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EP 157 Gain Confidence and Customers with Video

Gain Confidence and Customers with Video


“Whatever your service, whatever your product is, video is everything. “


Amber Lykins


In Podcast 157 Brooke talks to two women who are helping women entrepreneurs brand themselves and market their business through video


Olivia Heyward has 10 to 15 years experience in a web design, logo design, marketing and material design.  She is all about helping women brand themselves.  Amber Lykins has  been in the beauty industry for 15 years. Her philosophy has always been to teach women how to really have a flawless finish of on camera off camera. 


“The best thing about video is when you watch someone you like, you build a relationship with that person without actually even having to be there. – Brooke Elder


Olivia stresses that the thing with video is you’ve already niched down who you want to speak to. You’re saying things that relate to that person, so when you’re speaking it, they’re thinking, “that’s me!” and they tune in more.


Through video you can actually meet new clients and you don’t have to be killing yourself on the streets and be on the phone,twenty four seven. People are attracted to video marketing and creative content.


Confidence is a huge issue when it comes to being on video. One of the ways that you can start to immediately build your confidence is to start before you’re ready. A lot of times people procrastinate with thoughts like, “I need this, I need this equipment, I need these fancy lights. I need all these things.” That’s just procrastination. If you have a iPhone or a good cell phone, you can record amazing content right from your phone. 


Amber adds that practicing is also helpful. She suggests to start with live streaming because it’s more natural and relaxed. People expect that to be a little bit more loose, so you don’t have to be as perfect and as polished as regular content. Even if you record sometimes and don’t even put it out there, just record because it just builds your confidence. It gets you more comfortable on camera.


What will build your confidence is knowing the simple things that you teach will bring more value. You have to know who you’re speaking to. You have to know really what you have to offer, that is key to creating your videos right on brand. 


“Show up as yourself because that’s what people will fall in love with.” – Olivia Heyward. 


Amber and Olivia are offering a fantastic free five day challenge that helps you break down who you’re targeting and also finding out about yourself. It will help you build a foundation because a lot of times people want to just start creating content and they don’t have a focus. You need to have the end in mind when you start something. Knowing exactly what you’re doing will make creating content so much easier. To check out their challenge, go to


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