a roadblock. That means I get to create a new system so this won’t happen again and I get a move on and not have to worry about that again. So really it’s not about like falling and getting back up, it’s about changing direction, right? Something comes in the way and you just make an adjustment.

NiCole Easton:   15:24   And it’s interesting like one of the things that, that entrepreneurship can feel kind of lonely and while we have this, we may in our network marketing company have this big team around us only we really know and maybe our closest friends, maybe not even our upline, but maybe a sideline sister or something, they know the struggles we go through and we don’t really have a safe place to talk about it. A nd so we can tend to feel like a failure and not make an adjustment, but the difference between a wantrepreneur, somebody who wants to be an entrepreneur and a real entrepreneur who gets results are the people that can pull up their bootstraps and make an adjustment. And usually they need a coach or someone to walk alongside them to help them see that they’re on the right track. They just need to make an adjustment. And that leads us to support, right? Yeah. It’s amazing when you have someone that can see that 30,000 foot view and be like, oh, I see where you are, I see where you’re going, and yes, this may be a little pitfall, but if you keep going on this path, this is what you’re going to achieve at the end and it’s just like having like a health coach that’s going to help you through maybe a weight loss journey.

Brooke Elder:   16:31  That’s something that I think everyone can kind of relate to you. Like a plateau would be a really good example.

NiCole Easton:16:36  Like if you’re doing everything they say and you hit a plateau, you’re going to look to your coach to help you make an adjustment. So maybe you go and do a fast or something to help get you past the plateau because when you’re on a plateau, even in your business, it can lead to total discouragement. You know,

Brooke Elder:  16:52   Even like I’m going back to athletes, like even people who play in the NBA, it’s not that they just have like the one coach that you see, like the head coach, they have multiple coaches, they have a nutrition coach, they have a shooting coach, they have all these other coaches that help them. So even though they’re playing at this elite level, it’s actually like the more that you move up to become to that elite level, the more you have to surround yourself by people who are smarter than you are.

NiCole Easton:   17:22   And it’s not just the MBA. Brook don’t discriminate. I’m pretty sure the NFL and mlb have this. Yeah. Well, you know me, I love my Utah Jazz. So yeah, you’re a little obsessed, let’s be honest. But it’s football season. So if we left out the football players and you know, um, but anyways, this is going to be a timeless episodes. So it doesn’t matter what season of sports it is, it all applies. And so it’s funny, the majority of our audience was probably, but men, we want to let you know, we see you, we see you. We’re not going to leave you out some sports in there every once in a while. So I’m talking about the support. So the coaches a coach is a great thing and I hope that we can be that to our listeners, like I hope that we can bring that value, but in addition to our listeners listening to us, they can listen to each other and an important part of building an awesome business and being successful in a business that you own and is having a community around you.

NiCole Easton:  18:20   Right? And I think that’s what attracts a lot of us to network marketing is that it’s not just, it’s not just they say you’re not in business, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. And the community that happens there is, feels like a camaraderie, feels like a girl’s cover, a boys club. It just feels like you’re all in there with one purpose and one mission, which drives me back to the fact that we can’t have the same mission as everybody and stand out in the marketplace. And um, so building a community around you of people that maybe are in the same place of you but are not trying to do the same thing as you is so powerful.

Brooke Elder:   19:00  Exactly. Well, Nicole, why don’t you tell our listeners how they can aim in their business today.

NiCole Easton: 19:07  Okay. So our homework for you today is for you to write a mission statement. So I want you to take some of the tips I talked about when I was talking about mission and about, um, things to ask yourself and things to ask others. And then we want you to share your mission. I think there’s one thing to write it down, but then there’s that breaking through and actually putting yourself out there and saying, this is what I’m about. This is what I want to do. This is how I want to serve others and show up in the world. So how are they going to be able, what tools are we giving them to help them accomplish this aim?

Brooke Elder: 19:42    So first thing is we’re not going to leave you stranded out there and be like, how do I want to start a mission statement? We have a Freebie for you, it’s you can get it by going to socialtenacity.com/mission and that will give you a walkthrough of how to put through, how to put together a mission statement. Once you have that put together, this is where you’re going to take that next step, maybe be a little tenacious, step out of your comfort zone just a little bit and we want you to leave us a review with your mission statement and that way you are putting it out there to the world. This is me, this is what I’m trying to accomplish and can show others that, you know, you learned something today, that week and we are going to go through everyone’s mission statements in the reviews and we are going to pick a winner. And what are they going to win the goal.

