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EP 159 Stop Playing Small in Your Business

Stop Playing Small in Your Business


“Spam belongs in your cupboard and not on Social Media.”


Brooke Elder


In today’s Podcast, 159, Brooke shares one of the most powerful Spam Squad episodes she has ever done. The topic of “Stop Playing Small in Your Business” is something that will change your business and yourself drastically!


The spammy message Brooke reviews is “Messaging 500 people tonight because I am done playing small who’s with me?” That is not how you build a business. If you’re done playing small, then it’s time for YOU to step up. It’s not about you going and messaging 500 people because that is so spammy tand it is going to get you kicked off of Facebook and put you into Facebook jail. 


“How do you grow your business and stop playing small? It’s all about goal setting and it’s about who you are becoming.” – Brooke Elder


If you want to be a person that’s making $10,000 a month and you are not right now, it’s because you are not that person. When we are trying to achieve our goals, we have to become something different and step out of our comfort zone.


Brooke explains that some people have a very small comfort zone around them. The problem is here’s your comfort zone. Your goals are clear out here. So if your goals are clear out here, how can you then reach those goals? People think, “oh, I just got to step out of my comfort zone.,I’ll grab it and I’ll pull it back in.” That’s not how it works! We actually have to do things that are going to expand our comfort zone so it will encompass our goals and become what our goals are. 


Stop playing small by gaining knowledge. We don’t want to step out of our comfort zone because it’s scary. It’s scary because it’s unknown, we don’t know what that looks like. But if you just do it, you actually gain experience and when you gain experience, now it’s not scary. Now you have knowledge


If you are not learning and being inspired every single day, your day is not going to be inspiring. And if you aren’t inspired you aren’t going to be able to inspire others.


The more that you are learning and you’re putting information in, it’s going to change you because it changes your thoughts. It changes the way that you think about your business. It changes the way you think about yourself. It changes the way that you think about the world. And when we are changing, we are becoming something different. So what you listen to and what you read are so important.  


“How about we change us so that way we can then go and change the world.” – Brooke Elder. 


We have to really expand our comfort zones. And once we expand it big enough, it will encompass our goals because we have become something different. We have changed our habits. We have changed the way that we think, we have changed our knowledge and our experience. That is the thing that’s going to help reach your goals. That is the thing that’s going to help you stop playing small.


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