EP 166 Get your Calendar FULL of Booked Parties

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Get your Calendar FULL of Booked Parties


” You’ve got to make sure that you’re having fun and you’re focused on relationships, because relationship sare where you’re going to grow your business.”


Janet Parks



Brooke talks with Janet Parks in today’s Podcast 166. Janet has a sales background and comes from the party plan industry. They discuss how to book parties, how to get sales and how to talk to new people. 


Janet is super passionate about teaching people to get out of that fear factor and get out of their comfort zone and just go out there.  


“It’s 2021, Facebook parties are not dead!” Janet Parks


Janet shares her top three things that people could do and even start implementing right now so in the next month or so they can have a full calendar.


Her first tip is to incorporate video. Her number two tip is making sure that when you see something out there that’s new, try it, don’t discount it. Don’t just try it once then get disappointed because not enough people hop on and then give up. Try up to ten times!  The third tip is to get into people’s inbox.

You don’t have to cold message getting into people’s inbox.  Just take a human approach, you don’t have to be that salesy person that’s spammy.  Just tell people why you’re grateful for them. If you start off with gratitude, then it helps break down any of those barriers. The worst thing that you could do is send a message and people are like, what are you trying to sell me? 


When Janet goes into every party, she tries to stick to a certain system called the fire system, it covers all of the bases when it comes to parties. 


F is for future bookings, that should be at the top of your mind. I is for increasing sales, to have a commission in order to grow your business. R is to recruit often. 

E is encourage forever customers, adding people into your ecosystem, adding people into your group, into your email list. By covering all of those bases they encompass everything that has to do with building a successful party based business.


“You can’t go into Facebook parties nowadays and just make a graphic and verbiage post and expect success from that. You’ve got to incorporate relationship marketing. ” – Janet Parks. 


If you would like to connect with Janet and learn more awesome ideas when it comes to booking parties and really just growing your party plan company, you can find her on her website or on Facebook at solutionsforsellers.com and https://www.facebook.com/groups/jpsforsellers.


How to get involved

  • If you are ready to take your business online and have the system to free up your time AND bring in the customers and recruits you want, check out www.socialtenacitytraining.com!
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