Have you ever wondered what you could do to grow your business? One of the best perks of running your own business or blog is you get to do whatever you want! You set your own schedule, you get to decide how to spend your money, and you also get to decide how you share your value. I believe that one of the most important things you can do in your business is to give back to your community.


How Giving Back to the Community helped my business


Back in 2012 I was attending a conference for a direct selling company I worked for. I don’t remember the speaker but what she said has always stuck with me. She said that the key to growing your business is by giving. I took her advice and started to implement giving in my business. I chose a charity that I felt strongly about and started to give a percentage of my commission each month. When I first started I could only afford giving $5 a month and as my business began to grow so did my contributions. The results were incredible. My business grew by leaps and bounds from 2012-2013. I even earned rewards for my growth through the company. I attribute this success to taking the advice to heart and giving back to my community.


Here are 3 reasons why implementing giving into your business strategy will help you grow.


  1. You are giving yourself the opportunity to help others. When you help others it makes you feel good inside. If you are continually helping others then you will have a better attitude especially when it comes to working on your business. Business owners tend to be energetic, talented, and unafraid to take action. This gives you the power to speak out against poverty, poor education, or human rights violations and really make a difference. You have the ability to make the world a better place not just by selling your products or writing a blog post, but by making others award of the problem and being part of the solution.
  2. Increases your Customer / Reader support. A study by Cone Communications revealed that 85% of consumers had a better outlook on a business if they donated to charity. Select a charity that will resonate with your customers or readers. If you blog about kids activities or you sell children’s books then finding a charity that supports children would be a good fit. Your customers will choose to purchase from you or your readers will choose to continue visiting your blog because your cause resonates with them.
  3. It’s a Tax Deduction. We can all use a tax break right? Make sure you are working with a nonprofit organization that is recognized with the IRS. Depending on your income and other factors, giving money to charities can be complicated – so talk to your accountant or tax adviser for more specific advice on how to maximize your charitable giving.

By making giving a part of your business model you can gain all these benefits plus more that we haven’t even gone into.


How Social Tenacity can help


Here at Social Tenacity our purpose is to educate small business owners and bloggers on marketing themselves online through social media. A portion of every class, program, or product sold at Social Tenacity goes to a charity that supports education. To learn more about the charities that we support you can go to www.socialtenacity.con/giving-back.

I would love to hear from you. Share with us what charity your business supports or how this video may have changed your way of thinking when it comes to growing your business.

Until next time my friends, push past your fear, discover your greatness, and find the tenacity to make a difference.