Facebook Groups for Fostering Customer Relationships

Facebook Groups for Fostering Customer Relationships

Using Facebook Groups is a great tool for fostering customer relationships. It offers you an intimate online community to connect with potential customers and exisiting customers. Through your Facebook Group you are able to foster a community that brings in more sales for your direct sales business. Let’s chat about what content to include in your Facebook group.

Most people want to distinguish the difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook page. A Facebook page is where you establish your brand and attract your ideal customers. Eventually you will lead them into your Facebook group. Think of it like a physical billboard or store sign you see when driving down the road. You immediately get a first impression of their branding just by seeing the outside of the business.

The next step is going inside of the business which in your case would be your Facebook group. This is where you get the experience of the company and brand. In addition, you are able to have direct conversations with customers and show off your products and services in your unique way.

There are two types of content you should be creating for your Facebook Group:
  1. Lifestyle Content

Lifesyle content is where you provide content that relates to the life and experience of your ideal customer. For instance,  if you are targeting mothers, you will start creating content that resonates with moms such as GIFS about motherhood, personal stories and images of your own children, and stories that hit on pain points of motherhood or lack of personal care because of motherhood.

2. Transformation Content

Transformation content demonstrates the journey from pain point to desired outcome. In other words, this is where you will pain the picture for your ideal customer on how your product or service is their vehicle to get to where they want to be. This content can come in the form of testimonials, your personal journey, Live Videos, and other creative content that focuses on the area of transformation.

When you implement these two types of content into your Facebook group, you will see the power of connection take place. However, remember to keep your content on-brand and unique to who you are speaking to.


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