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Hey, everyone. So excited to see you on here. If you guys have any questions feel free to type it in the chat or leave it in the comments and would love to get back to you. Today I want to talk about a topic that actually has been on my mind for a little while, and it’s how to never have remorse for any decisions that you make. I mean, how many of you have made bad decisions? Like I have made some pretty bad decisions in my life, and sometimes you make those decisions and you’re like, “Oh, I really wish that I never would have done that.”

I want to give you a way that you can look at any decision that you make and you can make sure you don’t have that remorse of like, “Oh, I wish I wouldn’t have made that decision.” That is to look at the ROI, so what does that mean? ROI stands for Return on Investment. So what is your return on investment for that one, think for that decision, what was it?

We hear a lot about return on investment in our business. Like, if I spend a dollar on Facebook ads and I end up making five dollars, that’s a great return on investment, right? I had one dollar, now I have five so I gain four more dollars. That is your rate of return, so your return on investment.

You also have other kinds of return on investment, think about if you do [Fairs and Shows 00:01:26]. If you spend, say a hundred dollars to get into a show and then you have all day that you’re selling stuff and you end up making 400 dollars after you paid off for all of your product and stuff like that, then that’s a good return on investment, right?

It was a great decision to do that show sometimes. I’ve had this happen to me before, I paid seven hundred dollars to get into a show and I only made a hundred dollars after I had sold all of my product, that was not a good return on investment. You can look at decisions and say, “Is this a good return or not?” But you can also use it in your everyday life, it doesn’t like necessarily have to be just what your business does. It doesn’t have to be money wise, it could be other things.

What made me start thinking about this is last week, I surprised my little girls and we took them to Disneyland. They got the whole princess treatment, they got their hair done and sparkles, and they got like the crowns on their heads, and their nails painted and makeup, and they were just in heaven. It was sixty dollars for them to do that. Now, some people will say, “You know, that’s a lot of money.” Some people may say, like, “Oh, that’s pretty good for what you get.” Like they got a backpack with all the stuff, but when they were done and they looked in the mirror and they did their little like a princess wave and everything, that was my return on investment, that was worth the money.

When you make decisions, even if it’s something like it was worth it to me like if any of you moms out there have little girls and like you just want them to be like these little princesses or something like that, like it melted my heart. It was so worth it for me as a mom, and I’m sure you’ve had other experiences with your kids where you’ve been able to give them experiences that it didn’t matter the cost because what you’ve got in return was so much more than what it actually cost you, even though it wasn’t like a direct return like you spend a dollar on Facebook ads and you get five dollars back.

Look at the decisions that you’re making and maybe it’s a bad decision that you made. Maybe you got married and you got a divorce, and it was a horrible divorce and everything was about it was bad, but I’m sure that you learned some things. So think about, what was my return on investment? Maybe you invested five years of your life to this person. What did you gain in return? I guarantee that you can find some good things. Maybe it was just, “I learned that in my next spouse, I need to look for this, this and this,” and it saved you a lot of time figuring that out because now you know exactly who you’re looking for. So maybe that’s one of those things.

This also goes into really being grateful for every situation that you’re in. I look at if you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that a few weeks ago we got evacuated from our home because of a fire. The fire almost like wiped out my entire community, there was just miracle after miracle after miracle that it didn’t. I look at the return on investment of that fire. The fire, yes, it was a horrible thing and it made like six thousand people be evacuated. That’s a horrible thing.

But then I look at the return on investment for that because of all the miracles and everything that happened, I have a son who didn’t believe in God and he does now because he saw the hand of God work in those miracles. That to me is like the best return on investment that I could have.

When you look at those things and you see there may be a bad thing, always look for the good, what’s the return on the investment of that particular situation? I’ve had times where I invested in a coach and she was thousands of dollars and after about a month then, I realized you know what this really isn’t for me but because I had signed a contract I had to see in that contract. I looked and I was like, “There is no way I’m going to earn my money back, because everything that she’s teaching me is things that I already know, and I kind of had a bad attitude about it.”

Once I started looking at, “Okay, what’s my return on investment?” I really started the thinking, “Okay, what are the things that I can take and apply?” Then, I found that return on investment. Really for me, I think it was a little bit premature because the things that I learned from her are things now years later I’m starting to implement and is making the way that I run my company so much better.