NiCole Easton:    20:36   Oh my gosh, this is so exciting. I’m so glad that we have the opportunity to offer this to people because I just had my purpose call, like I knew what my purpose was. But having that call and actually articulating it was so exciting. So we are going to give you what are the clients in our program experience for free. The person that wins this, anybody can win. It doesn’t matter like there’s no pass or fail. It’s just like you put yourself out there, you tried, you are going to get a chance to get to purpose call. And what that is is we have our purpose coach and she gets on the phone with you in about within about 30 to 45 minutes she can nail down your very purpose, your calling, your mission and all of that just by asking you a few key questions. It’s her expertise to do that.

Brooke Elder:   21:24   She’s very, very gifted in what she does and it really is amazing and a lot of the things I had my purpose call actually yesterday and when we went through everything, like I felt like I knew what my purpose and my mission was, but to have someone to be able to articulate exactly what your mission is, who you are and can just like almost like c down to your soul and be like, here’s your gifts and talents that you were born with. And this is what you’re supposed to do with them. It’s amazing.

NiCole Easton:    21:53   Yeah, it’s exciting. I’m so excited that we get to share that with someone. One lucky one, lucky listener, right?

Brooke Elder:    22:01    So make sure you go to socialtenacity.com/mission. Download the worksheet, fill it out, and then posted as a review and we are going to go through and we’ll do it in about a week. So you have about a week to do it. Then you will pick the winner and we’ll announce the winner of who gets the purpose call. So that way you can have a very clear vision. There’s no contamination there. You’ll know exactly what your capacity is.

NiCole Easton:    22:31   So let me just recap really quick what we talked about today. So we are trying to discover, do we have what it takes to be an authentic influencer? So the first thing is mission. The second thing is tenacity. Are we going to do we have the stick-it-to-it to get through the hard stuff and then do we have the support that we need, the community and the support that we need. Maybe even a coach to help us be authentic and show up as our true selves in business.

Brooke Elder:    22:59   Exactly, so don’t forget to do your aim today and we will see you at all on our next episode.

Brooke Elder: 23:05    This was an episode of authentic influencer podcasts. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t. Don’t miss an episode, and most of all, share this with your team. We’re on a mission to change spammy network marketers into authentic influencers.

What It Means To Be An Influencer…

When it comes to building a business online, we are surrounded with the idea that the only way to be successful is to hustle our way to the top and bug everyone you know we are on a mission to prove it doesn’t have to be that way.

Welcome to the Authentic Influencer Podcast where authenticity is king and prophet or a side effect. My name is Brooke elder and I’m Nicole Easton.

With over 20 years experience in direct sales and digital marketing, we’ve helped thousands of women learned that being an authentic influencer is the key to success.

Join us each week as we bring you new ideas of strategies and tips on how to build a purpose driven business that is authentic to you. Brooke Elder: Hey, welcome to the authentic influence podcast. Nicole Easton: Brooke, you’re not excited to be here, are you?

Brooke Elder: Uhh maybe just a little. This is like, I am so excited. We have been waiting for this moment for so long. We have had so many different brainstorming ideas and great things and ideas that we want to bring to you and share with you to help you build your business.

This is really bad and like six months in the working.

Nicole Easton: Yeah, I’m. I’m just so excited to reach more people and just share this message that just brings so much hope and profit and just a new look on business.

Brooke Elder: Exactly. there are so many people out there that are telling you that you need to do this, you need to do that. You have to hustle, you have to work 24 slash seven, all of this to build a successful business and you actually really don’t have to. Nicole Easton: Yeah, I know. I mean working hard does work, but you get to the end of it, like you’ve hit this huge goal and then you’re like, how do I keep asking? How do I keep this up? Like how do I keep doing this and not lose my mind?

Brooke Elder:Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So we are here to help you with that. So no fear. We are here. Oh, that was a good one. Drug. You’re on one today. I’m just excited. This is a great data recorded a podcast.

Nicole Easton: I’m so excited too, so I just can’t wait to hear from our listeners and just see if they think we’re as great as we think we are. Brooke Elder: First for you guys that are listening, we want to kind of introduce ourselves and let you know our background and where we come from and where really we’re here to help you. So, Nicole, you want to start?

Nicole Easton: Sure. Um, my name is Nicole Easton. I am a recovering spammy Weirdo. Um, I joined a network marketing company after being at home as a stay at home mom for five years and leaving a job in automotive, digital marketing that I actually loved.

