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EP51: Why Your Company Training Isn’t Enough

“It’s critical for you to build your own training to make sure your team knows the ropes and what to do to be successful.”

Brooke Elder (14:22 – 14:37)

Many people struggle through a bumpy onboarding process when they get started in network marketing. Companies don’t always provide the resources and tools needed for success. Uplines aren’t always helpful, so it’s no surprise that the average turnover rate for a network marketer is just three months. 

“There’s something to say about getting trained by people who are in the trenches and doing it right there with you.” 

– Brooke Elder (11:20 – 11:29)

Train New Recruits the Right Way for Your Business Success

Within three months of launching my website, over 10,000 people began accessing my training tools for authentic network marketing. I realized that no matter how great a company’s training system is, it’s never going to be enough. Here are three reasons why you should build your own training system:

  1. Develop Confident Recruits. Jumping into the world of network marketing. can be scary and exciting all at once. New recruits can face resistance in the form of negative self-talk or disapproving family members and friends. What can you do in their first 30 days to assure them that they’ve made the right decision? How can you personalize their training so new recruits quickly succeed and gain confidence?
  2. Build an Authentic Team Culture. It’s inspiring to hear the success stories of top leaders in your company. But it’s far more helpful and efficient if new recruits learn what has and hasn’t worked from their own upline. Share the lessons you’ve learned to create unity in your team as you work towards the same goal.
  3. Increase Retention. When you give your team the tools they need to succeed, your directs, first, second, and third lines can all grow, and they’ll be able to train their new recruits the right way. Profits will increase as each person becomes a more valuable member of your team.

“When you have your entire team trained in the same way, you can all row together in the same boat.” – Brooke Elder (20:23 – 20:29)

The real magic happens when your whole team is trained your way. But tt might feel overwhelming at first, so do your best to start small and go from there. Facebook has a great new feature available to you. If you change the type of your group to “social learning,” then you’ll have access to a section called Units, where you can create your own team training. You can map out what your new recruits need to know within the first 90 days and upload them on a weekly basis. It’s that simple. All you need to do is get started.

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