Recruiting Roadmap: How to Close the Deal

How Close the Deal with Potential Prospects in Your Network Marketing Business

In Part One of this Recruiting Roadmap series, we discussed creating an irresistible offer. Today we are going to focus on how to close the deal when you find the right people you were meant to serve. Once you find your people, how do you get them to say yes to your opportunity and jump in?

Take your expectations out of it!

The only expectation you should have when speaking to someone is how you can leave that person even better than how you found them. Maybe you are going to make an impact on them by sharing your story and giving them a glimpse of hope. Maybe it’s by sharing a product, building a relationship, or bringing them onto your team. People can feel your energy so be very mindful of this. If you are just talking with someone because you are desperate to grow your team, they are going to feel that and put a guard up.

How do we keep our focus on being in a place of service?

Let’s say that you know of this awesome shampoo that is great and it’s something that has been a game changer for you. This is a product that they can get at Walmart. You are talking with a friend and she starts talking about her hair and you tell her “oh hey I just tried this shampoo out and it has been a game changer. I bought it at Walmart.” They just told you they have a problem and you in turn gave them a solution. It should be the same way when it comes to talking about your opportunity and products in direct sales. Keep the focus on them!

As you are talking to your prospects, you are looking for a specific type of person. You have a solution and you are trying to find someone with that problem. You are going to be looking for clues. Your ideal person is someone who is driven, wants to retire their husband, and wants to go all in as an example.

So you are talking to someone and they mention they are a stay at home mom and wish they had more adult interaction. You can say “I totally understand. I found my company I am with that has really helped me.” But you are not going to pitch them. You are simply going to ask: “What if you had that? How would your life change?”

You are leading people to the answer by asking LOTS of questions!

You: If you had that, how would the rest of your week look?

Her: I would show up as a better mom.

You are playing detective.

It’s going to take a while. They don’t know the answers because they haven’t asked themselves these questions. The first time you do this, it’s going to be awkward. But the more you do, the better you will get at this.

“I’m looking for people who want their own business. You have to work for it, but I am trying to get a couple women together so we can focus on our one main goal: We all want to bring our husbands home. Does this sound like something you are interested in?”

Then you give them business specifics. Talk about the business in a box concept. There are different ways you can get paid. How you present your company MATTERS.

Talk about objections.

At this point the objections might start to creep in.

It’s time to role play! Ask your prospect this question is she says she needs to talk with her husband: What do you think he is going to say? You are going to get their REAL objection! They are going to say it costs a lot of money or it takes too much time. Then you are going to ask: “What are you going to tell them?” Now they have to SOLVE that objection!

Most people are scared to take action because it is SCARY! They don’t think about the opportunity cost. You have probably heard the saying the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW. What is that worth?

The main focus here is you are going in and providing solutions. Get laser focused! You are HELPING and SERVING people.

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