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Transitioning from Hobby to Business in Direct Sales

From Side Hustle to Business in Direct Sales

Have you ever heard the term “side hustle?” A side hustle refers to something that you are doing on the side apart from your main focus. Most of the time this means you are working a full time job or are a stay at home parent and have some type of business that you focus on part time. There are 5 things to implement when transitioning from side hobby to business in your direct sales company.

  1. Creating a Professional Email Address

When you establish your new business, there are going to be quite a few items you need to check off a list to ensure you are treating your company like a real business. Afterall, direct sales companies offer the opportunity of a REAL business with REAL income. If you want to get serious about your business, I highly suggest you creating a professional email address. This says to your customers and potential recruits “I am serious about what I do.”

2. Creating a Separate Banking Account

This is the one step that I see very few people talking about in the network marketing industry. It is so important for you to separate your business and personal transactions and income. It is super simple to create a separate checking account for your business. Be sure to do this so that when tax time rolls around, it will be easy to differentiate.

3. Implementing systems and processes

If you plan to be in business with your direct sales company, then you need to create some systems and processes that you plan to use over and over again. These systems and processes can be replicated by your team so that everyone is successful and treating their direct sales opportunity like a business. Think about the tasks you do in your business over and over again and create a step by step process to store somewhere to share later and look back on. I teach you how to AUTOMATE these systems and processes in my program In Pursuit of Recruits.

4. Schedule Your Work Time

If you are ready to transition from hobby to business, you need to schedule the time in your calendar. You have set times for your 9-5 job so you should also set time for your direct sales business too even if it is only for a couple hours a week. When you designate the time in your calendar, you are more likely to get tasks done and see progress.

5. Investing in your Business & Yourself

The only way to uplevel is to grow. Growth is crucial for a successful business. You need to be investing in personal development and business development. You can invest in these areas through books, podcasts, online trainings, courses, workshops, etc. Just make the investment and you will see WHY it is so important.

There you have it! We covered the 5 things to implement when transitioning from side hobby to business in your direct sales company. For more trainings like this, head over to our Facebook Group.


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