EP82: Shadow Values and the Things That Are Holding You Back with Tricia Peterson - Socialtenacity
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EP82: Shadow Values and the Things That Are Holding You Back with Tricia Peterson

Half of your brain is telling you to eat the pint of ice cream – and the other half is urging you to remember your new diet. It's a familiar feeling, right? But do you know why those counterproductive habits stick around even though you consciously don't want them to? In fact, it all comes down to what you value (although figuring those values out can take some digging). 

On this episode of the Authentic Influencer podcast, Brooke and Tricia break down the concept of shadow values and how they block your progress, touch on the ways a rebellious spirit can be an asset, and give some insight on how you can stop self-sabotaging by confronting your own personal shadow values

You'll Learn  

  • What happens when your subconscious and conscious minds have different value sets, and why it's important to honor your subconscious
  • How addressing another person's shadow values can help them move past their self-sabotaging behaviors
  • What a “golden value” is and how to tap into yours
  • And much more! 

Favorite Quote

“When we want to rebel and we want to push those boundaries, it really pushes us into a space where we are able to be the change makers in the world.”

 – Tricia Peterson

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