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Creating Your Own Training for Your Direct Sales Business

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While your direct sales company offers training both online and in-person, it is crucial for you to be creating your own training for your direct sales business and team. Company trainings can be very generic and focus more on personal development, company policies and procedures, and in depth product knowledge. But what about how to recruit and sell? What are the systems and processes to that? This is where you bring your personal knowledge and experiences and craft them into trainings to pass on to your team.

Where to start when creating your own training for your direct sales business and team:

What to do in your first week of business

How to keep track of leads and sales 

How to establish your brand and become an influencer of the products

Where to network with potential leads and recruits

How to create and manage a Facebook group for your customers

How to host an online party that isn’t boring


There are many ways you can put your personal spin on these types of trainings. The more unique and personalized you get, the better. Remember to make these trainings doable and duplicatable for your specific team members.

For more in-depth training and ideas on this topic, tune into Episode 51.


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