Having a CEO Mindset is the Key to Your Success

Do you have a CEO mindset? Many people just dive into business blindly and start following their leader. But following your leader doesn't always mean the path to success. Some Network Marketing companies train their distributors more like long-time employees with benefits rather than as their own boss.

Do you have a CEO mindset? Many people just dive into business blindly and start following their leader. But following your leader doesn’t always mean the path to success. Some Network Marketing companies train their distributors more like long-time employees with benefits rather than as their own boss.

Way back in the day when I first started with Mary Kay, the first thing they taught us was all about the company. From the year it was established to what it represented. Our uplines wanted us to know we were a part of building that direct sales company’s credibility.

But this strategy only benefits the company, not the distributor. This all comes back to branding. I have recorded a couple videos about branding and you can access them here.

Brand Yourself, Not Your Company

Branding is developing yourself. It is the art of making yourself identifiable in how you look, what you represent, and how you make people feel. Create a brand around whatever you love the most about your direct sales company or product. Your company becomes a piece of you and your brand. Your company should NOT be all there is to you. Tune into this podcast episode all about branding yourself, not your company.

Maybe you like to help people with makeup. If that’s your thing, you are likely super passionate about it. What comes from being passionate about makeup? You feel more confident and beautiful. These are the outcomes you are going to be talking about rather than talking about the company information. It’s all about those results you will be producing.

Treat Your Business Like a Business

It took me a really long time to understand what that meant. I thought I was treating my business like a business, but I wasn’t. I didn’t have that CEO mindset because I never knew what it was like to be a CEO. It wasn’t until I started investing in myself to learn more about how businesses really work. That’s when I really understood what ‘treat your business like a business’ meant.

I started paying attention to the numbers and marketing. I began to really adopt the CEO mindset at that point. Looking at the WHOLE scope of my business not the health of the company I was with was when things really began to change.

Having an email list is the lifeblood of your business. I knew every single month I could send one or two emails out and meet that $500 minimum Scentsy had required for us to receive our downline pay. Understanding how a business actually works will help you treat your business like a legit business.

Why Cold Messaging Won’t Grow Your Business

Don’t randomly message people. Do businesses in your town do that to you? Does your local dealership call you when they get a new vehicle model in and persuade you to buy it? Does your local flower shop call you and tell you all the reasons why you should buy their flowers? They don’t. Neither should you. Treat your business like a real business.

Look at what is working in other businesses & Develop Your CEO Mindset

I looked at the coaching industry and was able to craft my business around strategies that worked for them. They were selling the result via webinars which is one of the best ways to get yourself out there. So I created my program around that and watched my business flourish.

Always be Reading to Develop Your CEO Mindset

I hated to read in school. The first chapter book I ever read was in 4th grade. Even in high school I hated it. Eventually I discovered I really like listening to books. I get on Audible and listen to 2-3 books a month. I love marketing books. Marketing is something that I am really passionate about and I love learning new strategies.

Find something you are passionate about. It could be a business or personal development book. There is one book called Great By Choice. He talks about businesses over the last 20 years. He looks at different companies and talks about things they did that kept them innovative even during recessions. Reading gives lots of information and inspiration. (A good money mindset book is Secrets of The Millionaire Mind).

I hope these tips help you start to develop and own that CEO mindset. It is crucial for the longevity and success of your business. For more training and insight, join our community here.

How Fear is Holding You Back and How You Can Overcome It

When it comes to fear, every single person is going to feel this at some point. What are some of the things that are stopping you from being successful in your business? What are you feeling fearful about? Learn how to overcome your fear.

Is fear holding you back?

When it comes to fear, every single person is going to feel this at some point. What are some of the things that are stopping you from being successful in your business? What are you feeling fearful about?

Growing a business and putting yourself out there is scary. It just is. You could be an extrovert and love talking to people all day long. However, if you are like me, you might be an introvert who is fearful of people. I have a hard time talking to people and putting myself out there.

When you have to reach out to people, that could be a really scary thing. You start thinking about all of the reasons it’s not going to work and how people are going to reject you. This is a legitimate fear.