Even though you may have done something that wasn’t like the best thing or maybe you invested in something that didn’t work very well and you were thinking, “Okay, this is what I thought.” Just like that show that I did, that was seven hundred dollars to get in and I only made a hundred, but I could look at, “Okay, what were the leads that I got, what were these things?” I know now, like I won’t do that show again but I also learned a lot of things of what made the next show that I did better.

If you’re analyzing this and I think this is something that like, we as normal, moms, dads, like human beings just going through our normal life, we don’t usually look at specific situations and analyze and be like, “What was the return on investment of that?” You know that’s not something that we normally do, but I found that when you look at whatever you’re investing, whatever if it’s a big decision and you’re like, “I’m not sure if this is what I should do. Look at what the return on investment is or what it could be.”

If you have multiple outcomes of a great return on investment then you know it’s going to be a good thing because if you hit this outcome or this outcome or this outcome and all of those things are positive there’s no way that you can have remorse on making that decision. And you always are looking for those things that you can do those return on your investment.

So if you guys have any questions about this or you want to know how you can start applying some maybe strategies in your business and see, “Okay, I want to make some decisions where I can get a return on investment,” because who wouldn’t want to spend a dollar on Facebook ads and make five back every single time like clockwork.

If you want to learn something like that, I’m gonna drop the link in the comments but I have a webinar that we talk all about this, I want to talk about return on investment and how to leverage your business and your time, so that way you can actually have a business that runs on autopilot that you’re always getting that return on investment. So that link will be below and we will talk to you guys all soon.

What 90% of Network Marketers don’t get about building their business

Hey, everyone. It has been a while since I came into this group, and I have been thinking a lot about what are some of the things that you need help with? What are some of the things that you’re struggling with?

When I was looking through what people have been asking questions about, what people have been messaging me about, I found that 90% of network marketers don’t understand this about their business, and that’s a lot of people who don’t understand this.

So I wanted to teach this concept to you today, about what you’re not getting about building your business. Maybe it’s that you are trying to get recruits, or you’re not getting the customers, or you’re not getting the sales you want.

My guess is that it’s because of this one thing, and what this one thing is is you caring about your numbers and yourself instead of caring about bringing value to others.

I had someone ask me, “What is the best Facebook post that I can put together, so that way I can get a recruit?” I thought, “Okay, that’s a great question,” and you may be thinking, “Oh, I wonder what that is, too.” But here’s the thing: You’re coming at it at a totally different perspective than you need to be, because it’s not about, “What is it that I can do to get a recruit? What is it that I can do to get a customer?” That’s not what this is all about.

When we’re building a business, especially when we really are passionate about the products or the opportunity and we really believe that this can help other people, my guess is that’s the reason why you joined your company in the first place. Maybe you tried the products and it was awesome and amazing and you loved it. So you decided that you wanted to share that opportunity with others.

We need to get back to that place of where we want to serve other people, because it’s not about us. It’s not about how many recruits we have. It’s not about how many customers we have. It’s about how many people we are helping and how much value we are bringing.

So, instead of thinking, “What is the perfect Facebook post so I could get customers?”, instead, the question you should be asking is, “What can I post today that’s going to bring value to my community?”

So let’s say you have a Facebook group, and you’ve been building this Facebook group up. Maybe it’s a VIP group that you have, or maybe it’s just a Facebook group that you put together of people who are interested in maybe your products or your opportunity. Instead of thinking, “What can I post in that group today so that way they’ll reach out to me?”, think, “What can I post today that I can bring value to them? How can I show up in my Facebook group or on my Facebook page or in my business? What can I do today to bring value to those that I am engaging with or reaching out to?”

This doesn’t even have to be on social media. This could be at a party. Let’s say you have a party booked tonight, and, instead of thinking, “Oh, how many customers can I get? I wanna have a $1000 party.” You’re always focusing on the numbers, instead, if you go into that party of, “I want to bring value to every single person who comes to this party today,” and that’s your focus, you’re going to do so much better, because here’s the secret: When your heart is in a place that all you want to do is bring value to others, then the recruits come.

The customers come, because they’re attracted to you, because they see that your heart is really where it’s supposed to be, because you’re not out to sell them. You’re not out to be that spammy weirdo network marketer that just wants people to join and that people are gonna be like, “Oh.” You go to a party and people are like, “Oh, I don’t wanna go and see that person, ’cause I know they’re gonna talk to me about their business and all of that.”

