EP 169 Building a Personal Brand is easier than you think

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Building a Personal Brand is easier than you think

“A personal brand is so much more than trying to sell yourself.”


Tacie Avedikian



In Podcast 169 Brooke has a conversation with Tacie Avedikian on a topic that is something that so many network marketers need. That topic is personal branding.


Tacie has always been interested in people and marketing and wanted to help people build their business brand, advertisements and do media buys. When she got into the marketing field she started doing more market research. She loved understanding the why behind the marketing that we were actually choosing for our clients


“Having your brand really changes the whole dynamic of how you do business.” Tacie Avedikian

Having an understanding of your personal brand paints a nice picture for everybody that you’re working with. 

It also provides a comfort for you and knowing that you know exactly what you’re doing and how you want to help people.

Building a personal brand is not as hard as people think. It’s really just having an idea of what it is that you are doing, how you want to do it, who you want to be able to work with and who you want to help. 


It’s important to create a digital presence. Find those platforms that your ideal audiences are on and just show them a piece of who you are and how that has led to where you are and what you’re doing today.

 You want to be engaging. You don’t want everything to be about you or just what’s happening on your page. You want to show that you are in fact a good connection to be networking with and a good connection to have.


“Putting yourself out there and also giving back to those who are willing to connect with you is definitely key and it changes the whole dynamic of a relationship.” – Tacie Avedikian


If you would like to connect with Tacie and find out more of her tips on how to build your personal brand, you can reach out to her on LinkedIn   https://www.linkedin.com/in/tavedikian/. You can also visit her website www.littlebirtdmarketing.com.

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