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EP 155 Creating a Power Hour to increase Team Retention

Creating a Power Hour to increase Team Retention


“It’s really about relationship building when it comes down to it.”


Lindsay Dollinger


In Podcast 155 Brooke has a conversation with Lindsay Dollinger who is in the top 1% of her company with a team of 130! She shares some of her tips and tricks on how to build a successful team and how to retain them.


When Lindsay joined her company one of the big things that she wanted was that community feel. She was committed and wanted her team to know that she was always going to be there for them while still having her own boundaries because she still worked full time as a teacher.


“Team Power Hours are really vital to not only create community, but help people grow their business the right way.” – Lindsay Dollinger.


The way Lindsay’s Power Hour works is once a leader under her sponsor someone, then they do a three-way chat that reviews the onboarding process. Then she makes sure that the new consultant talks with their leader first, and then they come to her. Creating that authority for other people on your team so that you’re not the one answering all the things all the time is really important.



She has a leader circle with eight women in it who committed to leading one team power hour a week. They each take a day and do an hour of leadership coaching,mastermind, or mentorship calls. A couple people do a more beginner  one where they have a list of tasks to do.


Lindsay builds time into her Power Hour to send “Love Bombs”.  These are just messages to say hello, check on someone and I’m thinking of you. Selling should not even come up unless the other person brings it up.


That is building a relationship with people. That is how to attract people to your team because they feel seen and they know that you are not doing things in a spammy way.  It’s a really nice way to establish those relationships with other people, especially if their love language is quality time. 


She also builds time in for follow-up and time for scheduling posts.  She is really big about productivity and being productive with that hour of time. She makes sure that when they are  on a power hour, they are actually guiding and getting work done.


“A confused mind does nothing.” – Who Said It. 


Incorporating Power Hours into your business is really a super simple solution that solves so many problems. It’s going to increase your retention. People are not going to be confused. They’re going to know what it is that they’re supposed to be doing. If you would like to connect with Lindsay and learn more about her tips or join her team, you can find her at and


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