I created a position for myself and um, I was a kind of a big deal in this space. I took notice I was in print and um, I really had a lot of passion for systems and helping.

I love training salespeople and selling cars through the Internet and then how all the marketing side of it worked and it just, it really, it was a passion in me that I didn’t know I had an, I kind of broke into it. I’m on my own and it was just really fun and I missed it a lot in motherhood. I’ve, I felt like I lost a lot of my purpose and just my identity because I thought that motherhood was going to be the end all be all and it turns out it’s wonderful.

But, I was kind of squandering some of my gifts and talents along the way…

Brooke Elder: Well, and you’re being a little modest. Tell him where you’ve been featured.

Nicole: Oh, okay. So, um, I had some really big campaigns and I worked a lot with Ebay and stuff…

I have been featured in Wall Street Journal and Forbes Dot Com and I’m just have been asked to share my input a lot about some digital marketing strategies that I implemented that were kind of cutting edge at the time.

Brooke Elder: So we’re talking like circa 2011 here. Nicole Easton: Yeah. But the truth is, is that not much has changed and there’s a whole segment of people that don’t even adopt digital marketing. And it’s interesting because as a network marketer, I worked my network marketing business for a year without even considering this piece.

It seems like network marketers are the ones that are like kind of in the dust on this, like everybody else’s adapted digital marketing.

But somehow the network marketing industry just has a lot of catching up to do and I’m excited because we get to help them get there.

Brooke Elder: Exactly. Yup. Well, and that’s really my passion. I. So I started in network marketing company, a business myself and same kind of stories, Nicole. I was a stay at home mom and I was going a little bit crazy. I remember saying to my friends like, how many times can you clean your house? Like I need to do something. And I’m sure that’s why a lot of people join network marketing is because it’s something that they can do that they feel like they have this community outside your kids.

I mean kids are awesome and wonderful and we love our children to death. But sometimes you need some adult interaction and network marketing is a great place to kind of get that.

So I started in network marketing and I couldn’t go out and build the traditional way really, like facebook was just barely getting started and stuff, so social media wasn’t really a big thing, but my upline and everyone was telling me to do parties, do furs on shows like get out there and one I was very, very, very introverted so that was hard for me to deal.

And two, I had two little kids at the time and my husband was working nights so I really didn’t have, I didn’t have much watch, my kids would, couldn’t do the traditional ways, so that’s when I looked into online marketing and how to market my business online and there really wasn’t a lot. Like there’s so much information now, but back then there wasn’t. So I kind of blazed that trail of how do you market a network marketing business online?

And the only thing out there was this is how you market your business, like a traditional business. Right.

Those are the things that I learned throughout doing all that. I actually created my own company that was a web developing a digital marketing company and I ran marketing campaigns and stuff like that for other companies and businesses, like all kinds of businesses, not just network marketers but just brick and mortars and.

Nicole Easton: Exactly. Okay. Cool. Yeah, and help them build all of that up. And then, uh, about a year ago I sold that business and it’s been awesome because I learned so much and I really saw a need for, like you were saying that network marketers, they, they have all of these great ideas and it seems that people are taking old school ways that used to work in the eighties and nineties and they’re trying to apply that to their network marketing business now, but they’re trying to apply it in an online world that it just, it makes you come off spammy. It like posting, there’s like there’s tons of different formulas, you know, like the three, three, three and all of that kind of stuff, you know. And those things are just ways that don’t really work in. They’re not authentic.

That’s the biggest thing. I think you left a big part of your story out wreck and I’m your friend so I’m going to help you. You failed to mention that you had 10,000 consultants in a little superstar university that you created online.

Brooke Elder: Can you talk a little bit about that? I’m training my team. I’m all about systems and that’s one thing that you don’t really learn in network marketing because you’re applying probably doesn’t have that. Those systems. She’s probably tied to her phone just as much as you are.

Nicole Easton: And so I’m all about systems and how can I create something that can do the job, but I can walk away and I created an online university for all of my new recruits that would sign up and it would walk them through how to build their business. And you know, I am not selfish. I’m not going to just keep it just to my team. So I opened it up to my entire company and within three months I had 10,000 consultants using my training center and using it for their teams and everything like that.

Brooke Elder: So you’ve always been an entrepreneur, but um, I, I feel like this was kind of that deciding moment that was like, am I going to do this for a few people that are in my world and then help all these other people or can I make it my full time job to do this part? Because that was the part you fell in love with. Right?

