The Four Legs of Business

The Four Legs of Business

Want to learn what is really takes to run your business? You need each one of these legs to have a successful and sustainable business. I’m super excited to share these with you because this si something that I had to learn the hard way.

Having a Strong Foundation

It’s amazing how important having a strong mindset is. If you are talking to a lot of people, you are probably hearing a lot of rejection. If you have a strong mindset, then those things don’t bother you as much. You are able to keep your eye on the overall goal. You will have setbacks and obstacles in your business. That is a guarantee. So it is crucial that you have a strong mindset.

Another part of this foundation is having systems in place. This is how you get things done in your business which includes schedules and time blocking. What are some ways you can be productive in your business? Putting together systems will help you get more done and allow you to feel like you can handle it all.

Here’s a podcast episode that can help you with boundaries and being more productive:


This means that we will be cultivating all the ideas and making things happen! If you’re a dreamer and have tons of ideas, then you will probably come to the point where you have a bunch of ideas and nothing actually happens. How do you know what your audience will actually want from you? YOu figure this out by cultivation. You ask questions.

This is the phase we are trying things out and seeing if our market wants what we are offer. What experiences or offers do I have that others can benefit from? These are the questions you want to work through for this phase.


Once you’ve cultivated your ideas, the next phase is developing that idea and giving it to your audience. This is where putting things on social media and building an email list comes into play. This is one of the most crucial steps in your business.

Imagine if your network marketing company closed their doors. Would you have a business? If you have assets built up, you will still have a business. You want to have something you can control to where if your company went away you could still hook up with another company or continue on your own with your offer.



In order to have a successful business, you have to be a good leader. When you start growing a team, it can be hard to step into leadership. What do you do with all your team members and how do you steward them to their definition of success?

When you are a good leader, you show people how to run their business authentically. This leg of business includes onboarding, training, and resources for your team members. The ability of your leadership is directly tied to your overall success in your company.

Part of being a good leader is helping your team understand systems and processes. Help them learn what allows you to be successful that they can replicate to fit their own business.

The other part of being a good leader is having boundaries and being a good example of boundaries to your team. You have to have solid, clear boundaries to help you be the best leader you can be. People will do what you do, not what you say.

If you are interested in learning all the legs of running a successful and sustainable business, then check out the Secret Society for Network Marketers.



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