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EP83: Personal Brands Pay Off in 6-Figure Income with Shannel Rivera


It's a common misconception that doing what you love won't – or can't – make the kind of money you want to make. That just isn't true! In fact, nothing contributes more to your success than knowing who you are and using it to serve others.

Shannel Rivera's incredible success story started with a double life: by day, she was breaking records and dominating at FedEx. By night, she was building a community of women dedicated to supporting each other. Since then, Shannel has built an exceptional and fulfilling career as the CEO of Beauty and Hustle that allows her to uplift other women and operate in perfect alignment with her personal brand. 

On this episode of the Authentic Influencer podcast, Shannel and Brooke talk about the twists and turns that brought Shannel to where she is today, how to find and create genuine alignment in what you do, and how to construct your personal brand to attract customers who can't get enough. Listen in for an empowering boost of knowledge and inspiration!

You'll Learn  

  • Why comparing your success to someone else's is a trap that will block your progress
  • How a strong personal brand makes you recession-proof
  • What you can do to reconnect with your actual passions (you know, the ones 5-year-old you loved and adult you forgot about)
  • And much more! 

Favorite Quote

“Everyone wants somewhere to belong, period. And if you can create that safe space, and you integrate a product or service into that, people are still going to come to you and you're still going to show up for them, regardless of what's going on in the world.”

 – Shannel Rivera

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