Nicole Easton: Exactly. Yeah, it was the trainings and the systems and showing people that there is a different way. And I loved, loved, loved doing it for my team, but I felt like I was playing on such a small scale when I could do something bigger and that’s when I started social tenacity because I saw this need for more than just the consultants on my team and in my company. But network marketing as a whole needed what I had to offer and we see it with our clients all the time. They are craving this. And I’m so glad that you took the initiative and that you, you basically went on a little lemon, did something that nobody else was doing and just, you know, took a chance.

Brooke Elder: And I’m so grateful that you did that and I know that there are hundreds of women that are grateful for you for taking that step to do that. It’s crazy to think just making one decision how much it can affect not just your life, but hundreds of other people’s lives.

That’s probably a reason why a lot of our listeners join network marketing companies because they loved the product and they saw the great things that either the opportunity or the product code that they caught the vision. Right? Nicole Easton: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Um, it’s really neat, brook, because for me, like once I met you and even our clients, um, they catch the vision of bringing something to the marketplace and like having something to offer and doing something that is bigger and reaches more people and it’s just really neat to see how a heart mission and just a passion can be monetized and how a network marketing company can, that model can come alongside that and support that.

So I’m excited to share that with our listeners. It’s going to be great. Well, why don’t you talk a little bit about like what our mission is with our podcast.

Brooke Elder: Yes. So we are so excited and we want you guys to share this with the people in your world and the community and on your team because we want to take what we’re doing in our business. I’m in the, within the quote unquote four walls of our business virtually, um, and kind of create this, this new culture of network marketing where we can be real and supportive and talk about the hard stuff and kind of work through it and really put together a strategy that are going to overcome the things that are hard and like, you know, you’re not supposed to talk about in your network marketing circles because they kind of like muddy the water, right?

Like you don’t want to be the bad apple and I’m not talking about negativity. I’m talking about real struggle and like getting real about it because we do in private conversations with our sidelines and stuff like that.

Nicole Easton: But this is a safe place or we can talk about, it doesn’t matter what company you’re with. We can talk about the real real and figuring out how to, how to approach it in a different way because I think isn’t what marketers we all have that kind of icky feeling inside of us and well, leadership and mindset tells us like, oh, just just, just push through it, just push through it. It really never leaves us and so I feel like that discontentedness and that kind of struggle that was in me is what forced me to look at doing it a different way and kind of going back to my roots and figuring that out and so I want to give people permission and a place that they feel safe outside of their company and their team.

Brooke Elder: Awesome. I love that. And the other thing that we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be teaching you different from what like be quote unquote gurus are teaching and there’s a lot of them are teaching, like I said, those network marketing tactics that just don’t work anymore and they’re applied to this digital world.

That just. It just doesn’t quite work. And so if any of you have ever tried some of those tactics and you’re like, you know what, this just makes me feel like a spammy Weirdo, you know, and I, I do not want to be like that. We’re going to teach you a different way. We’re going to teach you different ways to take your digital marketing strategies and we’re going to apply those into your network marketing business.

So things that work across the board, not just in network marketing, it doesn’t matter what you’re in, it doesn’t matter what market you’re in, things that are tried and true, that work and how you can apply those things into your business every single day.

Nicole Easton: I think that as network marketers, we totally struggled with the fact that is the market saturated, right? And, um, when we talk about saturation, um, the truth is, is that maybe it’s not saturated in the particular company that you’re in, but you’re not just in competition with all the people that sell what you sell.

You’re in competition with every network marketer. And we can take it. We can take it down to a granular level where were like, okay, you’re in competition with every network marketer, but then maybe you’re just in competition with the people in your niche like health and wellness, or maybe you’re just in competition with nutritional companies, or maybe you’re just in competition with your exact company, but this takes out the saturation factor. Brooke Elder: It literally removes it because you can figure out a way to market yourself and what you want to bring to the world and its own unique way. Will you eliminate competition and saturation is no longer an issue. And so I’m excited to help people see that.

Nicole Easton: Well, it feels like it’s saturated because it Kinda is. There’s a way to break through that and the way to do that is to become an authentic influencer and that’s why we named the Pio podcasts, authentic influence or podcasts because we want you to take what is authentic to you and turn that into your business.

And an influencer is, it’s different than what you think of an influencer.

