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Top Recruitment Tips For Network Marketing And Direct Sales Businesses

The terms network marketing and direct sales refer to similar and often overlapping business models, both of which rely to a great extent on recruitment. With direct sales, recruitment typically refers to recruiting customers while network marketers are seeking out both customers and new sales representatives. The following are some expert tips for how to grow your direct sales business online.

Use Face-To-Face Strategies

Most successful network and direct sales marketers start with their extended circle of family and friends. Inviting friends to a party or demonstration is an excellent first step. By activating a face-to-face network, sellers can begin honing their presentation skills. Once helpful friends and family members understand what the seller has to offer, they can help with recruitment by referring their own contacts. Ask explicitly for referrals and offer to pay for them if possible. If you want to know how to grow your direct sales business online, start with face-to-face meetings, parties, and public events.

Work The Phone

Many new marketers find it difficult to talk to strangers on the phone, but a phone call is one of the most effective ways to find new customers and recruits. The key to a successful cold call is the position the seller takes. Rather than asking for help, the seller must have something valuable to offer to the right person. Asking questions to determine whether a potential recruit or customer fulfills the seller's requirements, and then listening attentively to the answers can help the seller to eliminate unlikely prospects quickly and form positive relationships with good prospects.

Use Social Media

Don't forget that you can market your direct sales business through facebook. The key to effective recruitment on social media is getting readers to engage with the content. Posting a product advertisement, for example, is much less effective than writing a testimonial about how a product or business can improve someone's life. If you want to use facebook to grow your direct sales business, be sure to ask readers to comment and share the content. Responding to comments is a good way to open a dialogue with a prospective recruit.

Use Other Effective Online Strategies

Email and online marketing allow the seller to cast a wide net in search of recruits. However, there are some important guidelines to follow to get recruits online. First of all, avoid spam at all costs. Instead of random strangers, identify a target market and look for ways to get to know groups of people who fit those criteria. Reaching out to members of online forums, LinkedIn groups, and blogs are all good ways to grow your network marketing business online.

The first year or two in the business can be discouraging because it takes awhile to build referral networks and get a steady stream of residual income. However, persistence can really pay off in the long run.

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