You probably have friends that are like that or have experienced that. I know I have. There are some people that I’m like, “Oh, I don’t even wanna talk to that person, ’cause all they’re gonna do is talk about their network marketing business and how I should join it, and I just don’t wanna listen to that.”

But, instead, if you show up as, “How can I bring value to others?” and you show up saying, “I’m here to help you”. Helping them could be through your products or your service or through your opportunity. All of those things could be ways that you can help them and bring value, but you need to bring them value in other ways, too.

Let’s say that you are in doTerra. There’s lots of ways that you can bring value, because the products are ways to help people get healthy. Right? They’re to help them with certain ailments that they have.

So you can give them other suggestions besides just oils that can help them.
Maybe with the oils, maybe there’s other home remedies that you could teach them how to do to help them. Maybe it’s to make … I think it’s called a poultice or something. That’s a really old, like olden days, kind of thing that you could teach them how to make. Just search on Pinterest. There’s tons of great ideas on Pinterest.

So let’s talk about Usborne Books. How are you going to bring value? I love Usborne Books. My kids love them. We read them all the time. You think about who your target audience is, and I bought a ton of books when my kids were little, because I loved all those touchy-feely books. So you talk about the benefits of why not only is it important to read with your children, but set up a schedule for them to help them, so that way you can read with them.

One of the things that I am doing is family reading time. Today was my kid’s first day of school, and so I talked to him this morning. I said, “Okay, you’re going to have a family reading time,” ’cause all my kids have to read for 20 minutes. Did you know… Okay, I’m totally gonna get these numbers wrong, but the concept is gonna be right. So I think it was the average elementary school child reads four or five books a year or something like that, where the average adult reads maybe one a year.

So our children are reading so much more than adults are, and so one of the things that we’re implementing into our family is that we are having family reading night. Every night, we are having 20 minutes family reading time, where we all are gonna sit down and read together.

I did not grow up in a household that was big on reading, and I actually was behind in reading. I wasn’t the greatest reader, and I hated to read. The first book I ever read all the way through, I was in fourth grade, and now I used to teach first grade. Seeing that there were kids that in first grade that were reading chapter books, that was not me. But it was because it just wasn’t part of the culture, and you can talk about things like that.

Talk about your experiences and little things that you’re doing to get kids to read. So it doesn’t have to be about Usborne Books. But, even if they have little kids, you can talk about how important it is to spend that time and how they can get that tactile whatever by feeling all of the books and things like that.

The other thing with older kids with Usborne Books, they have great series, and it’s really hard to find a good series for kids. So you can recommend different books or series. Maybe you do a Facebook Live once a week and you take a certain age group, like you’re gonna say, “Okay, from third to sixth grade, these are gonna be awesome books, and I’m gonna” … You can talk about books that Usborne sells and ones that they don’t.

So if I was a mom and I’m trying to start this whole reading club for my kids, I would come to you and be like, “Okay, what are some things that I can do?” So that’s what I would do with Usborne.

With Sseko Designs, I love, I love Sseko Designs and the things that you guys are doing there. So you can talk about how important it is to help other women, and not only in your community, but how you can really reach out to people who are in other countries. One of the things that I think about is I always wanted to have some like an organization or something that I could give back to.

I remember … It was a long time ago. I went to Convention, and at Convention, one of the speakers said, “It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making, but you need to find something to give back to. Find some sort of organization to give back to.” With Sseko Designs, you’re doing that already, and I thought, “Well, I would love to go to Africa and build schools or do things that could go and help other women to really create these amazing businesses.”

Really, it’s changing the lives for their families, and you can do that through supporting people in buying the jewelry and things from Sseko Designs. I love that. You can talk about how else can you bring value? Well, a lot of it is, with Sseko Designs, is jewelry and stuff, so this goes to anyone that is in the jewelry industry. You can talk about things to wear on date nights, and you can show different pieces of how this is going to help them and benefit them.

I was someone who didn’t really wear jewelry. I really am not that great when it comes to jewelry or makeup. That’s kind of the same thing. That’s why people in Unique are doing so well at doing all these Facebook Lives on, “Look at all these different looks that you can do,” because they’re bringing value. That’s why they’re successful, is because they’re bringing value to other people. They’re saying, “Oh, you have a date with your husband? Let me show you how to put your makeup on.”