Brooke Elder: Totally. We were talking about this earlier today. Um, when we think of influencer in this marketplace, we think of the girl on instagram that has like all the followers, the perfect photos like her hat is just like so, and they’re all the filters perfect. And on point in every picture and SAS company approaches her and says, hey, you’re influential like you have all these followers. Here’s a product of mine. I want you to push it.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna kick you down some cash and I want you to, um, to promote this product.

But what we want to teach you guys to do is be an influencer where people follow you and take your advice and you are, you are sharing with them the opportunity to engage more with you and to get into your world and subscribe to what you’re doing.

Not Get paid to subscribe to what someone else is doing. And that is the biggest difference in what we’re teaching. We’re not teaching you how to like, how to hustle and, you know, push somebody else’s products. We’re going to teach you how to push you own thing and without being pushy.

Nicole Easton: Actually, ironically, and we’ve been asked this question a lot, like sometimes when you join your network marketing company, there are people that join just because they’re like, hey, I can make money of this.

Sure, let me do it, and that’s totally fine. That’s really fine, but most of the time they had this like ulterior motive of like I just want to help people.

Recruiting and selling is something that comes secondary. Like yes, that is something that will help, but really all I want to do is help people and it’s when you have that heart centered business, network marketing especially what your upline’s teaching you or your companies teaching you sometimes that isn’t really.

They try to make it hard centered but it’s really hard to make it personalized heart centered.

Brooke Elder: So that’s what really an authentic influence or you’re saying like when you are approaching someone and you’re like, I really want to help them and you’re like, okay, do you suffer with this, this and this and oh my gosh, I have the perfect solution and all of a sudden they feel like they’ve been bamboozled and like you, you wanted to get to know me and now you’re just trying to capitalize on my. My misfortune is basically. And the thing that we want to teach is how to share something where it’s beneficial in you’re bringing value to people, even without them giving something back to you.

And unfortunately to meet our goals and network marketing, sometimes we have to like really push and we’re going for that sale or we’re looking for that recruit and we’re going to talk about what it looks like if you are really striving not just to meet your goals but to fulfill the mission.

And so what is your mission and how do you find that? And once you find that, that’s really where you can create a purpose driven business because it is your, your whole business is driven by your purpose.

Whatever your mission is, that’s why you always hear so many people talk about like, find your wife, find your why. And I went to many conventions and that flipped they were telling us to do and I would write down what my why is my why. Like they say it needs to be deep. And I think finding your why is important, but really understanding like your life mission and what your mission is about. That is the thing that’s going to drive you to build a purpose driven business.

Because when things get hard, because they will, when things don’t work, because they’re going to stop working. One thing that you tried two months ago may not work now. Like that’s just how business is.

The world’s evolving and that’s just how life happens.

But if you have your mission and your purpose and what you’re really about and what you’re really trying to achieve and that’s so ingrained in you, then you’re going to come out triumphant every single time and it never feels like work.

Brooke Elder: Does it? Never. That’s the beauty of it. Yeah. I’m so excited to show this things. We have so much to share. I just sitting here talking to you and recognizing like, I think we can do like 10 podcasts right now. No sweat. So much to talk about, right? So much to talk about.

So you all need to join us again for our next podcast because we are just really barely scratching the surface of everything that we are going to be talking to you about over the next few episodes.

Nicole Easton: Brooke, I am so excited for you to have an outlet to share your passion about personal development.

I feel like there’s a lot of people out there that are sharing personal development and they’re giving you all the warm and fuzzies, but you are the master of practical application.

And I think that people just by simply listening to this podcast, um, and maybe that’s their only interaction with us, they are going to get loads and loads of value and they’re going to leave, leave different because they listen to you talk and I’m so excited for you to share that with the world. Brooke Elder: Well, the thing is with personal development, like you said, most people are out there. They’re going to make you feel really good and then they’re going to people like, have you ever been to a convention?

Something like that. And you have this motivational speaker and you’re like, that was so awesome. I feel so great. And they’re like, well, what did you learn to like, I know, but they’re like, okay, great. Well how are you going to feel awesome every single day I’m going to just gonna to listen to them because how do you recreate that hype? Right?

And it’s because people are really good about creating the hype, but I’m all about, okay, let’s create hype. Let’s make you feel good personal development, all of that.

But let me show you how you can apply that into your life every single day. So every single day you’re like, today is awesome. Nicole Easton: Oh my gosh, Brooke, I think you can truly inspire that and I cannot wait to see the reviews roll in about like, wow, I implemented one thing today and it made a huge difference.

