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Meet Rachel King

The Situation

Rachel and her husband are affiliated with Primerica. Her number one challenge when she came to work with Social Tenacity was clarity. Rachel says, “We didn’t know what we were doing or why we were doing it.”

The Solution

After attending a Social Tenacity Summit, Rachel realized she could make a big difference in the trajectory of their business. By being intentional versus reactionary, she and her husband worked to define the problem they solved and discover their true mission.

The Success

Summit is where Rachel had her “aha” moment. She realized that she wanted to help and serve other young couples who were struggling. She found a passion and a purpose by going through the Foundation exercises which “really helped us open our eyes and find a shared purpose.”

Rachel is a big believer in the power of dreams, “Dreams are the stuff that goals make happen. They stretch us, and, if the dream is deeply planted in our hearts, they motivate us to take action.”

Using newfound skills learned at the Summit, Rachel says they now have a brand, a growing community and that they’ve gained three new clients over the past two months.

“I feel like we are seeds just starting to sprout. But, this time, I feel like we have richer soil around us to help us grow!”

Rachel’s Mission:

My husband and I help young couples who are struggling with planning for the unexpected so that they have peace of mind for tomorrow.

Find Rachel here:

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