Brooke Elder

Brooke is the founder of Social Tenacity. She has over 10 years of experience in direct sales. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, network marketers, and bloggers build their business online and take them to the next level. She is a master at making your business automated, get the right kind of recruits into your business and showing you how to free up your time. She has a Masters in Business Ownership.

hope howland

Hope Howland

Hope is your personal Concierge through your journey. She is a great support for you throughout the program. Hope is your right hand person for any help you need throughout the program. She is there to help you every step of the way, guiding you to where you need to be, answering questions and being the best cheerleader you have ever had.


Tricia Peterson

Tricia is a Nero Business Coach. She specializes in retraining your brain for success. She can determine what is holding you back in a matter of minutes. Being successful in any path is 90% mindset so trying to create a successful business without having someone help you with your mindset is crazy. That’s why Tricia is here to help you. She will give you the tools and a new way of thinking about a situation that will open your eyes to opportunities that you didn’t even know could exist.

Program Coaches


Melissa Campbell

Development Coach


Alice Edgerton

Cultivation Coach


Sean Faber

Automation Coach


Brooke Elder

Leadership Coach

Enrollment Team

nicole easton

NiCole Easton

hayley wertz

Hayley Wertz

nicole archer

Nicole Archer


Beth Trausch


Louise Henline

Christie Chauncey After 8

Cristi Chauncey