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Meet Marion Cook

The Situation

Marion is affiliated with Amway Corporation. Her number one challenge when she came to work with Social Tenacity was how to dig deep and believe in herself. She also wanted to learn more about on-line marketing.

The Solution

Marion used the Social Tenacity roadmap process to discover who she could best serve, determine what that looked like and develop her avatar.

The Success

After “feeling fake and all over the place,” Marion got the guidance she needed to use the best aspects of her catalyst personality style and not just take action, but take meaningful action.

Once she put teachings into motion, Marion discovered, “They actually work!” She learned she was here to add value, and that there were so many hurting women she could help.

“My confidence was not there to make even a single post. Just the thought of being part of a group and to share my story seemed strange. Now I experience that my story can be someone’s lifeline, if I allow myself to be vulnerable enough.”

Marion’s sales, customers and group have doubled and continue to grow. “More people see me as an expert in my field, so my confidence grew the most!” she says.

Marion’s Mission:

I help moms going through separation and divorce stay focused, create new goals and have the energy to deal with new emotional and physical demands.

Find Marion here:

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