If you’re doing jewelry and things like that, you can say, “You have family pictures.” I mean, how many of you … I mean, most of the people that are on here are women. How many of you hate family pictures? I hate family pictures, because I don’t know what to wear. I don’t know how to coordinate my family. I don’t want everyone to be super matchy-matchy, like everyone in white shirts and jeans. That was kind of like the big thing in the ’90s. I don’t know how to do all of that.

But if you had someone that, in a Facebook group, their thing was to be able to sit down with you or show you, “Look, here’s different outfits you can use” or “Here’s how to match your jewelry with what you’re wearing,” that’s an amazing thing. That’s something that you can bring value. You’re helping them in these little problems that they have in their life, and when you do that, they’re going to like you. They’re going to want to follow you.

Then, when you start talking about, “Oh, I love these earrings. These earrings are amazing, and they go with this and this and this. I love that you can dress them up, dress them down,” they’re gonna want those earrings, and they’re gonna wanna buy them.

So that’s how you can talk about your products, where you’re doing value. You’re giving them value, but then you also are going to get sales on the back end, because that’s not … Your whole thing is not, “How can I get someone to buy these earrings?” Your whole purpose is, “What can I do to help other people? How can I bring value, and how can I just make people’s lives just a little bit better?”

I mean, I know the first time that someone taught me about concealer, it was amazing. That changed my life, just because I figured out what concealer was and how to use it. So those are the little things that you can help people to do, and it’s just by bringing value.

That’s why I love Facebook groups, because you can go Live, and it’s really easy. You have your own platform, where people are gonna come on, they’re gonna listen to you, and you become that expert in your Facebook group.
So if you don’t have a Facebook group yet, I would encourage you to build a Facebook group. Start getting your customers, anyone that you meet. If you do fairs and shows, you can ask people if they’re interested in joining your Facebook group, so that way they can get more things. It’s not just your own infomercial. It’s not just your place where you can talk about all your sales and specials, ’cause that’s not what it’s about. It’s about bringing value, because you want to always be bringing value, no matter what you’re doing. At shows, at home parties, at whatever it is, you need to be bringing value.

Yes, I have helped many people with Thrive Life. Examples for Thrive Life on how to build things up, Thrive Life … Thrive Life is the freeze-dried stuff, right?”I always get that one and Le-Vel mixed up, ’cause they have the Thrive product. But I’m pretty sure Thrive Life is the freeze-dried food.

That one is super easy, because you can talk about meal planning. Again, we’re all women on here, I think, mostly, and how many of you hate figuring out what to make for dinner? All of these … The struggle is real here, ladies, and we just don’t like doing that. It’s so hard, and it’s because we have to come up with the same thing over and over and over. So what if you came up with a meal plan that you could do maybe a 20-day meal plan? So 20 days out of the month, someone’s already planned it for you. All you’ve gotta do is just print it out, and it’s all done for you. That would be amazing.

So come up with things like that. Think, “How can I help people?”, because all of your products that you have, they solve a problem, because if they didn’t solve a problem, there wouldn’t be a company around it. So they have to solve a problem. So think, what does your product solve, and think of all the other little problems that go along with it. Then you can bring value and help people with all those little problems that go around what your products are solving.
It really is like you just think about yourself as a detective and say, “What are my audience needs? What are they struggling with, and how can I show up to bring value?” When you can show up in their lives and bring value, they are going to be your customer for life. They’re gonna be your follower for life, because you brought value to them.

It’s this law of reciprocity. I think I said that right. But when you give something, people wanna give back to you. It’s interesting. They did a study. There was some people who were handing out roses at an airport, and they … As people were walking past, they were just handing out roses, and there were a lot of people that wouldn’t take them. But then, when people were selling the roses, they actually were giving away more roses when they sold them. It was for, like, 50 cents or something. It was really cheap.

But the reason for that is because there was that exchange. Right? ‘Cause if they just took a rose and they didn’t give anything back, then it was unbalanced. So it just made them feel weird. I don’t know if you have ever experienced anything like that, like when someone gives you something … Let’s say someone makes you dinner or invites you over to their house for dinner. Then maybe then you feel like you need to invite them over for dinner, or vice versa.

It’s because of that law of reciprocity. So if you’re constantly giving them value, they’re going to feel like they need to give you something back. Maybe it’s just a message, that they just write you a Facebook message and say, “Thank you so much for doing that Facebook Live today. I really needed that, and that really helped me.” Even if you don’t get a sell, that’s gonna make you feel good, ’cause you’re out there. You’re helping people. You’re changing people’s lives.

