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5 Steps to Up-Level Your Social Media Strategy Today

In this day and age social media is the place to be. I'm breaking down 5 steps to up-level your social media strategy to see an increase in your engagement and business.

1. Be Authentic

You need to be authentic. That means that you are not going to be posting unoriginal content. You aren't going to copy what other people are doing. You are going to create content that is unique to you. One app that you need to be using is Canva. It allows you to create original, unique graphics that match your branding.

When creating content, you are going to be talking about the benefits instead of the features. Think about a car and all the features thta come with it. It has a steering wheel, heated seats, backup camera, wheels, etc. Now what features does your product have?

You want to start talking about the benefits. The benefits of a car is that it's easier to get from point A to point B. The benefit of a backup camera of the car is to help you see better and reduce the risk of backing into something. You want to start highlighting the BENEFITS.

For more tips on being Authentic, check out the Authentic Influencer Podcast.

2. Don't be salesy or spammy.

Don't post “Look we're having a sale!” People see that and scroll right past that. Get creative with your content and make it enticing.

3. When You're Posting, Post VALUE!

Make whatever you're posting entertaining, inspiring, and fun. Tell transformational stories. Show demonstrations and focus on the benefits.

4. Know Your Analytics

This is the thing that stops most online marketers. If you have a Facebook Group, you have a feature called group insights. It's going to tell you what days and times are the best to post, when your audience is most active, and what content your audience wants more of. The same features are available for your Business Page.

If you are only using your personal page, this isn't a built in feature but you can track it yourself. Do it for a week and look back and see what content was most popular.

Analytics are there to help you get better engagement and craft content that your audience actually wants. It's a crucial part to your business and efforts.

5. Embrace Change!

Marketing is always changing. That is a hard thing to accept, but that is the truth. It keeps you on your toes. The algorithm is changing all the time. So you need to be flexible and willing to alter your social media strategy.

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