Five Ways to Succeed in Direct Sales without Experiencing Burnout

It’s so challenging to be authentic in your direct sales business when every company is teaching the spammy weirdo method. You know the one—reach out to anyone with a pulse, post a lot of memes on your Facebook page, and make sure your life looks picture-perfect in all your social media.

The problem with trying to pull off this type of marketing is it can leave you totally burned out.  Did you know that most new recruits never make it past the 90-day mark? Those kinds of stats are pretty enlightening on why it’s difficult to grow a team.

Thankfully, there is a better way to make a living through direct sales, even though it’s probably not what your upline taught you. If you want to grow your business to new levels and not feel like you’re chasing your friends and family, here’s some rules to follow.

One: Go for the Cold Market

Even though your friends and family love you, they’re not the best choice for growing your business. They’re a great place to start, but you’ll want to hurry and move away from your close circle.

It seems counterintuitive since they love you, but even your most supportive friends and family members can only buy so many of your products. No matter how great your product is, don’t make your mom or sisters have to stock up a small closet just so you can reach your monthly sales volume!

The thought of reaching out to the cold market scares a lot of people, but once you start doing it you—and doing it the right way, to the right people—you’ll find it can actually be a lot of fun.

Two: Target the Right People

This is something that a lot of direct sales companies get wrong. They usually urge you to talk to everyone you meet about your business because “it’s a numbers game,” they say.

That’s partly true. Yes, you do have to reach people in order to get sales and recruits. But there’s no product sold through direct sales that’s perfect for everyone, even if they could use your it.

For example, just because (most) people use shampoo and toothpaste, doesn’t mean they’re the right target market for your business’s particular shampoo and toothpaste. Some people only use baking soda on their teeth. Other people are never going to want to pay more than two dollars for a bottle of shampoo. And that’s ok!

The best way to find the right people is to find a particular niche. A niche is a very thin segment of the market. Think your niche is tired moms? Nope, too broad. A true niche is going to be very specific, like “Tired moms over age 35 with toddler twins” or “Menopausal grandmothers who love goat yoga.”

Marketing to a niche does take more time up front: you have to figure who these people are and where to find them. But once you find that sweet spot, you’ll have a group of people who relate to you, who love you, and who are excited to buy anything you sell.

Three: Serve your Niche

Here’s where things get fun: provide value specifically for your niche market. You can make checklists for innovative ways to use your product, write fun newsletters, and create special groups for your niche. Give your “tribe” content that goes beyond just what you’re selling.

Become the resource, the go-to person, for your niche. If grandma likes goat yoga, she might be interested in a funky headband, ways to do yoga with grandchildren, or building strong bones with lifting weights. Or, if she really loves what you have to offer, she might just become your next team member!

Four: Be Vulnerable

Don’t be afraid to show up as who you really are. Trying to make your “laptop lifestyle” look like something out of a celebrity magazine isn’t going to fool anyone. Chances are that even the celebrities are faking it for the camera!

Not only do you not have to have a picture-perfect life, but you shouldn’t try to make it appear that you do. You’re going to be a lot more relatable if you keep things real. If you’re having to “fake it” for your niche, then you need to go back and think about who you truly want to serve.

People like to buy from people they can relate to—especially if the person is like them, but has overcome some sort of problem. It builds trust and gives them hope.

Five: Do Online Right

You’re going to stand a far better chance of finding your niche when you’re able to do it online. Your yoga-loving grandmothers are probably scattered from coast-to-coast. Or there may only be a handful of 35-year-old moms with twins in your town, but once you open your search to the online world, you could be potentially reach tens of thousands of moms, depending on the market to which you can sale.

We’ve got an in-depth webinar that is going to teach you exactly how you can use the power of the Internet to find your niche, grow your sales, and recruit new members in the next 12 months…all while staying true to yourself and avoiding burn-out.

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