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EP 162 How to promote your new business without being spammy

How to promote your new business without being spammy


“No one goes on Social Media to be sold to.”


Brooke Elder


Podcast 162 brings you another episode of the Spam Squad! Brooke walks through what you should and what you shouldn’t do to promote your business without being spammy!!


When you first starting a network marketing business you are so excited and can’t wait to tell everyone about the amazing products and the great opportunities. If you aren’t careful it is easy to overload on spamminess!


“People come to social media to be entertained. They come to connect, they come to hear stories.” – Brooke Elder.


So how do you tell a compelling story? Talk about one of the products you offer and tell an example of a problem it solves. Tell your story about why you love it.


After telling your story say, “you know, I just joined this new company and here’s why it was love at first sight, because this, this and this.”


Then instead of just sending them, “here’s a link, just order from me,” invite them to your launch party on your Facebook group.


Teach them why it is that they actually need your product by doing five or six posts. Think of the products that you offer and tell a story in a post about each one and the problem that they solve. 


When you craft a post with a personal story people feel more connected. They want to find out all it is that you have to offer because you are taking them on a journey. It’s not just, here’s a post. I joined a new company, buy my stuff.


“It is your job to know how to connect with your audience and to be able to help and serve them.” – Brooke Elder. 


When you create an experience for people through storytelling they connect better with you and your products. When that’s your focus, your marketing is going to be a hundred times more effective because you’re connecting with people and you’re making it about them, and they can see themselves in the story. 


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