What you are offering is amazing. You have had experiences that have impacted your life and you just want to share about it now. (Learn how to set yourself apart from thousands in your industry!) But what if you put yourself out there and it doesn’t resonate with anyone? Fear begins to creep in.

So then what if rejection happens? What’s the worst case scenario? One of the ways to get over your fear is to face it head on. If it really did happen, what would you do? Your fear is often bigger than the actual worst case scenario. You can have a back up plan.

You don’t want to stay stuck there though! You want to say if that does happen, that’s okay I have a back up plan.

The thing I have found is when you are on this journey and you are really discovering the person that God wants you to be ad you are fulfilling your purpose there’s going to be things that are going to crash around you.
Right before that happens it feels like your entire world crashes around you. When this happens, your only option is to succeed.

My story.

I was hundreds of dollars in debt. It almost bankrupted us. It wasn’t until I hit this rock bottom point that I was like “okay, I HAVE to make this work. My only option is success.” When I was able to really focus on that, that’s when my business really took off. That’s when I was successful.

Fear has come up in my life a lot in the past year. We moved from a city that we had lived in for our whole life. The home I brought my babies home to. It was SO hard to leave. But we knew we had to move to something better. When something awesome is going to happen you will start feeling resistance. It is normal. You have to rise up and get pressing on. We were three days away from closing on our house and had to make some BIG decisions. It took every ounce of security to be taken away for us to get to the promised land.

You can choose to fly or retreat and stay where it’s safe. Just know there is something amazing on the other side of that fear. When you retreat, that’s not where you grow. You must face your fear head on.

Ask yourself: What are the things I need to do to be successful? How do I need to show up?

New level, new devil.

You are always going to be doing this. But the more you recognize this in your life, the easier it is to break through another level of fear.

Your biggest fear in life should be when you get to the end you look back and see all that you COULD have been. Choose to show up now so you don’t have to reach the end and wish you would have done more and become more.

My challenge for you today is to do something you are afraid of and then come post it inside of our Facebook group. What is the ONE thing you are going to do today?

Learn My Top Tip to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

Why should you use a Facebook Business Page to help you grow your business? Can it even help you grow your business? The answer is Yes! Even with the Facebook algorithm, you can grow an authentic following. Learn my Top Tip to grow Your Facebook Page.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

The first thing we need to cover is what is a Facebook page? Facebook pages are where businesses are. A long time ago when Facebook first got started there was not a way for businesses to show up there so they created Facebook Pages. This is where businesses are able to get reviews and connect with people.

As you are growing your network marketing business, you want to grow a Facebook Business Page. It shows you are legit and serious about your business. It allows you to have that social proof that is so very important.

What does a business page do for you?

What does a Facebook page do for you? Let’s say you are shopping for a Norwex consultant. Let’s say you found two of them. Susie has a Facebook Business Page with 137 likes and Brittany has a Facebook Business Page with 10,000 likes and hundreds of reviews. Which one do you think you are going to buy from?

Brittany! Social proof is a huge component of gaining customers and downlines. This establishes YOU as the expert.

I have put together this 3 day training that is going to show you how to get 10,000 likes on your Facebook Business Page in 3-4 days using Facebook ads that don’t break the bank. This is only going to cost you 1 cent per like.

Then I am going to show you how to take all of those Likes from your page and monetize them. How are you going to turn all of those Likes into paying customers? I will show you!

If you are interested in learning more about this, you can check out it here!

The 3 Biggest Network Marketing Myths Busted: Lies You’ve Believed

Myths maybe your upline is telling you. There are 3 biggest network marketing myths that I have found that we are going to BUST today.

Myths maybe your upline is telling you. There are 3 biggest network marketing myths that I have found that we are going to BUST today.

Myth #1: It’s all in the timing

Have you ever heard the saying “this is a ground floor opportunity?” Maybe someone was introducing you to a company and trying to get you to join them on their network marketing journey. This myth can be used as leverage for opportunity or can be used as an excuse for why distributors aren’t doing well in their company. Let’s bust through this first myth.

Does it help to be one of the first consultants in a brand new company? Of course! It helps you get the name out there and since it’s new and exciting allows you to reach out to more people. However it’s a ton of work. In the beginning there are a ton of unknowns. A company may not do very well.

