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EP 160 Overcoming the Anxiety of “Getting Your Name Out There”

Overcoming the Anxiety of “Getting Your Name Out There”


“The thing to remember is that your anxiety is always lying to you. “


Stephaine Lora Bearce


In Podcast 160 Brooke addresses a topic that is so needed in network marketing, because the biggest thing that she sees people struggle with is confidence in themselves and talking themselves out of doing things like stepping out of their comfort zone. Today she has a conversation with Stephaine Lora Bearce, who is an Anxiety & Empowerment Coach.


Stephanie found her passion working predominantly with entrepreneurial women with overcoming anxiety and really stepping into their power. Anxiety is a soft spot in her heart because she has personally dealt with it most of her life.


“One of the big fueling pieces for anxiety that keeps us from doing the thing is by letting it get too big.” – Stephanie Lora Bearce.


Stephanie is Queen of Baby Steps. We build these huge goals and big lists in our heads then we look at it and just shut down. The number one thing is to break the list off into tiny pieces. So much fuel for anxiety is all or nothing thinking so breaking it down into baby steps is huge.  


Another tip is self awareness. You have to know what’s going on inside your own head before you can catch it and fix it when you start to spiral out. Self talk is everything. Listening to the phrases that you’re saying to yourself, the tone that you’re using in your head when you speak to yourself, because we don’t always talk very kindly to ourselves. 


When it comes to self-talk you can either put an “I am statement” on something, or an “I’m feeling” something. When we wear that “I am” tag, it becomes a piece of how we define ourselves and therefore that feeling will start to come back and stay a lot longer. When we say, instead I am feeling anxious right now I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m feeling whatever, that reminds the brain that this is just a moment in time, not a place that we live and not something that we actually are at our core. One little word change can really affect the way that we think and view the world.


Once you build self-awareness  you realize that you have a choice. That’s where the power piece comes from – knowing that you get to actually design the way that you go about your day.


We are not a deep breathing society because we’re go, go, go, go, go. There’s a lot of shallow breathing in the way that we live life. We set off the stress and all the cortisol reactions in our body that therefore ends up leading us into the anxiety response. If you can just lean into it and just take a couple deep breaths, choose a new thought, it’s going to change the game for how you face the things that are causing anxiety in your life in business and how you can take action on them. 


“Anxiety is just excitement without the breath.” – Stephanie Lora Bearce. 


If you would like to learn more tips on overcoming anxiety and connect with Stephanie, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram, Stephanie Lora Bearce (on Instagram there are no spaces between her name). Her business name is Upleveling Unapologetically, you can find it underneath her free Facebook group.


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