Instagram for the Network Marketer


Learn how to optimize your Instagram Profile for your Network Marketing Business and attract more team members and customers.

It’s no secret your ideal client may be hanging out on Instagram. We see so many network marketers posting on Instagram but we are cringing with what we are seeing! There is an authentic way to use Instagram to reach your potential team members and customers. In this blog, we will discuss the steps to optimizing your Instagram account.

Instagram Profile Picture

Your Instagram profile picture needs to be of YOU. We recommend using an image that is a headshot or a photo of your smiling and looking toward the camera. This shows there is a real person behind the account and encourages connection.

Instagram Bio + Description

For your bio, there is a formula you can follow. The bold portion of your bio should contain keywords because these are searchable. Your Instagram handle will determine what you put in this bold portion. So for example if your Instagram handle is @janesmith then you would want to use keywords in the bolded section that identify what you do or how you help.

Success Coach for Female Entrepreneurs
ZYIA Active Rep
Fashion Blogger
Atlanta Photographer

This is a key piece of your bio because you are allowing people to find you using what they are looking for.

Next, you have a few lines to use to explain WHO you help and HOW you help. Things you do NOT want to include are: Sign up for your 20-40% discount here; Join My Team; or inserting your company’s name. That comes off as spammy and like you are on the hunt for a sale.

Pretend you are at a dinner party and meeting someone for the first time. They ask you what you do. Now type out your answer.

“I teach moms how to organize their homes with totes and get rid of the chaos through tutorials and consults.” (Thirty One Consultant)

“I’m a fitness trainer for brides looking to get fit and healthy before their big day.”
(Beach Body Coach)

“I’m a beauty influencer who encourages women fighting insecurities through makeup tutorials and blogging.”
(SeneGence, Younique, any Makeup company Rep)

See? It’s that simple!

Your Call-To-Action & Website Link

The last component of optimizing your profile is to have an intriguing call to action to offer your follower something and to connect with you.

My best advice for you here is to create something that you can give away for free in exchange for their email address. You can create a checklist, a guide, a video, a free training, etc. Something that is going to make them say “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!”

Then you will create a landing page or use your website to link this free offer for people to go and get.

If you do not have an opt-in, you can simply invite people to join your community (Facebook group) but give them a specific reason why. Is there a tutorial inside your group that everyone loved? Can they connect with you inside of your group and get resources or support?

You are well on your way after applying these tips to your Instagram! For more in-depth trainings including our Instagram Crash Course for the Network Marketer, check out our Secret Society!

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