Recruiting Roadmap: Developing Leaders

What is it that we have to do to get the people we want to be on our team?

You need to create your offer and know what the ONE problem you solve is. Then you need to master closing the deal by having a conversation with your prospect. It’s all about listening and playing a detective! We talked about both of those topics in part I and II of this series. Once you get those people on your team, the next part is how do you get those people to become leaders?

Or in other words… how do you get those people to become your team builders?

If you are in the Secret Society we have a training on onboarding new recruits. That is a great way to get people in! When I was in Network Marketing, I always held an interview with new consultants. I wanted to know what their goals were and what they were working towards. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that everyone wants to go to the top of their company.

You are going to get people on your team who just want to get their feet wet and you will have those Rockstars who go all in. You are there to support all of them but you are going to focus more on the team building leaders.

Create a fast-track way to get there!

One of the things I did to develop leaders was to create a fast-track way to get there. Most network marketing companies are adopting this concept in their business model. You can create something like this for your own team. I would put together a group once a month for those who want to become leaders. I held weekly meetings with them to find their goals and help them craft a way for them to get there.

I would design my training to have one focus. For example, I would say this week we are focusing on sales. What are we going to do to promote sales? How does this product relate to your people you are talking to? Come up with your own special you can offer. Help them craft a plan for it. Doing it as a group is the best way because you don’t have to have all the answers. It’s a community of you coming together and working on it. Think of it as a mini mastermind.

Help them realize this is THEIR business! They are in charge but you can give them tools.

Instill the belief they can do this!

They don’t NEED you!! Set boundaries. Empower them. Create those systems and processes. 

Consider creating a training center! Take the most frequently asked questions and create trainings and videos for them. You can also set up videos walking your team through joining, placing orders, marketing, etc.

If you want all of this to be a plug and play in your own business, come join the secret society! You can get tons of value, tons of information inside of it! But the high-level program for leaders is our In Pursuit of Recruits and you can apply for that here.

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