I was of the first consultants of a new direct sales company. So I pushed it and I worked super hard. I built it up and a year and a half later the company went under. Joining a startup business can go either way.

When I was with Scentsy, I was not one of the first consultants to sign up. I knew a girl who was the 5th person in the company and she didn’t do much with it. So being FIRST doesn’t equal success. In a year’s time, I was making more money than she was. It’s NOT all about the timing. The question is really: How hard are you willing to work?

Myth #2: Saying your company is for EVERYONE

Have you heard this one? Of course you have! Your company probably tells you their product is for everyone and that is because they have consultants and distributors from a variety of backgrounds. But this is not quite right. You don’t want everyone to join your team. When you look at your product, sure it can be for everybody. But do you want to work with everybody? Sell to everybody? You need to know who your ideal customer avatar is.

Your goal should be to create a community of like-minded people who are like you. Because these are the kind of people you will do best with. From customers to business builders, these will be your people and you will be able to serve them.

I was a stay at home mom and feeling lonely. I longed to connect with other people who understood me. So these are the kinds of people I enjoyed connecting with. This community is also full of people I know how to help. Your job is to find out their problems and offer a solution.

Myth #3: Just don’t quit.

Your upline or friends in business may say some of these things:

“It’s okay you can do it.”

“You’ve got this.”

“You only fail if you quit.”

Well… the thing is if you don’t work your business, it’s not going to grow. Instead of saying “just don’t quit..” they really should say “just don’t stop taking action.” It’s daily action that will drive your business to success.

Let’s say you are trying to get parties booked and get your calendar full. If you just sit there hoping people will reach out, it’s not going to fill itself. Taking action can look like calling past hostesses, sending out messages to your WARM market, going LIVE, etc.

You also need to make sure you are making your asks and offers all about the person you are speaking to.

Find out what they really want. What are their pain points? What are their problems? How can you genuinely help them achieve what they are going after?

Pick one action step this week and show up in your business. We would love to hear about it. Come and join our community and share with us!

How to Set Yourself Apart From Thousands in Your Industry

The hardest thing about being in direct sales is that you have hundreds of thousands of reps doing the same thing you are. Learn how to set yourself apart.

The hardest thing about being in direct sales is that you have hundreds of thousands of reps doing the same thing you are. Everyone is being taught by their upline and asked to duplicate it to every person who joins the company. So how do you set yourself apart from thousands in your industry?

The number one secret to standing out in your industry is to KNOW WHO YOUR AUDIENCE IS.

This is so important because you will craft everything you offer according to who you are speaking to. If everyone is selling the same thing, you’ve got to get specific on who you are helping and how you can set yourself apart.

What you need to do:
1. Find out who you want to help (busy moms, over-worked corporate CEOS, freshman college students, etc.)

2. Find out what they NEED and that you can help them with.

3. Create something for them that is tailored to that need. Find a way to creatively use your products and services to create a package that is appealing to your ideal client.

When I was in Scentsy, I used to put together bridal shower packages for people to gift their friends with who were getting married. People use to gift Scentsy all the time as a bridal shower gift and I sold this package A LOT!

I also packaged together car kits so my customers could have nice smelling vehicles all the time. I simply took our hanging freshners and combined them with our room spray and offered the bundle. It’s really that simple.

Think about how you can use your products in a different way than everyone else in your company. Here’s a little secret: Most people are offering single products to EVERYBODY. They haven’t mastered a specific person they are targeting or want to help. They are just looking for anyone with a “face.”

Another Example:

BeachBody: You can target new moms who are looking to go back to their pre-baby weight. So you can take the products and workouts and tailor them to fit new moms. Write up a daily plan on how they can use your products from BeachBody to help hit their goals and then offer them a community (Facebook group) where other new moms are all working toward their goals and can hop on once a week for a LIVE workout with you.

Get clear on WHO you are helping so you can set yourself apart in your industry!

If you want to explore your ideal client further, tune into our podcast episode 11: How to Utilize a Avatar to Find Your Ideal Client.