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What To Do When Your Downline is a Spammy Weirdo

What To Do When Your Downline is a Spammy Weirdo

We have had quite a few questions come up in our Facebook group and I want to answer one of those. What do you do when you have a downline act like a spammy weirdo?

This is how I would approach a downline like this. I would set up a time where I could have a conversation with them. This conversation would focus on what their goals are so I can best lead them and direct them. What does this interview look like?

1. You want to first conduct a new consultant interview with your downline.

What is their goal? Do they want more time? Do they need more money? Do they want to feel fulfilled? Knowing what drives them is going to help you direct them in the direction they need to go. Create a document and take notes during this interview. I used to be the type that recorded all of this digitally, but I am a pen and paper kind of girl and it helped me to write it out best. I kept them in binders.

What do they really want to accomplish? Do they want to build a team or be a rock star seller? Once you know what they want and desire, you are going to give them a road map and a new toolbox that is NOT spammy.

2. Give your downline a toolbox that is NOT spammy.

Talk to them about being authentic and building relationships. In order to hit your goals, here are some tools we use. Some of these tools include learning who your ideal client avatar is. You can direct your downline to one of the Authentic Influencer Podcast episodes that cover this topic as a tool. You can also teach them in a team training on ICAs.

Teaching your downline how to be authentic and go about it the right way will help you both! For the full training, watch the video here.


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