So this is just the beginning of our journey and I just hope and pray that we will reach the people that are meant to hear this and that they will engage and they will let us know what they think and we really want to serve.

And so I think it’s really important that the people that come in contact with his podcast, that they give us feedback and then they leave a review and that they just let us know like, this is what I want to hear about because we really want to serve the needs of those in our, in our influence, in our realm, and teach other people how to do the same thing. Because I think when we thought of this podcast, when we dreamed of it, it really was in response to what we feel like people need and what we’ve heard from our clients and from the people that we interact with in business, and so it’s time to go.

Let’s do this…

Brooke Elder: Yep, exactly. So if you enjoyed this intro podcast, make sure that you share, you leave us a review, and we also have something very special for you so you can go to social tenacity.com/gift https://socialtenacity.com/, and we have a free gift for you.

Awesome. I, I know that thing is full of value, so you guys run over there and get that and you’ll be in the loop with everything going on over here at the Authentic Influencer Podcast.

All right, awesome. We’ll see you guys later. Bye. This was an episode of authentic influencer podcast. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. And most of all share this with your team. We’re on a mission to change many network marketers into authentic influence.

How to NEVER have Decision Remorse

What 90% of Network Marketers don’t get about building their business

Hey, everyone. It has been a while since I came into this group, and I have been thinking a lot about what are some of the things that you need help with? What are some of the things that you’re struggling with?

When I was looking through what people have been asking questions about, what people have been messaging me about, I found that 90% of network marketers don’t understand this about their business, and that’s a lot of people who don’t understand this.

So I wanted to teach this concept to you today, about what you’re not getting about building your business. Maybe it’s that you are trying to get recruits, or you’re not getting the customers, or you’re not getting the sales you want.

My guess is that it’s because of this one thing, and what this one thing is is you caring about your numbers and yourself instead of caring about bringing value to others.

I had someone ask me, “What is the best Facebook post that I can put together, so that way I can get a recruit?” I thought, “Okay, that’s a great question,” and you may be thinking, “Oh, I wonder what that is, too.” But here’s the thing: You’re coming at it at a totally different perspective than you need to be, because it’s not about, “What is it that I can do to get a recruit? What is it that I can do to get a customer?” That’s not what this is all about.

When we’re building a business, especially when we really are passionate about the products or the opportunity and we really believe that this can help other people, my guess is that’s the reason why you joined your company in the first place. Maybe you tried the products and it was awesome and amazing and you loved it. So you decided that you wanted to share that opportunity with others.

We need to get back to that place of where we want to serve other people, because it’s not about us. It’s not about how many recruits we have. It’s not about how many customers we have. It’s about how many people we are helping and how much value we are bringing.

So, instead of thinking, “What is the perfect Facebook post so I could get customers?”, instead, the question you should be asking is, “What can I post today that’s going to bring value to my community?”

So let’s say you have a Facebook group, and you’ve been building this Facebook group up. Maybe it’s a VIP group that you have, or maybe it’s just a Facebook group that you put together of people who are interested in maybe your products or your opportunity. Instead of thinking, “What can I post in that group today so that way they’ll reach out to me?”, think, “What can I post today that I can bring value to them? How can I show up in my Facebook group or on my Facebook page or in my business? What can I do today to bring value to those that I am engaging with or reaching out to?”

This doesn’t even have to be on social media. This could be at a party. Let’s say you have a party booked tonight, and, instead of thinking, “Oh, how many customers can I get? I wanna have a $1000 party.” You’re always focusing on the numbers, instead, if you go into that party of, “I want to bring value to every single person who comes to this party today,” and that’s your focus, you’re going to do so much better, because here’s the secret: When your heart is in a place that all you want to do is bring value to others, then the recruits come.

The customers come, because they’re attracted to you, because they see that your heart is really where it’s supposed to be, because you’re not out to sell them. You’re not out to be that spammy weirdo network marketer that just wants people to join and that people are gonna be like, “Oh.” You go to a party and people are like, “Oh, I don’t wanna go and see that person, ’cause I know they’re gonna talk to me about their business and all of that.”

You probably have friends that are like that or have experienced that. I know I have. There are some people that I’m like, “Oh, I don’t even wanna talk to that person, ’cause all they’re gonna do is talk about their network marketing business and how I should join it, and I just don’t wanna listen to that.”

