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Brooke Elder is the Millionaire CEO Who Homeschools Her Four Children

Brooke Elder runs a seven-figure business, is writing a book, will be hosting a major conference in Dallas, Texas, and just launched a new membership program for her company.

Oh, and she also homeschools her four children with her husband, Ben.

“There are a lot of successful women, but there aren’t a lot who are also homeschooling,” said Elder, CEO of Social Tenacity and “teacher” for her four kids, ages 5 to 13, at the Woodland Hills, Utah home.

Social Tenacity, which had a revenue of $1.3 million in 2019, works with network marketers who are selling health and wellness, beauty and home products to enable them to build more loyal followings. The company was founded in February 2015, but really kicked off in the spring of 2016, when Elder decided to focus her efforts strictly to target network marketers.

“We show them how they can use their own gifts and talents to use alongside the products they are selling,” said Elder, noting 99 percent of her clients are women across the United States. “We identify what their strengths are, what their life experiences have been and then show them how to connect to others.”

Elder is writing a yet-to-be-named book about her process that will be released this year. From March 2-4, she’s hosting an Authentic Influencer Summit in Dallas that brings together some of her top clients. She’s also debuted “The Authentic Influencer Secret Society” a monthly subscription that takes clients through a 10-step online program to teach them her secrets.

“This is all about showing women that they can make a difference,” said Elder, who has a team of 18 full- and part-time employees under her direction. “I never had the intention of being the face of a company.”

Elder, a lifelong entrepreneur whose first “company” was melting chocolate chips, turning them into suckers and selling them when she was ten, credits the success of Social Tenacity to the lessons she learned from trying to start several other businesses. Even though she has sold one business – a website design company — Elder doesn’t shy away from stressing she had two failed preschools. Elder and her husband also poured almost $100,000, including their 401Ks and maxing out credit cards, to start a used car business that failed after 18 months.

Just a few weeks prior to the official start of Social Tenacity, Elder and her husband sat at their kitchen table discussing whether they should declare bankruptcy. Instead, Elder signed up for another credit card to pay for a $10,000 coaching program that gave her the skills to truly launch Social Tenacity. The company was immediately profitable, perhaps ironically earning her $10,000 in the first month.


Her goal for 2020 is to build Social Tenacity to a $5 million business.

“When I launched Social Tenacity, it had to be profitable,” Elder said. “The failures taught us valuable lessons and I learned many great skills like living on a budget. We learned to be frugal, and I could feed a family of 6 on a $300-a-month budget.”

Elder graduated from Utah State University with a degree in elementary education, so she has a strong teaching background. She spends most mornings working on Social Tenacity, then teaches her children in the afternoons.

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