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How to Find Your Niche & Your Passion in Your Business

Brooke Elder discusses how to find your niche and how to find your passion in your business. Listen to Hayley Zeidman as she describes her journey in identifying her niche markets.

I am so excited for this interview with Hayley Zeidman! She is a rock star in her business, but it didn’t start that way. Hayley had a hard time in the beginning deciding on what path she should go down, but as soon as she got clarity in her network marketing business, success was right around the corner. Hayley is on fire in her business now because she knows who she helps and how she can help them.

Finding your passion, finding your target audience, and finding your target markets are all part of your personal branding and potential business success. When you get clarity about your business and these elements of your business, you’ll start to better understand how you can serve your audience. So, what is your niche? If you’re not sure, I hope this video interview can provide you some insight on how Hayley found her niche.

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