But, instead, if you show up as, “How can I bring value to others?” and you show up saying, “I’m here to help you”. Helping them could be through your products or your service or through your opportunity. All of those things could be ways that you can help them and bring value, but you need to bring them value in other ways, too.

Let’s say that you are in doTerra. There’s lots of ways that you can bring value, because the products are ways to help people get healthy. Right? They’re to help them with certain ailments that they have.

So you can give them other suggestions besides just oils that can help them.
Maybe with the oils, maybe there’s other home remedies that you could teach them how to do to help them. Maybe it’s to make … I think it’s called a poultice or something. That’s a really old, like olden days, kind of thing that you could teach them how to make. Just search on Pinterest. There’s tons of great ideas on Pinterest.

So let’s talk about Usborne Books. How are you going to bring value? I love Usborne Books. My kids love them. We read them all the time. You think about who your target audience is, and I bought a ton of books when my kids were little, because I loved all those touchy-feely books. So you talk about the benefits of why not only is it important to read with your children, but set up a schedule for them to help them, so that way you can read with them.

One of the things that I am doing is family reading time. Today was my kid’s first day of school, and so I talked to him this morning. I said, “Okay, you’re going to have a family reading time,” ’cause all my kids have to read for 20 minutes. Did you know… Okay, I’m totally gonna get these numbers wrong, but the concept is gonna be right. So I think it was the average elementary school child reads four or five books a year or something like that, where the average adult reads maybe one a year.

So our children are reading so much more than adults are, and so one of the things that we’re implementing into our family is that we are having family reading night. Every night, we are having 20 minutes family reading time, where we all are gonna sit down and read together.

I did not grow up in a household that was big on reading, and I actually was behind in reading. I wasn’t the greatest reader, and I hated to read. The first book I ever read all the way through, I was in fourth grade, and now I used to teach first grade. Seeing that there were kids that in first grade that were reading chapter books, that was not me. But it was because it just wasn’t part of the culture, and you can talk about things like that.

Talk about your experiences and little things that you’re doing to get kids to read. So it doesn’t have to be about Usborne Books. But, even if they have little kids, you can talk about how important it is to spend that time and how they can get that tactile whatever by feeling all of the books and things like that.

The other thing with older kids with Usborne Books, they have great series, and it’s really hard to find a good series for kids. So you can recommend different books or series. Maybe you do a Facebook Live once a week and you take a certain age group, like you’re gonna say, “Okay, from third to sixth grade, these are gonna be awesome books, and I’m gonna” … You can talk about books that Usborne sells and ones that they don’t.

So if I was a mom and I’m trying to start this whole reading club for my kids, I would come to you and be like, “Okay, what are some things that I can do?” So that’s what I would do with Usborne.

With Sseko Designs, I love, I love Sseko Designs and the things that you guys are doing there. So you can talk about how important it is to help other women, and not only in your community, but how you can really reach out to people who are in other countries. One of the things that I think about is I always wanted to have some like an organization or something that I could give back to.

I remember … It was a long time ago. I went to Convention, and at Convention, one of the speakers said, “It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making, but you need to find something to give back to. Find some sort of organization to give back to.” With Sseko Designs, you’re doing that already, and I thought, “Well, I would love to go to Africa and build schools or do things that could go and help other women to really create these amazing businesses.”

Really, it’s changing the lives for their families, and you can do that through supporting people in buying the jewelry and things from Sseko Designs. I love that. You can talk about how else can you bring value? Well, a lot of it is, with Sseko Designs, is jewelry and stuff, so this goes to anyone that is in the jewelry industry. You can talk about things to wear on date nights, and you can show different pieces of how this is going to help them and benefit them.

I was someone who didn’t really wear jewelry. I really am not that great when it comes to jewelry or makeup. That’s kind of the same thing. That’s why people in Unique are doing so well at doing all these Facebook Lives on, “Look at all these different looks that you can do,” because they’re bringing value. That’s why they’re successful, is because they’re bringing value to other people. They’re saying, “Oh, you have a date with your husband? Let me show you how to put your makeup on.”

If you’re doing jewelry and things like that, you can say, “You have family pictures.” I mean, how many of you … I mean, most of the people that are on here are women. How many of you hate family pictures? I hate family pictures, because I don’t know what to wear. I don’t know how to coordinate my family. I don’t want everyone to be super matchy-matchy, like everyone in white shirts and jeans. That was kind of like the big thing in the ’90s. I don’t know how to do all of that.

