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Meet Sarah Heyder

The Situation

Sarah is affiliated with Plexus. Her number one challenge when she came to work with Social Tenacity was mindset.
Sarah says, “I was getting in my own way. I wasn’t authentic, especially in the way I was posting things.” It
was affecting friendships and people were starting to block her on social media.

The Solution

Sarah says she was nearly ready to give up when she decided to work with Social Tenacity, where she learned
the value of being authentic. “Being able to find a way to share that was true to me helped me realize that I wasn’t
my company. I needed to find my avatar and communicate with that one person.”

The Success

Since she first started with Social Tenacity, Sarah says the way she feels about doing business has completely
changed. It’s redefined how she thinks about success, “Success is an odd word. To me, success has been finding
my passion and being able to share from the heart. It’s understanding that I am enough, and that I have something
to give to others.”

Once she took a step back, evaluated her strengths and really looked at what was most important to her, Sarah was
able to develop her unique mission and begin building her personal, profitable, heart-centered business.
“I find joy in the small victories and wins.”

Sarah’s Mission:

I help moms build
self-confidence while releasing anxiety so they
can create lasting memories with their children
and families.

Find Sarah here:

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