EP 171 Choosing the Right MLM company

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Choosing the Right MLM company


“In a lot of Network Marketing companies you’ve got a couple people that feel like they’re making a lot of money and then the masses that just aren’t making anything.”


Zane Gray



So many people ask Brooke questions like, “what company should I join? I don’t know if I’m with the right company, how do I choose the right company?” In today’s Podcast, 171, Brooke talks about where network marketing is going, how to choose a company and what things to look for. 


Brooke’s guest is Zane Gray who has created a very different company from everything else that’s out there. His company looks differently at the industry and he’s creating something that is really for the 21st century. 


“Sometimes network marketing is like a dirty word .” Zane Gray


Zane explains that when he was looking at network marketing companies the reason people join is they want to get the product, maybe the discount, but they aren’t really wanting to go out selling it. 


There’s a couple reasons for that. In Zane’s opinion the  number one reason is oftentimes the product isn’t priced right.  Second thing is you have a product or something that people would buy.


Zane created a company where if you refer people and they buy, you’re gonna make a really good income, a really good commission basically. But he also said, if you do wanna build a team, I wanna pay you to build a team as well. And he just tried to marry those two worlds together.

His philosophy is to give customers a reason to come back. His company gives them an opportunity just if they’ll share, they actually can get cash back too. That is theirs. And they don’t have to sign up to be a rep. 


Zane has a training course that teaches his reps to be endo coaches to help their customers live an endo balanced life.


“An important thing in business as well is being able to target your specific people.” – Zane Gray


If you would like to know more about Zane’s new company and what it is all about, check out www.sucavu.com.


How to get involved

  • If you are ready to take your business online and have the system to free up your time AND bring in the customers and recruits you want, check out www.socialtenacitytraining.com!
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