But if you had someone that, in a Facebook group, their thing was to be able to sit down with you or show you, “Look, here’s different outfits you can use” or “Here’s how to match your jewelry with what you’re wearing,” that’s an amazing thing. That’s something that you can bring value. You’re helping them in these little problems that they have in their life, and when you do that, they’re going to like you. They’re going to want to follow you.

Then, when you start talking about, “Oh, I love these earrings. These earrings are amazing, and they go with this and this and this. I love that you can dress them up, dress them down,” they’re gonna want those earrings, and they’re gonna wanna buy them.

So that’s how you can talk about your products, where you’re doing value. You’re giving them value, but then you also are going to get sales on the back end, because that’s not … Your whole thing is not, “How can I get someone to buy these earrings?” Your whole purpose is, “What can I do to help other people? How can I bring value, and how can I just make people’s lives just a little bit better?”

I mean, I know the first time that someone taught me about concealer, it was amazing. That changed my life, just because I figured out what concealer was and how to use it. So those are the little things that you can help people to do, and it’s just by bringing value.

That’s why I love Facebook groups, because you can go Live, and it’s really easy. You have your own platform, where people are gonna come on, they’re gonna listen to you, and you become that expert in your Facebook group.
So if you don’t have a Facebook group yet, I would encourage you to build a Facebook group. Start getting your customers, anyone that you meet. If you do fairs and shows, you can ask people if they’re interested in joining your Facebook group, so that way they can get more things. It’s not just your own infomercial. It’s not just your place where you can talk about all your sales and specials, ’cause that’s not what it’s about. It’s about bringing value, because you want to always be bringing value, no matter what you’re doing. At shows, at home parties, at whatever it is, you need to be bringing value.

Yes, I have helped many people with Thrive Life. Examples for Thrive Life on how to build things up, Thrive Life … Thrive Life is the freeze-dried stuff, right?”I always get that one and Le-Vel mixed up, ’cause they have the Thrive product. But I’m pretty sure Thrive Life is the freeze-dried food.

That one is super easy, because you can talk about meal planning. Again, we’re all women on here, I think, mostly, and how many of you hate figuring out what to make for dinner? All of these … The struggle is real here, ladies, and we just don’t like doing that. It’s so hard, and it’s because we have to come up with the same thing over and over and over. So what if you came up with a meal plan that you could do maybe a 20-day meal plan? So 20 days out of the month, someone’s already planned it for you. All you’ve gotta do is just print it out, and it’s all done for you. That would be amazing.

So come up with things like that. Think, “How can I help people?”, because all of your products that you have, they solve a problem, because if they didn’t solve a problem, there wouldn’t be a company around it. So they have to solve a problem. So think, what does your product solve, and think of all the other little problems that go along with it. Then you can bring value and help people with all those little problems that go around what your products are solving.
It really is like you just think about yourself as a detective and say, “What are my audience needs? What are they struggling with, and how can I show up to bring value?” When you can show up in their lives and bring value, they are going to be your customer for life. They’re gonna be your follower for life, because you brought value to them.

It’s this law of reciprocity. I think I said that right. But when you give something, people wanna give back to you. It’s interesting. They did a study. There was some people who were handing out roses at an airport, and they … As people were walking past, they were just handing out roses, and there were a lot of people that wouldn’t take them. But then, when people were selling the roses, they actually were giving away more roses when they sold them. It was for, like, 50 cents or something. It was really cheap.

But the reason for that is because there was that exchange. Right? ‘Cause if they just took a rose and they didn’t give anything back, then it was unbalanced. So it just made them feel weird. I don’t know if you have ever experienced anything like that, like when someone gives you something … Let’s say someone makes you dinner or invites you over to their house for dinner. Then maybe then you feel like you need to invite them over for dinner, or vice versa.

It’s because of that law of reciprocity. So if you’re constantly giving them value, they’re going to feel like they need to give you something back. Maybe it’s just a message, that they just write you a Facebook message and say, “Thank you so much for doing that Facebook Live today. I really needed that, and that really helped me.” Even if you don’t get a sell, that’s gonna make you feel good, ’cause you’re out there. You’re helping people. You’re changing people’s lives.

Then there’s gonna be other people that are like, “Okay, I gotta buy this. I wanna join your team. I wanna do whatever,” because you’re building up that law of reciprocity.

So if you’re thinking, “All I need to do is bring value, value, value, value, value,” and that’s what you’re doing to your community, it’s all gonna start coming back to you.