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EP 161 Serving Over Selling to reach a 6 Figure Business

Serving Over Selling to reach a 6 Figure Business


“It doesn’t matter what you sell,  if you’re serving first, you’ll sell it.


Heather Burns


In Podcast 161 Brooke has a delightful conversation with Heather Burns about one of her passions – serving authentically instead of just pushing a product. 


Heather has had several successful network marketing businesses and fell in love with the mentoring aspect of the process. She is a life and success coach. She realized there was a difference between people purchasing the product and actually implementing it and using it. 


“Network marketing is not just selling the product or getting people to join. It’s really about creating that legacy.” – Brooke Elder.


Heather discovered that network marketing was so much more than selling a product. You’re actually helping people in so many more ways than simply helping them lose weight, or whatever your product may be.


Heather really changed her focus from selling the product to really trying to focus on how she was supposed to serve people. She also thought of what else she could offer them and how she could help change their lives. When you make tan impact, the income follows. 


When you’re really looking at other people and how to serve them, it’s  all about creating that customer experience that makes people want to keep coming back to you. 


One way to create a customer experience is to send a gift with the order, , a handwritten note goes a very long way. As social media goes and that touch that we can have, that’s virtual, it’s being authentic and sharing your life, sharing the ups, sharing the downs and sharing your trials.  Share your mess to message, your testimony, victim to Victor, that’s where people connect. 


People don’t relate to perfect. In fact, that makes them feel like they can’t connect and that they could never have what you have or do what you do or be who you are. We all are special. We’re all unique. We all have our own story. And so if you can really grasp the concept of sharing your story, because nobody has your story.


People come for the product or the service, they stay for the community and the relationship and the connections.” – Heather Burns


Heather’s last tip is to write down the list of things that actually have changed your life. Don’t leave the list until you have at least 20 things on there, that might seem like a stretch, but she promises that those are the things that people actually want. If you would like to find out more about Heather, you can follow her on Facebook at Garden of Favor Bloom Society or listen to her Garden of Favor Podcasts.


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