Then there’s gonna be other people that are like, “Okay, I gotta buy this. I wanna join your team. I wanna do whatever,” because you’re building up that law of reciprocity.

So if you’re thinking, “All I need to do is bring value, value, value, value, value,” and that’s what you’re doing to your community, it’s all gonna start coming back to you.

How to be a ROCKSTAR on Social Media

Hey, guys. I wanted to talk a little bit today about how to be a rock star on social media. We all are trying to build our businesses through social media, and that seems to be like, all the rage and our companies are even telling us to post three lifestyle pictures, and three business posts, and three whatever. There’s the three, three, three rule, and all of these different ways that we’re supposed to build our business online.

You may have tried that, and said you know what, this really doesn’t work for me, or sometimes you may have tried something, and then it worked awesome for you. I remember seeing a lot of other of my like, sideline sisters that were posting all of these awesome things about my director asked me, or challenged me to do this, this and this, or sell this many things by this day, and I really need your help, blah blah blah.

Here’s the thing, Facebook does not like those kind of posts anymore, and they’re cracking down on people who are doing those sort of posts. So, if you were doing any kind of promotional posting on your personal page, you are running the risk of having your Facebook page shutdown. And I’ve seen it, I’ve had friends that this has happened to, that they have been posting promotional kind of posts, and their whole Facebook account gets shutdown.

So, don’t be posting those kind of things on your page anymore. I know some of you may be like, well, that’s what I do, how am I supposed to work my business now, right? That’s why you have a Facebook business page. That’s where the promotions go. Because of everything that’s happened through Facebook, they’re really trying to get back to their roots of Facebook is there to connect people with people, and it’s not about promotion, it’s not about trying to sell things to other people, that’s not what the purpose of Facebook is. The main purpose of Facebook is to connect people with people. If you are doing lots of spammy kind of promotional posts, and you’re doing it on your personal page, that’s not what it’s meant for, and so Facebook is going to start banning people, and they’re cracking down on people more and more.

So, my advice to you is if you don’t have a business page, get one. The other thing that you could do is you can create a Facebook group, and in your group, then you’re able to talk to people and have a community, and things like that. If you guys have any questions, you can type them in the chat. I’m going to get a drink really quick. I’ve been talking all day, so sometimes you just need some water. Right?

So, make sure that you are posting either if you’re having any kind of promotional stuff that you want to talk about, you’re going to do that on your business page. That’s a perfect place for you to talk about any specials that you have, or things that you offer.

Creating a community in a Facebook group is really the best way to prospect. So, if you’re looking for either recruits or customers, having a Facebook group, building this community around something that you’re passionate about is really the best thing. And when you build this community, you want to build it around what you’re passionate about. You want to build it around something that you love, and then you can show them how your business opportunity, or the products that you have, have blessed your life and have helped you.

This is the thing that I see, I had someone send a question to me the other day that said, “What is the best post that I can put out there to get recruits to come to me?” So, in Social Tenacity, we call like, organic posting, we call it foundation traffic. And what foundation traffic is, is it’s just free traffic. So, it’s ways to talk to people by posting in groups, by messaging people, so it’s really that kind of groundwork of talking to people through social media. And so, she was asking like, what is the best post, or what’s the best thing that I can say to make my foundation traffic work?

Really, the problem with that question, and maybe some of you are like, oh that sounds like a great question, I want to know the answer to that.  The problem with that question is, she’s asking the wrong question, because she’s looking at my motivation is, I want to get a recruit, and I want to get a customer. What is that? That is like, arrows in, right? That’s only thinking about yourself, instead of focusing everything arrows out. When you focus everything arrows out, and you’re focusing on other people, and you’re focusing on bringing value to other people, the thing is, when you do that, people just come to you. It’s amazing what happens when you are arrows out all the time, and you’re always thinking like, what are the things that I can do that can bring value to other people.  When you bring value to other people, they see that, and they message you.

So, we had one girl that’s going through our in pursuit of recruits program, that she just by bringing value in other groups, she has tons of people messaging her, and wanting to know about her opportunity, and wanting to know about what she’s doing, and she’s getting recruits that way just by bringing value. She’s not even posting in other groups, she’s just commenting. And just from her comments, she’s getting people reaching out to her.

