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Career Change at 40 Gave Her Financial Freedom | From Employee to Entrepreneur

Kate left her corporate job after her department dissolved and was forced to compete with colleagues for 11 new positions. That’s exactly what Kate needed to start her journey to financial freedom.

Kate Stewart is the founder of the Fab after 40 Facebook group for women who are 40 and older and who want to live their very best lives. They are called “Elevated Realizers.” In today’s episode, Kate shared with us her amazing journey, why she decided to quit her corporate job and chose to live the life that she wanted.

A career change at 40 seems scary for some, and it was for Kate too. But Kate’s jump from employee to entrepreneur may have been the best decision of her life. Because of it, Kate’s been able to focus more on her business and start making a difference.

So, if you feel that you are stuck and wanted to find your life balance and make a difference this episode is for you. Starting a new job, your own job could be the best decision like it was for Kate. If you enjoyed this video about making a difference with your business and getting out of the corporate world, make sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our network marketing channel. Social Tenacity covers all things network marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, and social media business tips. We can guide you on the way to achieving an entrepreneur mindset, that will, in turn, allow you to master the pillars of network marketing – finding the best places to prospect for clients, getting your customers' attention and recruiting.

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