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EP 163 Your Business must change in this ever-changing environment

Your Business must change in this ever-changing environment


” If you really want to scale and grow beyond your initial reach, you really need to think outside the box . “


Sherell Slaise



With Covid and the other challenges of the world the last few years the way to work a network marketing business has changed drastically. The old traditional ways of building a business are no longer successful and businesses have had to pivot.


Social gatherings and home parties are tactics of the past and online marketing has become the new norm. In today’s Podcast, 163, Brooke talks with Sherell Slaise, who shares several tips on how to pivot your business.


“You still need to make a connection, even in this new online environment.” – Sherell Slaise


It’s really easy to build connections in person, as you can have that back and forth conversation, you can read people’s body languages, you hear their intonation and all of those things. 


When you transition to online, even if you follow your same scripts or formats, or like what it is that you say in person, and you try to do that online, that doesn’t always work because it lacks the connection that you’re making with them. So how do you make that connection?


Everything begins and ends with your personal leadership. When you start to really understand who you are and build that confidence, you’ll get the courage to talk to anyone and everyone, the way that you truly are, what you are and what you communicate.


In the content that you create online just be you and as you’re being you, you’ll be able to make those real connections with other people. You’ll be able to sift through the noise in a crowd and find other people that hear what you’re saying, because they also speak the same language.


If you’re coming from your real, authentic space you create energy. You can feel that  level of energy, your level of just laid back the way you’re laid back or the way that you’re so honest and transparent, that energy does come across online.


“If you’re consistently showing up and just being you all the time, you’ll get that same energy back.” – Sherell Slaise. 


If you would like to find out more about pivoting your business and having an online presence, check out Sherell’s Facebook group, She also does free lives every Thursday.


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