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EP: 116 Using Zoom for Your Facebook Party

Using Zoom for Your Facebook Party


“When you move into a platform like Zoom, you can have everyone come together.”


Brooke Elder


In today’s podcast, we talk with Gwen Wolken, an experienced Facebook party expert. Gwen started her career in Corporate America but needed to stay home with her twins. She ended up running a family business and learned that being an entrepreneur was really her ideal situation. 


She spent the next 18 years in network marketing and direct sales being very successful and influential. Gwen is passionate about helping women who are interested in creating a social impact and making a difference through fundraising.  


“There are really several different types of Facebook parties that people do.” – Gwen Wolken.


One is very simply using software. The rep is actually sitting behind the scenes and chatting through screenshot after screenshot. Then they are given a link that actually takes them out of Facebook and it’s a totally separate situation.


Then there are the Facebook parties that people are just posting post after post. The rep is numbering the posts and people are going through whatever journey the rep wants to take them through. It’s not quite as personal of an experience and people are getting tired of that type of Facebook party.

If you are in the middle of any kind of Zoom meeting you understand that you get a lot of interaction with even facial expressions and people are chatting and interacting. It’s very much like a home party when you’re doing it via Zoom.


Through Zoom we get to know the host better, we get to know the people better. It helps with follow-ups too by having them throw their email link into the chat. What that does is puts them into a funnel so they can get emails about specials and upcoming events.


Zoom parties really create a community. That’s what most Facebook parties are lacking because it is a one-way conversation. Zoom parties are like going into someone’s home and doing the event in their living room. You are right there with them, as close as you can get, especially now with COVID.


“Something  for reps and other companies to think about is coming up with conversation starters regarding their product.” – Gwen Wolken


Conversation starters can be anything because it brings more to the table in the long run. If you can create a conversation that will hold their attention, the party will last a little longer and be more successful. If you would like to connect with Gwen and learn more about changing up your Facebook parties you can find her on Facebook at Gwen Wolken or her other page called Impact with Wine.


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