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Identify Your Target Market With Focused Marketing

Making money online is a lot like a crap shoot sometimes. There is no guarantee of success and many online businesses fail. In most cases, it's because the business owner didn't really know who to market to.Most site owners assume that because there are millions of users searching for products and services online there'a guaranteed percentage that will be purchasing from them. The truth is, internet shoppers can be quite fickle. The trick is to identify your target market and reach out to them as effectively as possible. Trying to reach out to everyone at once is a waste of time and money.

Marketing online is like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding the ideal audience can be a big challenge. Some business owners never find their demographic, and they end up floundering for years until they establish their brand. With focus marketing, business owners can work to find their target market and reach out to their most valuable customers, the ones who will make purchases and come back for more time and time again. IN order to do this effectively business owners have to ask, what is a target market? A target market is the group of customers who will remain loyal and considers the products or services being offered the perfect solution.


Identifying Your Target Market

Many marketing experts will recommend finding the ideal client's pain point. This is a type of marketing that allows the business to make an emotional connection to their client and use those emotions to provide the perfect solution to them. For example, brands such as Nike established a connection with athletes who want to be the best by presenting their products as the ideal tool to reach their maximum potential. This pain point allows the company to access the emotions that drive customers to purchase their products and remain loyal to their brand.

Discovering the pain point of the ideal customer starts with creating an avatar. To create your ideal client avatar it's important to know what the problem is that needs to be solved. The products and services being offered need to be the ideal solution to that problem. This makes it possible to make a connection with customers based on their own experiences. In other words, the product or service itself makes an emotional impact. By establishing a more poignant connection business will have the ability to keep customers coming back time after time.


identifying your target market-pinterestPut Focused Marketing into Action

The principle behind this practice is that it is assumed that the ideal clients provide up ninety-percent of the total revenue earned. The clients that provide the majority of the revenue earned are only a small percentage of the total amount of customers being served. Rather than catering to the majority, companies can focus on the majority. This makes it easier to connect with more clients of the same demographic. With this practice, businesses connect with more of their ideal clients and earn more per client, and therefore earn more overall. This focused style of marketing can help business start earning the kind of revenue they deserve while satisfying customers in a more direct way.

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