EP 165 How to Reach out to Influencers to Join Your Team

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How to Reach out to Influencers to Join Your Team


” If you are talking to influencers, you cannot use network marketing language, you need to speak in their language.”


Brooke Elder



Podcast 165 brings us another episode of the Spam Squad where Brooke breaks down an actual spammy message she found on Social Media.


It’s easy as network marketers to fall into the spammy trap of copy and paste and easy to do whatever our upline is telling us. Instead let’s think about this as a business, how can we actually show up to serve others? Because that’s what network marketing really is all about. 


“You want to create a relationship with people, especially when they are big influencers that already are running a business. ” – Brooke Elder


Don’t offer a solution if people don’t have that problem. When you’re messaging people, you have to figure out, do they have the problem that you solve? That’s how you’re going to be able to connect with them.


Reach out to people who are influencers, who already have an audience, but don’t ever send them spammy messages because automatically they’re going to be like, no, you spammy, weirdo, get out of here!


When you are messaging an influencer you might say something like, “Hey, I really love the whole feel of your feed. This was my favorite thing.” Be specific, so that way they know that you’re actually listening to them or you have actually checked it out.


Then introduce yourself   and let them know you represent a company that has some really awesome products and you would love to send them some samples and get their feedback on. That’s how you want to approach influencers, because they’re used to that. 


When you are talking about influencers, you need to talk to them in their language. So in their language you’re going to talk about affiliates. You’re going to talk about creating partnerships and you’re going to approach them to see if they would like to try the product and then give you feedback on it. That’s how you approach these people.


“Remember, spam belongs in your cupboard, not on Social Media!”

 – Brooke Elder. 


Your network marketing company and your products could be an amazing opportunity for them, especially if they have their own business that they’re running. They are probably looking for other things that they can bring in to be able to promote to their audience, but you have to present it in the right way.


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