EP 167 So You Want to Start A Side Hustle

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 So You Want to Start A Side Hustle


“Find the people who have the lifestyle that you want and really tap into how they think.”


Craig Clickner




Today’s Podcast is number 167. Brooke has a meaningful conversation with a Midwestern husband & wife duo, Craig Clickner & Carrie Bohlig. They realized that if they wanted to create an exceptional life with choices and autonomy, they had to go out of bounds on the mainstream “go to school and get a good job” adage. Since they were not hardcore enough to quit their jobs and attempt to gut out a startup, they instead jumped into the world of moderate entrepreneurship, meaning they started their first wave of side hustles.


Craig and Carrie talk a lot about an idea called Life Set.


“If mindset is your way of thinking, then life set is your way of living.” Craig Clickner


Mindset is like your opinions and how you think, life set is your way of living in your choices. What they have found is a lot of people are chasing the money, but the foundation is all messed up. If you don’t have ongoing revenue set up it’s going to be really hard to build something substantial outside of the day job. 


Craig and Carrie talk about finances and family, faith, having fun and your relationships. If those areas can be in decent order, then can go build a real business on top of that. The best thing that you can do is set a good life example. 

They also talk about life vision, which is like you asking yourself not what do I want to do, but how do I want to live? They have seen people in a lot of different industries who are very successful, but they didn’t necessarily invest the time early on for laying a firm foundation. 


Laying a firm foundation is such an important area to slow down and learn about personal develop, growing your leadership, and really live out success principles. It should really bleed and transfer into every area of your life if you’re doing it well. 


Some things that people can do to create that solid foundation are first get a good job, but put boundaries around it. And then don’t waste time at the office. Then stop spending money on “stupid stuff.” You don’t need the expensive car or gigantic house. Don’t try to impress people with what you have, especially when you haven’t built and created and earned it yet. 


“Be smart, impress people with your thinking, impress people with your work ethic, impress people with your conviction. ” – Craig Clickner


Craig and Carrie have written a book that covers the whole spectrum from a comprehensive standpoint on how to actually build something, but not short-term and, and commission-based, but very significant in nature that actually can change your lifestyle and have a really big impact on you and your family’s life.  There’s a link for the book and a few free downloadables on their website, tandem consulting.co.


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