That’s what we need to focus on, is we need to focus arrows out instead of arrows in. When we’re doing those promotional posts on our personal Facebook page, like you think what’s the motivation behind that. The motivation behind that is I want to get customers, I want to get recruits. That’s the reason that you’re posting it. And when you’re posting about things that are arrows in, and you’re not thinking about how can I bring value, then that is where you become this like, spammy network marketer, and that’s not what we want. We want to be authentic, we want to be an influence. And how do you do that? You do that by arrows out. You do that by bringing value.

Really, you can’t bring enough value. So, that is really the secret behind any marketing, is bringing value to others, because the more value you bring, the more people are going to follow you, and they’re going to see that you are an influencer, because you’re helping so many people, and you’re doing in a way that like, you’re not helping them because you want to get something out of it, you know. I’m sure you have like, one of those friends that they ask you to help them move, and you’re like I’ll go help them, but you know once that happens, then they’re going to ask me to do something else for them, or they like, expect something back. They have those ulterior motives, and that’s not what you want to do. You don’t want to be posting these value posts being like, well, I’m going to post this, but I know if I post this, then I’m going to be able to get recruits, and that’s really what I want to try to do.

That’s not our purpose. Our purpose is we want to just bring value, and the thing is, the more that you are focused on helping others, then the bigger your business is going to be, because people can see that authenticity, they can see that you really, from your heart you, you want to help others. When that’s your focus, and just bringing value to other people, you’re going to have so many more people that are reaching out to you. Wouldn’t it be nice instead of thinking, okay, I need to post three posts about my business. I need to post three posts about my personal life. I need to, like, you’re trying to figure out this whole thing just so that way people are going to be coming to you, or so that way you can have someone comment, and then you reach out to them, and you try to get them to become a recruit, or you get them to become a customer.

That seems to take so much more brain power to me than thinking, what value can I bring today. When you think what value can I bring today, and that’s what your focus is, it’s so much easier, because you don’t have to think, well, how can I manipulate this situation so I can get this recruit, or I can get this customer, or I can do this and that. It’s always focus arrows out of how can I help other people. When you are truly doing that, and you’re looking to how can I help others, that’s when your business is going to grow. That really is the secret of marketing.

So, if you want to be a rock star on social media, you need to be bringing value every single day. So, what are some things that you can do to bring value to others? It helps to know what your purpose is, like what are the things that you want to create? What are the things that you want to help other people? Most of the time, the people that you want to help are people who were two or three, maybe 10 steps behind you.

You can think, I remember back when I was blah blah blah blah blah, and now I want to help people. That’s what everyone does. That’s the reason that I’m here, because I remember what it was like to be a brand new network marketer, and to think, okay, I don’t know what I’m doing, I want to post things on Facebook, and I would do everything. I would post the cute little memes of buy my stuff, or join it’s only $99, like, I’ve done all of that stuff, and there’s been times where it worked really well, and there were times where it didn’t work at all. And I just looked like one of those spammy people. Like, I’ve been there, and I’ve done that, and I found a better way. I found a way that is authentic to who you are, and I found a way that it doesn’t make you feel icky and gross inside to market that way.

So, if you are really struggling with something, or you did struggle with something, and now you’ve gotten over it, those are the kind of people that you can help. Like, I can help you guys, because I was there, and now, I am in a better place, and so I can go back, and I can teach you, and I can show you the way and the path that I took to get my business from getting zero recruits to averaging 8 to 10 a month, and doing that all a very authentic way that didn’t feel spammy or gross, and I had people joining my team that stayed on my team. They weren’t the ones that were just like the kit snatchers, and they weren’t the ones that they would just join for the discount. They were ones that really wanted to build this as a business, and build it up.

Those are the things that I teach you, and those are the things that we talk about in our in pursuit of recruits program. So, if you are interested in learning more about that, you can always go to, and you can talk with me, or one of our members of our team, and we’ll go over everything that we do to teach you about all of that. And I just wish you the best, and I would love for you in this group, like share with us what are some of the things that you are doing to bring value to others. What are some of the posts that you’re doing? How are you bringing value to others? If you need help figuring out how to bring value, post about it in the group. We’re all here to help you. My entire team is in this group to help you to provide all of those things.

So, if you need help, post about it. Let us know what value you’re bringing, and don’t forget to share this with your team. If your team is not in this group, you can invite them into this group, and then tag them in this video, so that way they can watch it, as well. So, let us know what value you’re bringing, and we will talk with you all soon.

Reach Out to Your Audience WITHOUT Being Spammy