I wanted to talk to you today about knowing when and what to quit. I’m sure that’s something that you think. Well, no one really talks about quitting, right? Everyone’s like, “You don’t quit,” like, “Keep going. You’ve got this,” right? Well, there are times where there are things that you just … you need to quit. Things that are not giving you a return on your investment or an ROI. You may have heard that in marketing and things like that, but you want to look and see what is the return on the investment that you are putting in.

Are you getting a return on the time that you’re putting in? Especially when you very first start your business, you’re putting in a lot of time. It may not cost you a lot of money to get started, but it does take you a lot of time.

I remember back when I first got started growing my networking marketing business, I did a ton of fairs and shows. All summer long, it was like every weekend I was spending three or four days in the hot sun working my booth, getting people to buy my stuff, and sign up for my team. It worked well, but then I looked at the return on my time, and there were some shows that were awesome, and I loved them, and I continued doing them over and over because I got the return on my time. But there were some where I didn’t get a return on my time.

This is one area, especially when it comes to doing shows, that you got to look at how much you’re actually making because I remember talking to some friends who they would say that they paid $100 to get into the show and then they made $300, so they were up 200. But they’re not also counting the cost of all of the products that they sold. If you only earned, say, 25% commission, and let’s say you do $400 in sales, and it cost you $100 to get in, you actually made nothing. If you spent 10, 20 hours doing that and you got paid zero, then that’s not a good investment of your time.

You want to look at all the aspects of your business and you’re going to do his by looking at every area and everything that you do. How I do this when I set this up is I look at everything that I do for my business, I write it down. If it’s sending out catalogs or if it’s calling old customers, or if it’s posting on Facebook, everything that you do, you want to make a list of everything and then look at … see what is the return on your investment. Whether it be time or money, what is the return?

If you have things that are not giving a return, then those are the things that you need to quit. If you only are focusing on the things that are actually giving you your return, it’s a very easy way to, in just a few months, to double and even triple your income because you’re putting all your efforts in things that actually are providing you an outcome.

When you’re looking at what to quit, it’s okay to quit things, even if it’s something that it may work for your up-line or your down-line or a side-line sister. If it works for them, awesome. If it doesn’t work for you, you need to quit, and you need to only focus on the things that are bringing you a return on your investment of time or money.

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