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EP 152 Managing expectations in your business

Managing expectations in your business


” It’s okay to be where you’re at and give yourself permission to say wherever you’re at is perfect for you.”


Brooke Elder


In Podcast 152 Brooke and Sarah Zolecki talk about how to manage expectations in your business, especially when you first join the network marketing industry.


Sarah has been around this amazing profession for over 20 years and has a unique perspective because she built her business being single. She built it being married and shebuilt it with kids and they’re all definitely different phases. When she first got introduced to the business she had no business being in business at all,, but she absolutely fell in love with the profession and the people in it.


“If you’re brand new, be excited about being brand new, don’t be scared about it.” – Sarah Zolecki.


Most people come into the business with an employee mindset. We’re used to being told when to take a vacation, when to take lunch break,  when to do whatever. Then all of a sudden we get into network marketing and we’re in our own deal and we’re like, “this is awesome” and then at the same time we’re like “this is really scary!”


It is so important when you are brand new in the industry to cut yourself some slack! It’s going to take a while to get your legs, so to speak, and figure out how things work in the industry and your business. Your first year is not to be a rockstar, it’s just to become proficient and start learning the skills you need to build your business.


There really are only a few fundamentals to this business and once you got it, you got it. It’s talking to people, having conversations, it’s inviting people to look at your product or service or the business, and then it’s following up. Then it’s enrolling them as a distributor or it’s getting them to sign up as a customer. Then it’s just repeating the same process.


Whatever your goal is in your business, take the deadline off otherwise it puts so much pressure on you. It doesn’t matter when you get there, it just matters that you get there.


Everyone that gets involved in the business has different skill sets that they bring to the table. Some of us have a little bit more skill sets than others, but be patient, there’s always something to learn that will prepare you to handle future situations.


“It’s so important not to compare yourself to other people because the journey is your journey. ” – Sarah Zolecki. 


If you would like to connect with Sarah, you can find her on social media at sarahandtony.com



Another tip to help keep the perspective of where you are and where you are going is to create a magic morning. For more information check out www.socialtenacity.com/magicmorning


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