Facebook Groups: Growing Your Business

Facebook is one of the best places to be on the world wide web for businesses; especially Facebook Groups. They have designed their platform to be suited for both consumers and business owners. There are many ways you can gain traction for your business on the Facebook platform, but today we are going to focus in on how using Facebook Groups can grow your business.

One of the most useful ways of gaining traction in your business to create a community. Thankfully, Facebook has created a way for you to easily do this using Facebook Groups. The goal of having a Facebook group is to create a community with like-minded people. AKA- your ideal clients. This will turn into your biggest group of supporters and customers.

Here are three steps to help you create your Facebook Group:

  1. Give your Facebook Group a clear, specific name
  2. Outline the purpose of your group
  3. Create 30 days of content before inviting people to your group
    Your Facebook group name should call in your ideal client. It should let someone know what the group is about. Choose clarity over cutesy names for this one!Outline the purpose of your group. Is your main goal to recruit team members or create loyal customers? This is going to play a major role when you start creating content.

    Create 30 days of content before inviting people to your group. Categories you can use when creating content is education, inspiration, celebration, and stories!

    Your AIM of the day is to create this Facebook group! For more in-depth training, be sure to check out the most recent podcast talking all about growth on social media!

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