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Roadmap to Recruiting in Direct Sales

Roadmap to Recruiting

The golden question is everyone is asking is “How do I get recruits?!” You've asked it. Other have asked it. And now I am creating your roadmap to recruiting in direct sales.

  1. Get specific on WHO you want on your team (list their attributes)
  2. Create a System for your team to go through so you are all on the same page
  3. Create content that attracts your ideal team member
  4. Offer the opportunity

    Let's break it down.

Get Specific On WHO You Want on Your Team

You are not trying to recruit everyone on your team. Make a list of the attributes and characteristics of who you want to be on your team. What is she like? What does her lifestyle look like? Does she have another job? Where does she desire to be? The list goes on and on. Get super clear on who you are wanting to become your team member.

Create a System for Your Team

Before you ever recruit someone, it is important to have a system in place for them to walk through. Once you have recruits coming in the door, you can't afford to spend hours training each person. You need to create systems for your future team members that include trainings, frequently asked questions, and roadmaps. This not only saves you time and energy, but makes sure that everyone has had the same training.

Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Team Member

Gone are the days of cold messaging. Simply messaging people out of the blue telling them you have an awesome opportunity that they should consider does not work. It is spammy and will not get you a team of firecrackers. You need to be creating content that speaks to their desires and pain points. What does your opportunity provide? How can they use this opportunity to get from point A to point B? How much time can they expect to spend on their business? Create content that shows them what it looks like behind the scenes.

Offer The Opportunity

This one may seem obvious, but I am truly surprised by the amount of people who don't EVER talk about the opportunity but desire a team. You have to step outside of your comfort zone and talk about it. I mean you can't expect to recruit if people don't even know that is an option.

There you have it. I hope this roadmap to recruiting helps you. I hope it paints the picture of what is required to set the foundation of recruiting. For more trainings like this take a look at our membership program and see if it is a fit for you.

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